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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 6, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy TUB KENTUCKY W Among the other guests were: n. Misses Lois Purccll, Kathcrlne Mary I So CIET Y C. Watson, Elizabeth Acker, Florence McLaughlin, Louise Virginia Yarbro, Lucllc Mllllkcn. Alllc May Coryell, Roof Hlpdon. Pearl Mclntyre, Jane Foster, Myrn Ollbcrt. Louise Oott, Mrs. Linus Koof, Mrs. Frank Hill, and Mr. and Us Mrs, Harry Cundlff, Coach Lawn, rence Sullivan, Messrs. Stewart Sunday, December 8 blessings James Boyd, Fred Hcrzog, Nature shines her Vesper Service In Memorial hall James Johnson, Leland Maschmcycr, On the people of this earth. Brandon Price, Trnvls Pugh, VernAnd though she covers nil her at 4 o'clock.' Wednesday, December 11 Robert on Rooks, Edwin Wade, Jewels Afternoon tea nt Maxwell place for Rottgcrlng, Howard Twltchell, Man-no- n And bright fires grace the hearth, faculty and students. Whltakcr, Charles WIckllffe, Soon will the waters fill the Nelson Boyd, Matt Habakcr, George fountain, Haydcn, Ralph Wright, Robert Soon will the violets spread their Paducnh n.niqucl Wright, and Norman Price. dearth. Padticah students of the university Louisa Blckcl. Kentucky-Te- n and visitors to the nessee football game attended n Beta Sigma Omlcron Guests banquet at the Phoenix hotel CALENDAR. Beta Sigma Omlcron sorority had Thursday evening. the following visitors for ThanksThis is an annual Thanksgiving giving and the Homecoming: Friday, December (5 affair in Lexington. Mrs. Fred Ottcrback, Louisville; Su-K- y dinner dance In honor of Miss Lois Purccll, who presided as Mrs. W. H. Mason, Elklns, W. Vn.; the football squad. toast mistress, introduced all the Misses Emma Lou Trnutman, DaySaturday .December 7 members of the assembly and an- ton; Dorothy Davis, Belle vue; Hazel Sigma Alpha Epsllon house dance. nounced the program. Mullens, Chicago; Louise Gott, Alpha Sigma Phi house dance. L. C. Sullivan, former football and Mary Robinson, Knoxvlllc, Alpha Gamma Rho house dance. basketball coach at Tilghman high Tcnn.; Shlrlce Orth, Winchester, Second Cadet hop, 3 to G o'clock school, at Paducnh, wns the honor and Mary and Dot McClure, Knox-vlll- e. guest. in the Men's gymnasium. Mrs. W. H. Mason is visiting the tmmtumttmtttttuttimmuttnttr mmmmnt Beta Sigma Omicron sorority this All ye Eds and Co-eof the Greek World I Certainly want a group picture of your class and favMagazines "Say It" every month orite fraternity or sorority. "Get a in the year. What else docs? E. W. 1930 Kcntuckian. adv. Wallls Magazine Agency, Phone Ash. , Molay Smoker Dc 3798. Adv. The De Molay Alumni of Lexing ton will hold a smoker tonight from Delta Delta Delta Banquet Delta Delta Delta sorority observ- 7 to 9, at the home of the Alumni Mr. G. ed its annual Founder's Day with a advisor, street, C. Boden, 565 West for De Molays who banquet at the Phoenix hotel on Second arc attending the University of KenWednesday with members of the chapter, University of tucky and Transylvania College. Delta Rho This is the first attempt on the Kentucky, and Beta Zeta chapter, part of the Lexington De Molays to Transylvania College, attending. Miss Kathryn McWllllams, presi- organize and many sections of the dent of Delta Rho chapter, presided. country will be represented. The Responses to the toasts of "Dreams" twenty-fiv- membership is composed of e former De Molays. The were made by Anna Mae Lewis, officers of the local chapter are: Mary Armstrong, Elsie Hatfield, and Ovid Johnson, president, and HuMrs. D. B. Harding . The decorations were of the soror- bert Moore, secretary. ity colors: silver, gold, and blue with Next year you will be sorry. If you appropriate The pro flowers. grammes and tables were arranged don't subscribe for a Kentuckian tomorrow. adv. In the form of a Delta. guests were pres About sixty-tw- o ent including active members, pledges, alumni and members of To the Alliance. week. 0 (TH&DENTOK CO) In New Home Next Postoffice ' It's Christmas Time at j German Department Present Play . Denton s inHtttnit:tttttnnmuwtt :tntwwtwwm Our Chriftmas Special Buy a Gift Certificate $ .00 and Up 1 BEAUTY SALON Mitchell Baker & Smith (Incorporated) Third Floor KEKNRL Delta Zeta Tea Dance Delta Zeta sorority entertained with a at Patterson Hall Saturday nftcrnoon. The room was decorated with growing plants and ferns, and the lighted sorority shield hung nt one end of the hall. Music was furnished by Peck Bond's orchestra. The active chapter members are: Misses Elizabeth Grohom, Elizabeth Hood, Edith Little, Elizabeth Fin-ncl- l, Virginia McCoy. Dale Smith, Ruth Allen, Louise Smith, Nancy Roundcbush, Nina Budd, Eloise i Dickinson, Lois Perry Brown, Lula Garr Kendall, Margaret Wyant, Margaret Frye, Sarah Rcnolds, Pauline Carpenter. The pledges: Misses Dorothy Compton, Louise Gcx, Mary Jane Gowcr, Dorothy Tanner, Florence Ryan, Pauline Fltzpatrlck, Virginia Ellis, Jane Walters, Virginia Mills, 'Jessie Wilson, Mildred Lewis. Chnpcroncs: Dean Sarah Blnnd-inMrs. P. K. Holmes, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, Mrs. Sarah , Jouett, Mrs. George Powell. Chapter bids were sent to the fraternities nt the university, TranCollege, sylvania Centre and Georgetown College and n large number were present. Phone 6900 Alumni Dance As a climax to Thanksgiving celebrations at the University was the dance given on last Thursday evening by the Lexington Alumni Club for the members of the Ten nessee and Kentucky football teams. This event ushered in the social season of the University and was enjoyed by students, faculty, alumni, and visitors. Two orchestras furnished music for the affair and the gymnasium was decorated in the school colors. Favors of white- and yellow chrysanthemums were given to the members of the two football teams. About one thousand guests were present. Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, president of the club, was in charge and was assisted by: Dr. and Mrs. Davis Buckner, Dean Sarah Bland-inMiss Lulie Logan, Mr. and Mrs. Wayland Rhoads. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wilson, Dr. George Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hillenmeyer, Dr. and Mrs. Cronly Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kirk, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Connell, of Paris; Mrs. "P. K. Holmes, and Dean and Mrs. Mel-che- r. "Eigensinn," a Comedy, to Be Given Week Before Christmas Miss Anna Louise Rice and Mrs. Sarah H. Culbertson are the stars of the coming play of the German and 7, with a Saturday matinee,' Tickets for the Passion Play arc under the auspices of Miss Anna on sale at the Lexington College of Chandler Goff, director of the Lex- - Music nnd in the lobby of the lngton College of Music. Phoenix hotel. Tins play concerns tnc last week of Christ's life. Many of the presENGINEER ANNOUNCEMENT ent cast have appeared In the play for more than 25 years, nnd since There will be no engineer conthe nrrlval of the company In Amer- vocation this week. Each class of ica in the summer of 1928 they have nccn presented in nearly every the College of Engineering will have major city of the Centrnl West and their own assembly as follows: were presented nt the New York Senior Mcchnnlcals in Mechanical SlX WCkS lhC lnrinffdn?n?S5of0r room 209 ! Scnlor Clv,ls 1,1 nnd p' building, room f University students who nrc tak- - 8; Junior nnd Scnlor Mining and Ing part arc nsked to be nt the stage Metallurgical Engineers in Mining entrance one hour before the per- - bulldl.lg, room 205. All Sophomore formance, nnd to take no money or .Engineers in McVey hall, rdom 111 valuables. Costumes will be furnish- - 'nnd nil Freshmen Engineers in ct- '.Memorial hall. Dance Set for Next Friday Pan-Hellen- ic Rnv Miller and Ills Original ' 12 Piece Hand Will Furnish Music -- Pari Hellenic dance will the Men's gymnasium Friday night, December 13, from 9 Council has to 1. The expressed great enthusiasm and delight at having secured Ray Miller nnd his original twelve piece band to furnish the music, as tills band is the most famous that has beer, brought to Lexington this year The dance Is sponsored by which is composed of 14 fraternities. The chairman of the commltcc in charge is Rex Allison, who is assisted by John Epps, Thomas L. Riley, Frank Davidson, and Garney L. Hayden. Proceeding the dance there will be a banquet at the Lafayette hotel ic for the members of the Council. The 1929 be held in Y. W. C. A. to Sponsor "Gifts That SKULLER'S Interesting Program to Be Given During Affair on December 13 A Christmas bazaar, sponsored by the University of Kentucky Y. W. C. A., will be held from 4 to 5 o'clock, Friday afternoon, December 13, in the recreation room of Patterson hall. Bessie Bush and Marie Flora are joint chairmen of - the committee in charge of the affair Decorated booths will represent six foreign countries Ireland, Spain, Russia, India, Italy, and China. The Italian booth will represent an Italian garden scene, and those in charge will wear costumes of that country specially designed by Rosalind Angeluccl. Tea will be served at a booth representing a Chinese cafe. The Irish booth will sell fruit cakes made under the direction of Miss Marie Barkley, of the department of Home Economics. The musical program will consist of two parts. Tzvetan Nedelkoff of Kosludsy, Bulgaria, a freshman in the College of Engineering, will give & violin program, playing the folk songs of the Balkan countries. He will wear the holiday costume native to Bulgaria. Later in the afternoon Charles Spaulding will play selections from modern composers on the vibraphone under the program of the modernistic booth. The Woman's Club of the University and the Advisory Board of the Y. W. C. A. have with the committee in the preparation of gifts for the bazaar. Students who are assisting with it include Elizabeth Howard, Maryanna Lancaster, Marie Feeback, DeFrosia Rone, Ellse Bureau, and Nancy Kin- cheloe. Lexington's Leading Jewelers 127 W. MAIN ST. SIl Je PHONE 344 Authorized Retailer for Elgin National Watch Company Products LOOK GIRLS! All hats ranging in price from $30 to $8 at 2 price and a few lower. Beautiful handmade handkerchiefs that 1-- are different for men and women. Kasha Perfume from Paris that will suit your type. Lovely scarfs direct fromrParis. Members to in Passion Play Mary Shouse Reading; Tuesday Night Laa" , Christmas Bazaar department of the University of Kentucky, Eigensinn; to be presented at Patterson Hall the week be fore Christmas, according to Anton Grassl, director. "Eigensinn," meaning stubbornness, probably has the best histrionic talent that'' any specialized language group has ever gathered at R. O. T. C. the University. The cast is as follows: Llsbeth, Be Anna Louise Rice; Emma, Sarah H. Culbertson; Helnrich, Clarence Freiberg Cast Will Appear at Rothenburg; Ausdorf, Richard Woodland Auditorium Weaver; Katharina, Lolo Robinson; v Alfred, James S. Porter, Jr. Friday, Saturday "Eigensinn" is a clever little comThree hundred men of the Uni edy portraying the stubbornness of versity R. O. T. C. will take nart In man and the of woman. All the difficulty of the performances of the Passion Play, play arises from Helnrich's attempt religious spectacle from Freiberg, to persuade Lisbeth, delightfully de- Germany, which will be presented lineated by Miss Anna Louise Rice, at the Woodland auditorium Friday Tau Beta Pi Dinner to say with him after they have and Saturday nights, December 6 Tau Beta Pi, honorary engineering fraternity, entertained with a completed their work, "Heaven be i dinner Wednesday in the Colonial thanked, the table is set." The pubroom of the Lafayette hotel. Mem- lic will be admitted free to the play. bers of the fraternitv were eallprl upon for short talks. Those present were: Dean F. P. Miss Anderson, Assistant Dean, W. E. Will Give Freeman, and Professors J. R. John son, E. A. Bureau, L. S. O'Bannon, On D. V. Terrell. Robert SDlcer. and E. B. Farris. Miss Mary Shouse, of the UniverAlumni members of the fraternity present were: Messrs L. C. Davidson, sity Women's Club, will give an in"Porgy" .by "23; Al Kohn. '19. Active members! terpretive reading of R. I. Fort, J. C. Benson, C. F. Bailey, Dorothy and Dubolse H. Heyward and a review at Patt Hall, Tuesday w. u. Kicnmond, M. w. Davis, W. evening, December 10, in honor of Plthlan, and Elmer Cawby. the delegates to the conference of The Dledcres are: Messrs Thornberry. C. E. Colvln. Ben Hnr- - the Association of Colleges and Secondary schools. rison, W. W. Ford, W. F. Steers, and The entire University faculty is inS. M. Worthlngton. vited and cordially urged to attend this program. Spread Christmas cheer with The U. W. C. omitting its regular magazines. E. W. Wallls Magazine meeting, devoted its efforts with Agency, Phone Ash. 3798. Adv. those of. other organizations to entertaining the delegates at the LaInvitations Issued fayette hotel Wednesday night. The following invitations, have been isued: The Art Department of the University of Kentucky cordially Invites you to meet Mrs. Steele at an afternoon tea on Friday, December the sixth Make an early appointment for your beauty treatments irom tnree to six o'clock before Christmas. at the exhibition of the T. C. Steele Paintings Art Center, University Campus, i Julr a ' tf Drop in and see us. ST. MARIE SHOP 215i2 East Main j Soon Everyone Will Be, Wishing You 1 r I 11 Have you thought of your dear ones i' and friends in this way? Do your I Christmas shopping now at Purcell's. 1 Our prices are low and our assort- - 1 M: I ment of gifts is the largest in all Cen- - I ;'m tral Kentucky. 1 1 Gift Headquarters for All Central Kentucky 1 Beauty Culture THE NEW CIIIMNEV CORNER On Esnanade Serves $1.00 Dinner Every Evening adv. Charming Each Style inaComplete New Color Range of Sizes Combinations I; j! ! The Collegiate Shoe Department Mitchell Baker & Smith I; ! L ;! ;! vwwwvwwuvvuwkrt THE MARTHA OAKLEY BEAUTY STUDIO Chimney Corner Bldg. Phone Ashland 7359 mtmjttn:ut:mnmtmttri;nmrtmttnjtjn: ; A Warm Place ; ' i NOW PLAYING "THE LAST HOUR" CHILLS! I; To Spend Spare Hours j! rAvwuwAVJvwjWA I; THRILLS! j! LAUGHS! NEXT WEEK ! Walton Near Main I Alney Alba Players "Four Out of Five" A Laugh a Line! Monday Night 1601-160- 2 LEXINGTON OPERA HOUSE 0 I Greeting Night Phone Ashland ij Incorporated Young's Git BEN LANTERN I; I r M I