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6 > Page 6 of Kentucky election laws / compiled by Ben L. Bruner, Secretary of State ; with the aid and advice of the Attorney General.

6 KENTUCKY ELECTION LAWS. the election, is a voter in said precinct and not elsewhere; but the following persons are excepted and shall not have the right to vote. (See Con., sec. 145.) 1. Persons convicted in any court of competent jurisdiction of treason or felony or bribery in an election, or of such high misdeameanor as the General Assembly may declare, shall operate as an exclusion from the right of suffrage; but persons hereby excluded may be restored to their civil rights by execu- tive pardon. (Con., sec. 150.) 2. Persons who, at the time of the election, are in confine- ment under the judgment of a court for some penal offense. 3. Idiots and insane persons. (See U. S. naturalization law, page 32.) 1440. Soldier, seamen and marines-not deemed residents. No person in the military, naval or marine service of the United States shall be deemed a resident of this State by rea- son of being stationed within the same nor shall any such soldier, seaman or marine have the right to vote. (Con., sec. 146.) 1441. Municipal elections-payment of poll-tax. At all municipal elections, where the charter of a municipality re- quires the payment of a poll-tax as a prerequisite to vote, the payment of said tax shall be a condition precedent to said right. 1442 Definition of "officers of election." "Officer of election," as used in this chapter, means a judge, clerk or sheriff, or person acting as sheriff at an election, also a mem- ber of the board for canvassing the returns. ARTICLE II Precincts. 1443. Election precincts-number of voters in-redivis- ion-change of voting place. The county court of each county in this State shall, on or before the August term of said courts, divide the justices' districts of each of said counties into election precincts, and establish the name or number and boundaries of same, and place of voting in each precinct.