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Best Copy THE KENTUCKY PAGE SIX KERNEL for the breaks that would not The piny was In Wildcat WILDCATSJIGERS Wildcat Prowess Recognized territory most of the time, but the W riter Just stickssame Kcntucklans moved MEET NEXT WEEK By Tennessee Sports seven time while the KENTUCKY'S come. Ten- to abundant here Thanksgiving that Tennessee people arc admirable sports, the following, taken in part from the Knoxvllle Journal, reporting our brilliant achievements In the Volunteer-Wildc- at debate last week, Is subwith recommendation mitted that Kernel readers note for themselves that n real newspaper Is willing to commend a successful opponent. In Addition ny non MURPIIV Knoxvllle Journal Sports Editor LEXINGTON, Ky., Nov. 28. The cry of a fighting Kentucky Wildcat echoes through the Blue Grass country tonight. The mountain animal Is screaming a challenge to the world, for this afternoon on the same sacred soil which once was spotted with tho blood of fierce Indian warfare was fought a dramatic football bat-ti- c and the Wildcats eliminated Tennessc from the Southern conference championship race. Blow That Stunned The game, which was played through a driving snow and wind, found the Kentucky eleven rising to supreme heights of the season. Their stunning exhibition was accomplished with all the flonrlsh and abandon of a gladiatorial combat and the accompaniment of the thunderous roaring of some 20,000 frozen spectators. Title Hopes Gone Tennesse still remains undefeated, but the championship hopes which appeared so bright a few hours ago now haunt a murkey cell In the in the chasm of oblivion. gloom of a dismal gathering Day they passed Thanksgiving from the title picture. For three quarters the Kentucky Wildcats kept pounding at the Volunteer touchdown gates, and finally, after the brilliant Carey Spicer and "Shipwreck" Kelly had carried the ball to the three-yar- d line, Jack Phipps plunged througH for the touchdown. It was the first time a Kentucky eleven had placed a cleated hoof behind Tennessee's goal line since 1925. And there Immediately rose up a cry which shook the mountains for miles and miles around. Kentucky had outplayed and Tennessee for three quarters and their efforts had at last fruit. borne But Bobble Dodd the boy with unflinching courage gathered his mates around him and pleaded for a touchdown. Bobble Dodd persuaded those gallant Volunteers that a team Is never beaten until the final whistle Is blown. And the greatest quarterback ever to wear the Orange of Tennessee pulled his team together and scored a touchdown In exactly three plays. Then came McEvcr Gene McEvcr, who had been hemmed in nil afternoon, started the touchdown drive by taking one of Covington's punts on his own forty-fiv- e yard line and returning to strip. The the Wildcat forty-yar- d Bull" then rammed tackle "Wild for ten yards. From there Bobble Dodd whizzed a pass through the chilly atmosphere to Buddy Hack-ma- n gain, for a moVlng Tennessee up to the three-yar- d line. The game was fast Hearing a close and it looked as if Tennessee might yet be defeated. But on the next play, Hackman crashed through for the remaining distance and a touchdown. Major Ncyland rushed several substitutes into the fray and it fell the lot of Paul Heydrick to try for the extra point. But Heydrick failed. Well, You Tell It scene for It was a heart-breakithe loyal supporters of the courageous Kentucky eleven. With victory in their grasp, Bobble Dodd changed and Buddy Hackman things so quickly that even now they are trying to figure out Just how it all happened. There Stood Kentucky is balking The old typewriter again. It may quit most any minute, but before this tale is told let's pay tribute to a great Kentucky eleven. They deserved to win the football game today. From the start of the game they had and outplayed Tennessee. But, folks, they didn't outfight the Volunteers. Every single Tennessee man left the field wearing the red badge of courage. a defensive tried Tennessee game in the first half and waited It's freezing: outside, but the Drug: Store is as near as your Our free delivery Telephone. service is efficient at all times. Be convinced by letting us at- TELEPHONE SERVICE ' r tend to your drug needs. Prescriptions given prompt Phones Ashland 21 or 640 Hutchinson's Drug Store PRESCRIPTIONS Maun and Deweese RENT A STUDEBAKER or a NEW FORD Hour Charge Sat. Nites and Sun. Only. No Deposit Required from Students Co. -It LEE W. WILKERSON, 1 Mgr. Phone 7070 333 E. Main HntttttttUttittUJJttJiJj: Have You Gotten Your U. K. STATIONERY Georgetown Collegians to He Initial Foe of Hluc and White; Game to He Played In Lexington December M. The 1029-3- 0 Wildcat basketball season will be opened on December 14, when the Georgetown Tigers come to Lexington. Anxious hearts await the opening, as the season has prospects of being a very successful one. Practice started on October 15 with sessions three times a week. The candidates have been working Nothing daily since October 25. definite can be said yet ns to the starting, lineups. Tho outstanding forwards arc Cecil Combs, Lewis Mc- Glnnls. and Hays Owens while it looks like Stanley Milward has a good hold on the position of center. The guard Jobs at present ore being disputed by Lawrence McGinnls, Freddie McLano, Bill Klelser, and Captain Paul McBrayer. Since the close of the football season Spicer, Bronston, Yates, and Jack Phipps have reported for the squad. Tho schedule Is not an easy one but will bring much honor to Kentucky nnd eleven home games to Lexington. The biggest. games will probably be the two with Crelghton University of Dcs Moines, Iowa; played here. Dec. 14 Georgetown, here. Dec. 20 Miami, here. Jan. 3 Clemson, here. Jan. 10 Grelghton, here. Jan. 11 Crelghton, here. Jan. 18 Tennessee, here. Jan. 24 Miss. A. and M., here. Jan. 25 Miss. A. and M., here. Jan. 31 Tennessee at Knoxvllle. Feb. 1 Georgia at Altanta. Feb. 3 Clemson at Clemson. Feb. 8 Georgia Tech., here. Feb. 18 Centre, here. Feb. 22 W. and L., here. THE COLONEL COMMENTS Weill football seasons are just about over and the pigskin has gone the way of all flesh back into the linen closet until next fall when "Pest" Welch and Bill Banker and the rest of the 1929 stars will be forgotten and some new lights (not fish) will take their place. And while we are waiting for the basketball team to make its premier showing, let's think about some other things as antidotes for aenemic ath letic addicts. First of all, there is boxing and wrestling which will get under way pretty soon and how! Sweet memories of first fights! Bernle Shively, former Big Ten heavyweight wrestling champ, will get his football boys in action soon and the square ring will come into its own again. And what a relief to many ambitious "pugs" is the absence of Cap Wright, the little boy with the big fist. Cap waded through the rough in a big way for the last two years, winning the welterweight and middleweight classes with just about so much ease. I'll guarantee that that young southpaw carried more kick rolled up his left sleeve than an jackass after somebody doctored his oats with kerosene. Down Georgiah way, this fellow Ed Danforth sure do lak th' Wildcats. Yas suh, they warn't nothln to good fer him to say about Gloomy's team after the Kalntuck boys give McEver a kick in the pants. Maybee, Alabam and Vandy couldn't stop the Vols but Danforth shore thot the Blue did it in great style. " With Seal in Either Blue or Gold? Drury Forquer Kelly United Press stories released Inst Sunday contained a concensus of teams picked by the leading sport writers in this section of the country. Three Kentucky regulars were placed on these teams. Pete Drury, playing his last season on tho Wildcat varsity, was named as one of the tackles on the first team. Last fall, Drury was also prominently mentioned for honors but It was his stellar performance during tho past season that gained him n place in the second eleven. Shipwreck Kelly, sophomore halfback, who burned up tho southern gridirons this fall was placed In tho second team backficld. He was one of the outstanding backs in collegiate football and for a long time lead the Southern Conference scorers. "Floppy Forquer, dependable lineman, was one of the choices for gunrd on tho third team. Tho consistent work of the "Newcastle Deacon" has been tho shining light of the Blue forward wall this season and many fans were greatly surprised that he was not placed on the first eleven. inumtmmmttattttttmmmmmm i:m BIG TEN SELECTIONS University Commons By NEA First Team Fcslcr, Ohio State, end. Nagurski, Minnesota, tackle. Roberts, Iowa, guard. Erickson, Northwestern, center. Anderson, Northwestern, guard. Sleight, Purdue, tackle. Tanner,. Minnesota, end. Harmeson, Purdue, q'terback. Glasgow, Iowa, halfback. Welch, Purdue, halfback. Bergherm, Northwestern, fullback. Baker, Second team Ends: Northwestern, and Wolgast, IlliIllinois nois. Tackles: Gordon, and Westra, Iowa. Guards: Poe, Michigan, and Park, Wisconsin. Ohio Holman, Quarterback: State.. Halfbacks: Pharmer, Minnesota, and Hal Rebholz, Wisconsin. Fullback: Gembis, Michigan. Fall Semester, 1929 MEAL HOURS Breakfast - - - Lunch Dinner 7:15 9:15 11:1512:45 5:00 6:30 SODA FOUNTAIN HOURS 9:00 A. M. Center B. Ticknor Harvard Guard Brown Vanderbllt Tackle Nagurski Minnessota End Donchess Pittsburgh Carideo Notre Dame, Quarterback Halfback McEver Tennessee Marsters Dartmouth .... Halfback Fullback Welch Purdue Second Team Position Player Team End Barres Yale Tackle Sleight Purdue Montgomery Pittsburgh ... Guard Center Siano Fordham Guard Weitz Illinois Tackle Wakeman Cornell End Baker Northwestern Quarterback Wood Harvard Halfback Lorn California Halfback Cagle Army Parkinson Pittsburgh .... Fullback Third Team Position Player Team End Norton California Tackle Barfield Princeton Guard Cannon Notre Dame Center, Heinecke Stanford Guard Humber Army Tackle Bowstrom Navy End Conley Notre Dame Saunders S'ern Calif., Quarterback Halfback" Uansa Pittsburgh Halfback) Wittmer Princeton Fullback . Bergherm Northwestern McVey Hall Ascend South Stairs to Commons EAT At the WILDCAT LAIR Enjoy Food which is Pleasing and Appetizing on Cold Days WE DELIVER WILDCAT LAIR I Darby and Johnson Return From Battle HI Lafayette Hotel One Glance Means You Will Buy Attractive Dining Rooms for Luncheons, Teas, and Dinners at special student prices. Personal supervision for all University parties. Campus Book Store The Campus Hangout Phone 9191 Lime THE PHOENIX HOTEL Perfect service at moderate prices for sororities, ternities and other discriminating University fra- folk at dances, dinners, luncheons. Assembly Dances every Saturday night. Music By Peck Bond. LEN SHOUSE, JR., Mgr. ROY CARRUTHERS, 4 Third Floor Choral Club Prepares! For January Concert: The Choral Society, under the direction of Professor C. A. Lampert, is rehearsing every Friday night in preparation for the concert which will be given the latter part of January. The following selections have been chosen as numbers on the Lucia; program: from Sextet Choralle from The Meister Singer; Barcerolle, from Tales of Hoffman; Hail Bright Abode, by Tannhauser; and the Chorus from the second act of Carmen. The society is composed of people prominent in musical circles in Lexington. 6:00 P. M. The Atlanta Constitution of Sunday went into ecstasies of Joy and glee over the selection of McEver THE NEW CHIMNEY CONNER and Bull Brown, Vandy, on the first . 304 S. On Espanade selections, These represent the Serves $1.00 Dinner Every Evening made for the NEA, adv. four sections of the country and are made by Injured Stars Left Hospital McGugin, Bill Roper, Princeton; Dan Vanderbllt; Bob Zuppke, Monday; Darby Is on Illinois; and Howard Jones, SouthCrutches ern California. The south always has a few outstanding performers Darrell Darby and Ellis Johnson, but it sure is a surprise to find two stars of the Kentucky freshman of the S. C. players of the first team. football team, who received injuries The Colonel is pretty well satisgame last fied with their choices also because in the Tennessee-Kitte- n Lafayette Hotel Building 200 East Main Street Saturday, and were In the hospital his teams published last week conin Knoxvllle for several days, ar- tained quite a few names picked by rived here Tuesday morning. They, the other experts. Among these were accompanied by Al Portwood, were Donchess, Pitt; Nagurski, Min-- ! For those who love line things Our holiday selections this year are more Navy; Bowstrom, former U. of K. football star, and nesota; and were met at the depot by Dr. 'Sleight, Purdue; linemen; and Mccomplete than ever. We are showing all the modernistic designs Chambers, of the University staff Ever, Tennessee; Marsters, Dart-- I Lorn, Cagle, California; and Birkett Lee Pribble, freshman mouth; in Compacts, Perfumes and Toilet Articles Army; Uansa, Pitts; and Bergherm, coach. ' Darby has a broken bone in his Northwestern. foot and will be on crutches for six Hollingsworth, Whitman's, and Rebecca Ruth Candies, always fresh weeks. Johnson's concussion has Eleven No. 1 cleared up and his injuries are no , (Copyright, 1929, by NEA) OUR DESK SETS ARE BEAUTIFUL longer considered serious. He has Player Team Position left for his home in Ashland, Ken- Tappaan Southern California, End tucky until he is able to return to Gordon Illinois Tackle school. Anderson Northwestern .... Guard In POUNDS and in BOXES 75c to $1.25 McVey Hall PI Lafayette Drug Co., Inc. Studebaker U-Drive- nessee failed to make a single first down. At the end of tho game figures Kentucky had showed that ninnsscd thirteen first downs while up two. Vols were chalking the Yes Kentucky was the better team field, on the slippery, nut They're Happy They let victory escape, but tonight they arc parading through the main streets of Lexington Just the same ns if the count had been 100 to 0. Hats off to the Kentuck-lan- sl No true Tcnncsscnn will offer any alibi. Kentucky would have scored earlier In the game had It not been for the masterful punting of Bobble Dodd. Playing behind a rugged, mountainous lino which outweighed the Vols something like twenty pounds to the man, Kelly, Covington, Phipps, and Spicer gave tho Vols plenty of trouble. They drove off tackle with the power of a steam roller. Phipps, The Hero Kelly was advertised more widely than nny other member of the Wildcat backficld, but when it comes to singling out the real hero let the fingers point toward Jack Phipps. Tony Holm, wlthall his bruising power, would have been no match for Phipps today. He rendered untold punishment to the Vol forwards and his defensive play was superb. Wc Note Mr. Finney Also Jim Finney played football as he has never played before. He was against the snow with a throw. When some Wildcat waltzed out into the open and seemed headed for a long gain, Jim Finney could always be counted on to come tearing out and stop him. Several times Finney was down on punts with the ends. He did everything. It marked the last time "Smiling Jim" will ever face the Wildcats. But they won't soon forget that boy. Nor Will Kentucky Forget It Ray Saunders, Ben Fuller and Captain Howard Johnson fought like demons for a drooping cause. The gallant Hobo Thayer was also in the thick of the battle until he departed in the second quarter with an injured shoulder. The game has been played. Kentucky's victory flares are lighting up the country for miles around tonight, but when one stops to think, Tennessee still has a string consecutive games of twenty-nin- e played with only one defeat charged against them. But, it will be a long, long time before the narrow escape will be forgotten. Toast To 'Tucky The typewriter has absolutely re fused to respond. Somehow, the But, here's a words can't come. toast to a heroic Volunteer eleven which smiled at defeat. An even larger toast to the fighting, clean- Kentucky Wildcats. playing It takes things like this to make foot ball the grand game that it is. Lineups and summary: Kcnutcky (G) Tennessee (6) Hug LE Andrews Wright Johnson LT Thayer Forquer LG C Finney Williams Fuller RG Rose Drury RT... Johnson (c) Brandt RE Cavana Dodd QB Spicer Hackman Kelly LH McEver Covington (c) ..RH Disney FB J. Phipps Score by periods: 066 00 Kentucky 00066 Tennessee Scoring Touchdowns: Kentucky Spicer. Tennessee Hackman. Substitutes: Kentucky Bronston, Thompson. Tennessee Saunders, Whlttaker. Herndon, Beene. Roberts, Hickman, Mayer, Decker, Kohlhaas, Heydrick. Officials: Referee Lambert, of Ohio State; umpire Wessling, of Kenyon; head linesman Maxwell, of Ohio State; field Judge Wells, of Michigan. ALL-SOUTHER- President T.P. CAGWIN, Manager i ij