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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 6, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Society Guy Fronk, Dale Edmlston, Richard Shouse, James Stephens, Hnrry Bushart, Robert Fccmstcr. About 200 guests were present. PAGE THREE NOTICE ON THE Extra copies of the Kampus bo procured at the bookstore, the business office of the Kernel, or from nny member of Sigma Delta Chi. Price 10 cents. Group orders will be filled with speed, Vim, nnd vigor, JESS LAUOHL1N, President Sigma Delta Chi. AIR Monthly Convocation Postponed Indefinitely VIRGINIA ROVn RETURNS Virginia Boyd, "27, hns returned to the University this year to do graduate work on a scholarship in the department of English. Since graduation she has been teaching high school English and Journalism at Sayrc College, Lexington, where she was nlso facility advisor for the Blue and Gold, the Sayrc College year book. While In college her list of activities was a long one, Including such organizations ns Theta Sigma Phi, Chi Delta Phi, Mortnr Board, Romany Theater staff, Kernel staff, Kentuckian staff, Phlloso-phln- n Lltcrnry society nnd Stroller The regular monthly convocation, which was to have been held nt the third hour Tuesday, wns postponed because of the Illness of Dr. Frffd U B. Smith, of New York City, secreKnppa chapter of Phi Beta, protary of the committee on World Alfessional music and dramatic art liance for International Friendship other friends. After dinner, the fraternity, entertained with a formal WEDDINGS "The Legal Interests of Married through the churches. Dr. Smith visitors were guests of thq local tea Wednesday nftcrnoon from four Women," will bo the subject of a had been nsked to spenk under the chapter at the nlumni dance. to six In the recreation hall at PatRobcrts-Flschtalk by Dean Alvln E. Evans, head nusplces of the Y. M. C. A. He will present were: terson hall. Among the visitors The following Invitations have Mary Louise Mason, Sonora; Jane of the College of Law nt the Unl be Invited to address the student McLean, C. R. Messrs. James The room was beautifully decoratbeen received by The Kernel: ' body nt a later date. Carlton, Louisville, and Mrs. vcrslty, one of the principal Mr. nnd Mrs. Lllbcrt Lcc Roberts Wright, Jr., Richard Williams, Joe ed In lnvcndar and gold, the fra- Ann speakers on the University presence laill, W. R. Johnson, M. L. Fore- ternity colors, nnd these colors were Flthlan Rye, Paris. request the honor of your FRENCH CLUB MEETING eligible. J. A. Ruttcncutter spent last of Kentucky noonday theradio pront the mnrrlngc of their daughter man, L. H. Carlock, J. R. Hnrgls, nlso carried out In the Ices. The University Don Harris, John Olst, John Over- receiving line wns composed of the week-en- d nt his home In Covington, gram broadcast from Lydla Florence The Frnnnh rluli "T.r rVrnln remote control studios throunh sta- ton, Paul Duprcc, Sam Carson, Jack officers of the fraternity, Misses Ky. to Conductor: "Here, you must not tlon WHAS of the Courier Journal Frnncnlsc" met at 3 o'clock, WcdncsFisher, and Fred Fisher, of the Uni- Jane Gooch, Rozana Ruttcncutter, Mr. Fred Ernest Fischer following spent the week-en- d dny at versity of Tennessee; William Cnld-.wcl- l, nnd Margaret Trcacy, and Mrs. Lola nt The homes in Louisville: Messrs nnd Times at Louisville, the week of The afternoon, enllrrl Patterson hall. smoke In this car." on Wednesday evening, their roll was nml hnalnrss Irishman: "Well, you have your December 9. Moso Howard, Burt Cornell, Robinson, president. December twenty-fift- h E. Crndy, Mentor Rcvcll, Irvln ' Roy Kavanaugh, A. W. Klttinger, The complete program for the dlcuscd, then Mrs Hyndman gave pipe In your mouth." An Informal pledging was held, Nineteen Hundred twcnty-nln- c Tom Boyd, nnd Gene Miller. an Interesting and entertaining talk Irishman: "Yes, I've got mo feet land R. B. Puckett, of Louisville; nnd Miss Lenorc Wilson and Mrs. week Is ns follows: y o'clock nt seven-thirton her visit to France. The following were guests nt the in me shoes, but I'm not walking." a; Frank Foxworth were pledged ns W. Third S Orvillc HIckerson, Lexington, Monday, Dec. 9, 12:45"to 1:00 p. Four hundred thlrty-sl- x Sigma Beta XI house for the KentuckNando Kcllcy, Hazard; Ster- associate members. Four hundred thlrty-sl- x y-Tennessee game Thursdny: m. "English Methods of Sheep m::::i::m::mj::m::mmm: ling R. Kerns, Canton, Ohio; C. R. Members of the fraternity nre Production," Prof. R. C. Miller. West Third Street 8 Jones, Pittsburg. Misses Mollle Mack Offutt, Anna Messrs P. H. Larmcc, Stearns; C. C. "Dormant Spray for Apples," Prof. At Home May, Maxlno Lewis, Mary Brown Shipley, Louisville; S. L. Eury, W. W. Mnglll, College of Agrlciil-- i After January tenth DID YOU GET YOUR Phi SlRina Kappa Dance Bradley, Emily Hardin, Jane Gooch, Louisville, Lew Morris, Hollywood, turc. Algonquin Apartments Kathryn Cal.; H. F. McNeal, Los Angeles, ! Ruttcncutter, Lexington, Kentucky Phi Sigma Kappa frnternlty of Rozana Tuesday, Dec. 10, 12:45 to 1:00 p. Davis, Margaret Trcacy, Margaret Cal.; M. G. McConncl, Cincinnati, m. "The Legal Interests of Married Miss Roberts wns graduated from the University entertained with n Ohio; W. J. Wcstcrmnn, Louisville; HAT the University last Juno with honors. dnncc Saturday evening at their Allen, Elizabeth Poole, Margaret K. Burcn, Louisville; Ed. Wade, Pa- - Women," Dcnn Alvln E. Evnns, ColAT She Is n member of Phi Beta Knppa, chapter house on East Mnxwell O'Connell, Ruth McFarland, Evelyn ducah; C. M. Meriwether, Memphis, lege of Law. Cundlff, .Mildred Little, Mary Louise Theta Sigma Phi, Phi Mu Epsllon, street. Wednesday, Dec. 11, 12:45 to 1:00 The rooms were decorated in the McDowell, Gladys Bell, Mary Vir- Tenn.; J. F. Brewer, Dyersburg, p. m. "Poultry Talk," Prof. C. J. and Kappa honorary fraternities, GAME? Delta, social sorority. She was a fraternity colors of magenta and ginia Halley, Helen Smith, Buena Tenn.; P. L. Miller, Oakdale, Tenn.; Maupln; "Farm Drainage," Prof. E., H. F. Crawford, Memphis, Tenn.; silver and the illuminated shield Mathls, and Lola Robinson. member of Mortar Board, honorary G. Welch, College of Agriculture. Brlnley Jones, Jr., Knoxvllle, Tenn.; senior women's sorority, and was decorated the outside of the house. We Can Make It New Again at a Moderate Cost Wednesday, Dec. 11, 10:00 to 11:00 Four years of U. K. collegiate life, Mrs. A. R. Wilson, Louisville; Mr. active In Journalistic nnd Y. W. C. A. The music was furnished by Smith's history, humor, nthlctlcs, and snap and Mrs. A. J. Miller nnd son, p. m. University of Kentucky Philduring her undergraduate orchestra. work harmonic orchestra. n. up In one, 1930 Louisville; Miss Thelma Purvis, years. For the past semester she The active chapter and hosts in- shots all rolled adv. Thursday, Dec. 12, 12:45 to 1:00 p. Louisville Clarence Webb, Louishas been doing work on her master's cluded: ville; Marson Nuller, Frankfort; m. "Life, Poetry and Romance," degree in mathematics. Messrs. Irman Fort, Julian Lefler, Stroller Dance Hugh Spauldlng, Frankfort; Charles Dr. J. T. C. Noc, Professor of EduMr. Fischer is connected with the Jack Morrow, Gilbert DeMeyers, The Strollers entertained with a E. Faulkner, cation. L. L. Roberts Furniture Company. Harry Kraft, Anthony Gentile, Joe dance Saturday evening from 9 to Palton, Knoxvllle; J. J.Lloyd, Knox175 EAST HIGH STREET Friday, Dec. 13, 12:45 to 1:00 p. Knoxville; James Frank Conley, Scott Davenport, 12 o'clock in the Men's gymnasium. vllle; E. W. Ebensberger. Clinton, m. "What Farm Folks Are AskTHE NEW CHIMNEY CORNER Warner Ford, Lee Howard, Hugh Music was furnished by the Ken- 2259 Allen Brady, Louisville; ing," Prof. N. R. Elliott, College of On Espanade Jackson, William Morgan Carl tucklans orchestra, and there were Iowa; E. J. Agriculture. Earnest Powell, Ravenna; Serves $1.00 Dinner Every Evening Owsley, Jean Royse, Edwin Scott, six y, Tate, Knoxvllle, Tenn.; B. W. adv. Beverly White, Glen Terrlll, Chaperones were Dean Sarah . I. Plkeville; J. E. Prugh, ' Christy, Leslie Mains, Alvin Blanding, Prof, and Mrs. Enoch Knoxville, Tenn.; & M. Prlngle, Delta Tan Delta Dinner Neumann, Edward Slaughter. Grehan, Prof, and Mrs. V. A. Port-man- n, Knoxville; and Mr. and Mrs. G. Receives The pledges are Messrs. Gyp Delta Epsllon chapter of Delta Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, 111. Thursday Prather, Edward Milllkin, Jerome Miss Willy King, and Miss Helen Toerson and son, Chicago, Tau Delta entertained Mr. Walter Vest visited at his Forest Marquis, Ansel King. young evening with an informal dinner at German, Alfredo San-Malhome in Walton last week-en- d. the Chimney Corner in honor of the Crady, Tate Mann, Alec Bruce, violinist, the second visiting members of the Delta Del- Claude Marshall, Francis Hanks, Mr. Zellner Peal, La Center, was Be Collegiate! Don't delay! Sub in a series of artists enterta chapter of the University of Cabell Cassldy, John Pyree, Paul scribe for your 1930 Kentuckian a visitor at the Delta Tau Delta tainments being sponsored by the fraternity house over the week-en- d. Tennessee, returning alumni, and Todd, Newell Wilder, James Wilder, today! adv. Triangle held Lexington College of Music, gave a Kentucky chapter of 9 their annual Homecoming banquet delightful program on Tuesday eveFRATERNITY ROW DEONE OF on Thanksgiving day at the chapter ning, December. 3, at the Woodland of the Miss was acA spent theFrances Stallard, Berea, house in honor alumni. members of auditorium. in Mr. San-MaLICIOUS HOT CHOCOLATES The guests week-en- d at the Alpha the faculty andwere Messrs Robert companied his interpretations by for the week Delta Theta house. . piano. Mrs. Rltch at the -A Good Miss Josephine Frazer, Hardlns- - Hayes, A. E. Walker, O. J. Stoesser, program opened with The Williams, burg, was a visitor at the Alpha C. L. Dees, T. D. Mathney, C. M. "Sonata" by Caesar Franck, which Arthur Davidson, A. P. Delta Theta house last week, executed with remarkable Spain, Cyrus Poole, San-MaOUR Miss Louisa Bickel spent the Nutting, W. L. B. Dicker, and H. H. Layritz, of ability. This was followed by week-en- d in Huntington last week. J. ' In D Major." The Cincinnati, Ohio. Hot Fountain Drinks Week-en- d visitors at the Delta applauded again and Guests at the Kappa Delta house artist waswhich he responded with Hot Toasted Sandwiches Zeta house were: Misses Marian to for the football .game and over the again, Graham, Clinton; Ann Williams, week-end included Miss Elizabeth numerous bows. Nashville, Tenn.; Nancy Kidwell, Bebec-c- a After a short intermission four j ALSO Maysvllle; Joyce and Alma Smith, Hensley, of Burlington; Miss other compositions were given. These VirPatton, of Louisville; and Lillian Rice and ginia Springer,Cynthlana; Miss W. included "Slavische Tangweisen," of Williamson, Our Christmas Goods Are In Alice Young, Covington. Garrett, of Mt. Hope, "The Flight of the Bumble Bee," Va.; Miss STATE THE Miss Florence Morris spent the W. Va.; Ann Whitman's and Noi'ris Candies Misses Folay Allen and "Spanish Serenade," and "Jota Na- week-en- d at her home in Hunting- Kitty Lee Trainor, of Knoxvllle, varra." All were enthusiastically re- BLDG., Stationery, Toilet Articles ton, W. Va. Tenn.; Miss Ruth Rlttenback and celved and applauded. Xmas Cigars and Cigarettes Miss Avery Hall spent the weekWarfield, of LouisMiss Mary Lou end at her home in Louisville. PROF. MARTIN MADE EDITOR ville; Mrs. Dean Rumbold, of RichMiss Gladys Smith, Atlanta, Ga., mond; and Misses Mary Elizabeth was a visitor at the Delta Delta and-JanProfessor J. Holmes .Martin, head Crawicrd, of Madison, Ind. Delta sorority house and attended Miss Mary Griffith spent the of the poultry department of the j College of Agriculture and Experi-- ) week-en- d the football game last week. Cynthat her home in ment Station, has been named editor Mrs. W. E. Force, Athens, Tenn, lana. was a visitor at the Delta Delta Misses Florence Morris and Louisa of the Sickle and Sheaf, the official ; 557 S. Lime Gamma Delta sorority house last week. Phone Ash. 8251 BIckle visited their homes in Hunt- publication of Alpha. fraternity. Rho, j He national agricultural Misses Kathryn Hall, Loyde Liede ington, W. Va., over the week-enalso was elected to the executive SERVING and Corine Turner, Louisville, were Miss Betty Campbell, of Bellevue, council for the past two years as visitors at the Delta Delta Delta sorority house on Thanksgiving Day. visited Miss Eleanor Deud last week chairman of the committee on scholarship and student activities The visitors at the Alpha Gamma and attended the Shriners' dance. Kappa Delta kept open house aft- of the national fraternity. He has Epsllon for Homecoming were: William Jacobs, Benham; Olaf Gibson, er the Thanksgiving game for their also served as faculty advisor of Kappa Alpha Fraternity chapters Omlcron chapter located at the Unl- - I Harlan; Clark White, Irvine; versity. Dr. Martin will be one of George Jensen, Chicago; James visitors and guests. the speakers at a meeting of the Dalton, Sturgls; O. L. McElroy, Irv- of "thV University and of Transyline; Frank McGary, Milburn; I. M. vania were guests of Kappa Delta Virginia Poultry Federation at RichGarred, Louisville; Neil Burgess, at open house last Friday afternoon. mond, Virginia, today. Marshall College; George Carter, Marshall College; Jesse Walker, Russell; Mr. John P. Gartin, Ashland; Otto C. Gartin, Ashland. Guests at the Zeta Tau Alpha house for the Kentucky-Tennessgame Thursday were Misses Bess Strayer, Mary Hill, Nadine Metcalf, and Marie Hackney, all of TennesSure you want a U. K. Memory Book! Don't delay! Get a 1030 today. adv. Kat may With OF K. ::tttttttt:mtttmm) WET Q THE TENNESSE The Clothes Shop Phone Ashland J3CTEtl I STORE Artist Entertainment Applause ALEXANDER'S Just Across The Campus OUR WITH TASTY SANDWICH STUDENTS TRY Place to Loaf and Get Warm WITH MM mmmm Ae WE DELIVER BEST7 Baynham Better My, if Hill The For Mil see. HIS GIFT Alumnae guests of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority for the Kentucky-Tennessgame were Misses Pauline Ashcraft, Mt. Vernon, Ohio; If you are a lucky bird, you will subscribe for your 1930 Kentuckian before December 23rd. adv. FLORSHEIM SHOE (Incorporated) (194 "The Store of Holiday Happiness" Go To Kaufman r- Clothing Company Incorporated WU or evening and dress occasions a man feels more at ease when his feet are comfortable and attractively clad a Pity Evenings Happen Only Once a Day! in F!orsheim"FORMAL" Patent Oxfords their style correctness For it's then one looks one's best; it's then one can wear one's Irasilc, misty WlPfihUrE chillons; llattcrins beauties, such as: ' style 444 scphyr sheer, like a breath of silk, with an open work Paris clock Phone Ash. 288 Limestone at Short Street APPLEGATE-GRAVE- S CO. Look for the Big Christmas Tree - Cleaners' & Dyers 20 Off To Students Is unque- stionedthey are a social necessity S)(ost Stylm 1SELDENS, $G.50 2.50 BAYNHAM Ao WAtlvr how thter theitocklns, "Norun fwf itoWi abowt can the Gold Strip." SHOE CO. style 42o a mitt, a wraith of chiffon, so sheer it colors Aren't colors at all, but Just a tone, at EAST MAIN NEAK LIME A,