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Available PAGE VVffi THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Who Is The Mysterious Person In "Local Color?"the "Mystery," "Are say to the at person you believe to be 1:30 o'clock, and find out. Simply Come to the Tavern Saturday afternoon, one week from tomorrow, in Local Color?" If he or she is the correct one, you will receive a valuable prize. Look for more complete details in next week's Kernel. you the mysterious person FOOD LUCILE COOK By For the love of Pete I Look who's back I Yes sir, this Is Station broadcasting. and (Heaven forbid i Didn't mo and Akkie even before the alwayi broadcast University went modern and came on the air?) We feel like ancient mariners but even so horrible a species as "old Orads" can stand being snowbound for such a game. Was there ever such a game or such LEARBURY All-Americ- an Contest brings thousands of replies! Winners to be announced soon! The makers of Learbury Clothes ask us to express appreciation for your great interest in Learbury and the Football Team contest. The winners of the contest will be announced as soon as the judges have made their selections. Come in and sec the New Learbury Models. . R. S. THORPE & SON - (Incorporated) ,. a homecoming? Dut the old place nln't what it used to be. Most of us old folks didn't know the campus. Wo walked out South Lime and turned in where we always did years ago, but we found ourselves in strange country. None of the old landmarks! Where, oh where, are the ash cans and ''we st6p for blandes, brunettes, and railroads" of the old days? When we wuz in college (stop me if you've heard this one) cars were everywhere, even in the buildings of higher learning. T'is reported that at one time that best friend a collegian ever had, the Ford, was parked in White Hall as the owner was suffering from spring fever and wouldn't walk if he never got to class. Yes, sir! That-- was the spirit in them days. Then there's the drives. Where, Oh where, are the drives of yore? No less than ten thousand and one nights ago the drives on the campus got you some place, but not these modern ones. They're only one way tickets and Just try to go the other way. Me and Akkie did. We have only a broken wind shield, a batter-ed-u- p fender, and a rim to show for it. Oh, yes. The buildingsl Why, there's only a few buildings us old folks like Akkie and Dean Boyd and me recognize. They have McVey Hall which among other things houses the new generation of Journalists. I don't imagine it does as well as in the days of yore when the Science Building was the "home, sweet home" for struggling young journalists, and when Dr. Funk-hous- er could let loose his snakes so Uncle Enoch could get a thrill fiom the deah old reptiles. And then they have a new place called "The Commons." Me and Akkie ain't ever figured that out. We asked some one hundred important undergraduates about it, gave them the blind fold test 'nd everything, only to find that some believed it was" demitase, while the majority thought that four out of every five use it. There's the book store, too. Me and Akkie looked everywhere for the book store even under the seats in the gym but no book store! It's as Akkie sez, "There ain't no sense in them moving the book store out of the cellar. Why, what's a book store without a good flood at least every two weeks? Gosh, I'd hate to be an undergraduate now. No excuse at all. We could always smile and tell the dear profs, 'Well, the books were simply ruined when the book store got all wet in the last flood.' " Really, moderns have no excuse at all, like us of .the stone age had. If we didn't go to chapel Akkie and me always gave as our "all baba," "Well, we couldn't afford to get a permanent wave in' our spine sitting on those hard seats without backs." And "now you chlllens have the loveliest chapel and the seats are just made for sleep. And the men's dorms! My crlckcty, when I was In college the men got along very nicely with one see why they go builddorm. ing dorm after dorm for mere men. I hears, too, they're putting up n new library." Can't decipher that cither," sez I. "Why, when we wuz In the University, Akkie, the library only had ten books and they wuz Just for the grinds. If we know the color of them the profs gave us "A" on our outside reading. Besides, you all don't know what mud is. I'll bet some of you never even saw any 'cept in college algebra classes In relation to clearness. "When we wuz flappers," Akkie sez to me, "one of the Joys of college life was the mud we acquired, in place of credits, going to classes. I'll tell you, they ain't in it with us, Ikkic." "Sez you," sez I. "Sez I," answered Akkie. Then there was The Game! When stage we had we were at the co-e- d It all fixed up with the weatherman so's It wouldn't snow on Turkey Day. We knew the poor old grads Just couldn't stand it so we sez "Weather man, lay off." Wo don't want the aged to return home with such memories as me and Akkie have of the Kentucky-Tennesspolar fight Cold Feet! and This is Station signing off. Yes, there is a Santa Claus. takes only two alumni to make Wesleyan Wasp. It a reunion. "I think I'll open an office when I graduate." "I'll probably turn out to be a Janitor, myself." Cajoler. At all events the correspondence school does leave its stamp. Stanford Chaparral. Latin, Greek Frat Will Give Medals To Honor Students Eta Sigma Phi, honorary Latin and Greek fraternity, held Its regular monthly meeting Monday afternoon, at 3 o'clock in the Administration building. At the meeting each mqmber promised to give a medal, sponsored by the national organization, to a senior in his or her own high school who is an "A" student and had done outstanding work in Latin during the year. Plans were also made for a meeting of the Classical club, which will be held Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the Administration building. The officers of Eta Sigma Phi are: President, Rebecca Long; Margaret Allen; secretary, Ellse Derickson, and treasurer, Martha Hall. Margaret Allen is national of Eta Sigma Phi. Meetings will be held regularly on the first Monday of each month. CO-EBAND FLAY band, under The University co-ethe direction of Prof. Elmer G. Sult-ze- r, made its first public appearance last Friday, at the Annual Fall Festival, which was sponsored by the College of Agriculture". This band has been practicing since the beginning of the fall semester, and at present is composed of approximately thirty-fiv- e members. Drink Delicious and II t itiy daaKfcaB. ..aaaaaaaaav aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaF'W-.lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllKV-Hailllllllllllllllllli- i t a - m WPlKlT.. BaaaaET" wm Refreshing 1 a' "VvO". i I rr fi T P4u$c Am v 5 FESSOR'S CHASE OF THE DIURNAL LEPIOOPTERA AND TURN THE BULL ON HIM BUT YOU HAVE TO BLAME THE ARTIST FOR. THAT. Obviously, lew of us have the chance or temerity to make matador out oi ourselves. But even in the normal course o hu man events, there's nothing so welcome as a refreshing pause. Happily there's a soda fountain or ref reshment stand with plenty Coca-Col- a ready of around the corner from anywhere, With its delicious taste and cool refreshment, it makes a little minute long enough for a big rekt. s; The Co.. AlUata, Ca. MILLION Ik . '--fl- u "V, YOU CAN'T BEAT THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES IT HAD TO BE GOOD. TO GET WHERE IT IS n ' PLAY TO HE CAST Tryouts for "East Lynnc," the third piny of the season to be produced by the Guignol Players, will be held from 3 to 5 o'clock Friday, December 13, In the Guignol theater. University students arc urged to try for the parts in the next play, as the cast of eight or nine men and four women will bo selected from those who are present at the regular tryouts. Undergraduate men are especially needed in all of the productions. dios. TLR Of course you saw and enjoyed "In Old Arizona." Now you can see "Romance of the Rio Grande," a Fox Movietone picture with Warner Baxter, the "Cisco Kid" of the first talkie to be filmed out of doors. This picture is taken from the novel, "Conquistador" and Is said to be very entertaining and thrilling. The supporting cast includes Mary Duncan, Antonio Moreno and Mara Marls, touted by Fox as a screen "find." I think that you will enjoy "Romance of the Rio Grande" but "In Old do not expect another Agrlzona." TLR The west coast reports that Joan Crawford, during the filming of her next picture a ago, fell and sprained both ankles. Production is being held up until she recovers. TLR "Three Live Ghosts," a United Artists picture will be on exhibition Sunday at the State theater and it Is reported to be highly amusing. At present I cannot recall just who is in the production or anything about the story. However, "Three Live Ghosts" has received favorable notices In many cities and if you like mystery-comed- y you will SBN AID SUNDAY Warner Baxter Mary Duncan Antonio Moreno Y. W. Moves Offices XT' With Robert Montgomery, Edward Nugent, Ernest Torrence "ROMANCE OF THE RIO GRANDE" Today and Saturday picture to "Old Arizona." Liberty jjave it three stars. All Talking, Certainly, and A companion sibly enjoy it. TLR The Guignol theater will open night with "The Second Monday Mrs. Tanqueray," by Pincro, as the second production onv the schedule for this season. This is an English comedy and judging from the past standards of Guignol I highly, recommend it to you. TLR NOW PLAYING "The Last Hour," Opera House. The Alney Alba Players in a hair-raisimystery play which Is full of entertainment. Picture, Ben "Dynamite," Ali. Cecil DeMille's first talker and still typical of him. Great performand ances from Kay Johnson Charles Blckford. See this one. "Flight," Columbia picture, Kentucky. A pretty weak effort to make a thriller. The air scenes are good. "Hold Your Man." Universal picamusing Mildly ture. Strand. comedy with Laura La Plante. JOAH SUNDAY pos- OH, YEAH! with music, too! iTtttttffit Just How Sweet Is SHE? 8 8 Measure it in our candies and take it to her. it Invitingly delicious 8 Attractively arranged SHE WILL LIKE 1 . To Ad Building The recreation and rest rooms of the Young Women's Christian Association have recently been moved from the second floor of White Hall to the basement of the AdministraDespite the cold and falling snow tion building, next to the office of the Dean of Women. Miss Margaret Thanksgiving afternoon, the Kamp-u- s Lewis, secretary of the organization, Kat, published weekly at odd in- has her office adjacent to the rooms. by members of Sigma Delta All girls at the university, particultervals Chi, did enough prowling and snarl- arly town girls, are cordially Invited stateing to make it hot for the campus to use the rooms, according to ments from Y. W. C. A. officials. celebrities. More brutally frank than ever be"Mamma, If you had met Colonel fore, politics, campus beauties, fra- Lindbergh before you met pop. sorority bosses, the would have married him instead." ternity and faculty, and the engineers all came "Why, no, dear, of course not." in for a Big Share of the dirt, so "My golly, you're dumb, ma!" carefully dug up about them by the men's Journalistic fraternity. Some excellent pictures livened things up a bit, but so far Edwards Templin, Kat reports no libel suits. Everyone whose name did not appear in the publication Is heaving a sigh of relief, and having a big time laughing at the unfortunates, who in turn are buying out the Tavern's supply of Murads, In a tremendous effort to seem nonchalant. Outstanding among the really original humorous articles of the edition was the exciting football IRENE the story, depicting graphically game. Also of Faculty-Trustewas the great Interest to the co-eBORDONI Diary of Peter Orcensleeves, Jr., "who sees all, knows all, and tells all he knows." Wltlle the nolie and clamor of denials of all Sigma Delta Chls that tliey had anything to do with the paper Is dying down, they are in secret plotting Just another such violent attack, and will turn catty again In January. , Fraternity Lasses, Political Leaders, Faculty Members Lambasted The Women's Athletic Association of the University will hold its Tribal night at 7:30 p. m.. Monday, December 9, in the Women's At this time the gymnasium. pledges will be initiated Into their respective tribes and will sign a constitutional pledge to W. A. A. The tribal system was introduced into the University last year to promote Interest In basketball, but this year has enlarged Us field to include all sports sponsored by the organization. Rewards are made on the point system. Points are given for participation in the various sports and awards are made for accumlatlon of a certain number of points. A "K" Is given for 1000 points, numerals for 500, and a pin for 250. Enocli Grelian, Coach and Mrs. Hnr-r- y Gamagc, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Boles, Misses Willie and Helen King. lng and singing movies. "Paris" Is mwmmmmtmmttfflmnmmmmt a product of the First National stu- tt ' Co-Eds, At Tribal Night CD-- I I First Issue of Kat Takes Its Revenge W. A. A. To Initiate tlr A DAY Through the kindness of Theta Sigma Phi I am again allowed to express my views on the local rlalto and they assure me that my life will be protected by them so I should worry. TLR This business of holding Saturday night premieres on pictures opening Sunday is, I think, quite cosmopolitan and I hope the practice continues. It makes you feci somewhat ritzy to attend thcrri. TLR "Four out of Five" is the title of next week's presentation of the Al-nAlba Players at the Lexington opera house and the play Is said to be a rich comedy well worthy of The plot revolves your attention. around the family life of a typical American household and should prove to be interesting on that account. Although the title may suggest tooth paste or some disinfectant I assure you that the play Is quite sanitary. TLR has gradually built quite a star out of Joan Crawford and her latest vehicle, "Untamed," will open at the Strand theater Sunday. This seems to be a story of a girl brought up in the tropics and her clash with civilization when she visits the haunts of the white man. I think that Miss Crawford Is a happy selection for this part and I am quite positive that you will like the first all talking picture of this very popular star. TLR "Chuch" Webster of the Alney Alba Players grew tired of Carnegie Tech and shipped out to sea on board a freighter. He says that he wasn't much better as a sailor than he was as a student so he gave up and tried the stage. In my opinion, he has certainly found a berth there. TLR One of the outstanding musical j comedy lights to be recruited for the motion pictures is Irene Bordinl ,and her first big effort will be housed in the Kentucky theater be- ginning Saturday. The title is "Paris" which oould suggest all sorts of things. A big portion of the picture is In color and it is said that there are plenty of girls and song numbers to add what ever it is they 'think we should have in our talk- - "PARIS" J. I)INNKR-I)ANC- The SuKy Circle Is giving a in honor of the football squad, cheer lenders, and SuKy Alumni tonight at 0:30 o'clock in the Lafayette hotel. Music will bo furnished by Toy Sandcfur's Orchestra. Coaches and managers of the team and the sponsor and the drum major of the band have been invit- -' cd to be guests at the affair! The chaperons will be : President and Mrs. Frank L. 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