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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 6, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available PAGE SEVEN THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Intramural Sports Inlra-murvolley-ba- ll Season has and 24 games of Uic started Round Robin have been played. The season opened Monday, November 25 In the Men's gymnasium. There arc three divisions competing for the handsome trophy. The first and second divisions consist of teams representing the fraternities while the third Is made up of various teams representing organizations in Lexington. The best teams In the divisions will enter a tournament which will be completed by December 18. The winners of the tournament will be cup, and the awarded an runncrs-u- p will receive a cup. "Winners of the Independent tournament will receive Individual trophies. The champions of the fraternity group will then play the champions of the Independents for championship of the season. The players on the winning team will receive Individual trophies which will be medals. These medals arc new and designed as standard trophies for all indlvldaul achievements in the future. The games played off Monday night were between teams of the second division. The first division played their first games of the Round Robin Tuesday night. S. A. E. defeated A. S. P. . S. A. E. defeated D. O. K. 8. defeated P. K. T. K. S. defeated P. S. K. K. A. defeated P. K. T. K. A. defeated P. S. K. defeated A. T. O. C. 8. P. defeated A. T. O. First division 8. B. Z. defeated S. C. S. N. won by default A. a. E. Tuesday's night's games D. T. D. defeated A. O. E. D. T. D. defeated 8. N. A. O. R. defeated A. a. E. defeated P. D. T. 8. C. defeated A.G. R. 8. N. defeated K. A. 8. C. 8. B. Z. defeated P. D. T. 8. B. Z. defeated K. A Second division defeated P. K. A. D. C. A. T. O. defeated P. 8. K. K. 8. defeated A. 8. P. 8. A. E. defeated P. K. T. The Sigma Alpha Epsllons and Kappa Slgmas arc holding the lead now by being the only two teams In the first and second divisions to win all the games contested. P. P. D. A. Big Green Loses To U. T. Frosh, kick the goal which would tic the score. 76 Johnson and Montgomery Kccovcr From 'Injuries Received in Game Kentucky of The University Freshman lost to Tennessee Freshmen 7 to 0, at Knoxvlllo Saturday afternoon. Ellis Johnson of Ashland, star quarterback nnd captain of the Kittens was seriously injured during the last quarter of the game, hut is reported recovering rapidly. Johnson played a brilliant game up to the time he was tackled and thrown on the frozen ground with such force that he received concussion of the brain. A few minutes before the accident, he had carried down the field to the ball the opponent's three yard line. He was then given the ball three more times, but gained little ground. On the third effort ho was tackled and knocked unconscious from the impact. Johnson was sent to the St. Francis hospital In Knoxvlllo for treatment and regained consciousness at 9 o'clock that night but was DESCRIBED (London Evening News). not able to make the trip home with "Have you seen Norah's new eve- the team. ning frock?" Robert Montgomery . of the Kentucky team also received a blow on No what does it look like?" many places It's very the head which rendered him un"Well, in like Norah." conscious for a short time but he was able to return with the team Saturday night. THE NEW CHIMNEY CORNER On Espanade After Johnson was taken out of Serves $1.00 Dinner Every Evening the game the Kittens fought their way to' the goal but were unable to adv. The Tcnncsscans scored seven points In the second quarter of the game when McPhcrson completed n pass and mode a touGchdown. This play was followed by a successful pass from Brackctt and Warfleld that resulted in a 0 score for the first half, and victory for the Tennessee Freshmen. Lineups and summary. Kentucky (0) Pos. Tennessee (7) , Shull Darby LE Orcathousc . ...LT still Blcvlns LO...... Franklin Scale C...... Chastaln Aldrldgc RO Walscr Montgomery ...RT Smiley RE Krcutcr Rankin QB Johnson Warfleld Foster LH.... McPhcrson RH Wilder Brackctt Ray FB Boardman Score by periods: 07007 Tennessee Kentucky 000 Scoring: Touchdowns For Tennessee (McPhcrson): for Kentucky (Boardman). Point after touchdown Warfleld (pass). Substitutions: Kentucky Ingalls, Aldrldge, Tucker, Umber. 00 W. A. A. KID PARTY, Dec. 13 The Women's Athletic Association of the University will give its annual Kid party in Patterson hall, Friday, December 13 at 7:30 o'clock. All who attend arc supposed to dress as kids, and a prize will be given for the best dressed couple. Admission will be $15c a person, or 25c a couple. WH-YMake "Her" Walk? You can take your date to the next dance or to your formal without ing your by renting a selfe-respect- los- , JfcCHRYSLER Or NEW FORD Take "Her" in Style WE CATER TO STUDENT TRADE Wildcats of 1929 Constitute One Of Finest Boasts of University lly HELEN KINO snow covered gridiron, guarded by two slender goal posts of blue and white that keep watch over a traditional battle ground, arc all that remain today of a scene which Just one week ago was sparkling with color, contact, life. nut living In the memory of 20,-0people Is the record of the finest Battle ever waged for gridiron supremacy; by two teams that have met In football combat for 24 years, and have remained fast friends so that the 25th renewal of the "battle of the Deer Keg" may go on. Kentucky, there's something In the very name that brings out what Is best In every man; Kentucky, represented by eleven men, constituting the best football team In the history of the University, and having in the been touted as the undcr-do- g annual Thanksgiving game with her undefeated and untied neighbors and rivals from Tennessee, entered the game with a determination that was invincible, and but for the breaks of the game would have sent the gallant "Volunteers to their first defeat In three years. But Kentucklans, seeing the game, hold their heads a little higher today, because that band of blue-cla- d warriors represent this fine old commonwealth. Fighting with the tenacity of the Wildcat whose name they wear, with the strength born of determination, and the courage and spirit of true Kentucklans, they presented an indominltablc front that could not, would not, lose to Tennessee. A season of college football, that records six victories, one tie and one defeat, Is to the Wildcat followers one of the finest boasts in University history. We who know the story of the season have a feeling in our hearts that If the Wildcats had had full strength to throw against Alabama, Tennessee would have been the first team to cast a shadow across an otherwise perfect record. But we offer no alibi's; a team that played and fought and won as Kentucky has done this year stands on its own achievements without fear, looking forward to even better days. n, Four men, Captain Will Ed Pete Drury, Tom Walters, and Warner Ford, donned the Blue and White moleskins for the last time Thanksgiving Day; two of them, Captain Covington and Drury were regulars during their three years varsity playing, Drury missed only eight days of practice in the whole of his college football career. Covington and Drury played beautiful games against Tennessee, the running back of punts by Covington, and the blocking and tackling of Drury accounting in a great measure for the complete demoralization of McEver, the flashy Tennessee back. Four men, "Dusty" Williams, center, "Floppy" Forquer, guard, "Shipwreck" Kelly, Kentucky's "sensational sophomore" and Pete Drury, tackle, have been mentioned for honors, a tribute in itself to the stability, quality and aggressiveness of the Kentucky team; while Kelly, streaking across the south as few spohomores have done, was chosen by the New York office of the Associated Press as one of sophomore the four outstanding football stars in the United State, ranking with such players as Albic Booth of Yale, Unevich of Purdue, and Barry Wood of Harvard. Too much cannot be said about the generalship of Carey Spicer, Kentucky's quarterback who first gained recognition in the game with Washington and Lee; the Phipps brothers, Tom and Jack, who alter nated at fullback. Jack was the boy through the who gained Tennessee line, and chalked up the greatest yardage in the contest; Louis Toth, who substituted at fullback; and "Jack" Bronston who was sent into the Clemson game in time to chalk up two touchdowns from forward passes. Sophomores made up the greater part of the Wildcat grid machine this season, with "Babe" Wright the mighty tackle from Strugis; George Yates, fast and lanky end who snagged passed with such precision; Cavana, the boy who started his first game as regular end against Tennessee, and Andrews also playing end, sharing honors with Kelly, the Phipps boys, Dick Richards, "Bo" Myers, and Urbaniak in the back-fiel- d. A A No Deposits Required From Students COMMERCIAL RENT-A-CA- R CO. great bunch of veterans will turn to the Kentucky team as resen- iors next season, with two years experience salted down under the clever tutelage of Head Coach Harry Gamage and Line Coach Bemle Shlvely; they are Forquer, Spicer, Rose. Colker, Toth. Williams, and iBaughman, while Thompson, al- -I though a senior, has another year ,of varsity competition coming to him. ah of which Is inclined to make Kentucky followers cast one last regretful look over the shoulder of 1929, saddened because such a glorious season must end and then "Face East" with happy expectation In the knowledge that with the recretted loss of only four men, the Wildcat squad will return en masse, to be guided by tho same versatile coach through an even more difficult sea-- I sou, to what we have no doubt will be an even greater conclusion, with the greatness of things well done. Dlt. FUNKIIOUSER ATTENDS MEETING W. D. Funkhouser, head of the department of zoology and deaa of tho Graquato School of the uniDr. 133 East Short Phone Ash. 3145 4g3llfcsV versity, attended the Conference of the Deans of Graduate Schools of Southern Colleges held in Atlanta, Qa., November 0. He was elected a, member of the executive committee of the conference, of which the other members are Dean W. H. Olasson of Duke University, and Dean A. O. Moore of the University of Alabama. .rt WILDCAT SCORING MACHINE Td.Exr.Fff.Tolat B7 0 Spicer 3 n Kelly 54 4 Phipps 24 Jack 1 7 Covington 2 22 1 19 3 Myers 3 18 Ford 12 Urbaniak 2 To Clocker Bronston 12 2 G 0 Cavana G 1 There are plenty of people In this Andrews 1 G Williams world who are football unconscious. 1 1 What is the throbbing topic to most Yates of us these days Is meaningless to 3G 1 18 Total 237 the next man. Especially if that man happens to be a race horse clocker, as Bill Kcefe found In New W. W. Orleans the other day. , inBill wanted some first-han- d formation on "Shipwreck" Kelly, the Kentucky wonder halfback, and he writes: 192 W. Short, Lexington Naturally, then, when Cabc Rogers, who has been a resident of Lex- brine 'cm today get 'em tomorrow ington, Ky., the past 65 years blew Into town yesterday, we expected to get a whole earful about Kentucky U., which is domiciled at Lexington. Cabc, be It known, Is our "race hoss" clocker. "And now," said we to Bube, after exchanging the usual annual greetings, "tell us what you know nbout "Shipwreck" Kelly. A sort of blank expression spread over Mr. Rogers' face, but he was game on a point of Information ( as arc all race hoss men). "'Shipwreck' Kelly?" he asked. "Is he here already?" "Why no," we responded. "He isn't here; he's up nt Lexington. Haven't you seen him?" "Why, er, yes and then no," faltcringly replied Mr. Rogers, and It was obvious he was groping in his mind in an effort to determine which of the Kcllys we meant. "You see," he continued, "when I told Kelly that is, told 'Ship' I was coming down to New Orleans ahead of time, he said he didn't think he'd hurry, as his horses "We don't mean any Kelly who PIPES made the man, anybody owns horses," we interrupted. "We all could rise in the world just mean 'Shipwreck' Kelly the one by smoking a few pounds of Edge-wortwho "Oh, you mean the guy who climbs But pipes do not make the man. the flagpole? Well, why didn't you Men make the pipe most men do. say so. Say, I waited all day and one night around Loueyvllle for that Somewhat depends on the individual, bird to come down so's I could hand more on the pipe, and the tobacco is him a live one and he " most important of all. Things must "No! No! No!," we ejaculated, imbe congenial. "Can it be you don't patiently, Edgeworth is a congenial tobacco, know 'Shipwreck' Kelly, the boy who fully flavored. can get through a broken field for cool, a touchdown before you can say Edgeworth has poise, kindly good Jack Robinson?" nature, real tobacco personality "Oh, that's the Kelly you mean! Edgeworth welcomes new friends. Sure I know him; he tried to touch Many a good man has been pledged me before I left. But say, you're to pipes by Edgeworth alone. right about that broken field up there everybody's broke around Like to meet Edgeworth? Just ask fall. Why Latonia; been broke all with the coupon and the postman a friend of this Kelly came up to will bring your first few pipefuls of me last week and drew me off on the side and I could feel the buzz the genuine, three years seasoned if " coming so when he it's a day. Our treat, if you please. "Aw, come Cabe," we said. "Stow Others have found Edgeworth and kind of stuff. Here you are that quit their discontent. rambling around about some Kellys we never heard of and the only So may it be with yout Kelly we want to know anything about is the best line plunger in Kentucky." "Well, that's how this Kelly went Edgeworth is a careful blend broke plunging," said Cabe. selected But it was plain, by that time, of food tobaccos mnln'ni, Tf aw "w that Mr. Rogers was a poor fount Ft csiunjr f ill quality and flavor never which to obtain any informafrom tion concerning Mr. "Shipwreck" "Ready Rubbed" or Kelly of Kentucky U. and so the "Plug Slice" 15 pocket conversation was switched to horses. package to pound humi Living In even so small a town as dor tin. Lexington with such a celebrity as Kelly means very "Shipwreck" little in the young life of Clocker Cabe Rogers. Ed Danforth In The I Laruj 6i Bro. Co., Richmond, Va. Atltanta Constitution. I'll try your Edgeworth. And I'll try I it in a good pipe. SUCH IS LIFE He put his arm around her J (Witness my teal) And whispered in heir ear; She listened and then nodded, I (and my seat of learning) As he drew her near, Then he gently kissed her (and my postonicc and state) And talked in quiet tone V The girlie was his sister; I Now let the Edgeworth come I He was asking for a loan. "Shipwreck" Kelly Needs Introduction Horse STILL Kodaks Films fee Pipes save no midnight oil IF EDGEWORTH Christmas Greetings! Our Christmas Cards Are Truly "Messengers of Good Will" We have one of the largest stocks in the city come in and look them over. Transylvania Printing Co.