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52 > Image 52 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 82, no. 3, Fall 2011

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I Class N otes ]ulie Good 04 DES is the di- Healthcare in Louisville and V H: l`lJ$ Blue, lffllld 5 MIS rector ofthe Historic Beaufort was a 2010 Hnalist for Nurse of S V, vw Foundation in Beaufort, S,C, the Year, She was also recog- TM She was previously the execu- nized for the achievement of tive director of the nonproHt completing the Nursing Clini- Blue Grass Trust for Historic cal Advancement Program, She Preservation in Lexington, is married to Scott L. Dingle l ` g.; ; Goodis excited to bein Beau- 02 AG, ahnancial advisor __ ,, V / vw. _ , ' fort, South Carolinas oldest with Ameriprise Financial, The X jg ;_ ` ` 1 city, So far Ive found people couple lives in Prospect, ` ' ss {xsl ,'i_` . . I 1 14. really interested and engaged, A 'l n if q 1y People here think about preser- ]ames ]amie Emmons 05 F y H vation at the beginning? she AG is chief of staff to Lexing- T" G , # ''.' .~ told Th ISl1HCl I)&Cl1a1w Coldstream Laboratories Inc, Local Cam- T _; ' Q) ff. in Lexington, In December paign Manager _,` ,2 ,__; " 2010 she became certihed as a ofthe Year be- _ G `W ."` `_,_ " - registered microbiologist in stowed by the 1 1 EE E pharmaceutical and medical American Association of Politi- M ` .. ' device microbiology with the cal Consultants in Washing- 1 m ` National Registry of CertiHed ton, D,C, Prior to his current Q L Vg . ~. 1 { Microbiologists, position, Emmons served as i T _,,, rr--- - - *2 r legislative aid to Speaker ofthe Wesle . Sheele 04 AS has House Gre Stumbo, Follow- accept?-zfd a Fellovgship position ing his gradiation from UK, he ggclothnlg _ _ F? K Gasme y in the Child and Family Ther- worked with his father, Dale Ouvemrs any upp IBS apy Clinic ofthe Kennedy Emmons, as a political consult- Home & Garden Coslnyu Alumni Krieger Institute in ]ohns Hop- ant in the Hrm of Emmons and Dacor Merchandise kins School of Medicine, He Company, He is married to recently completed his Ph,D, Kari Smith Emmons 05 DES through the University of and is the son of Marilyn Em- I Cincinnati in school psychol- mons McGhee 81 LAW ogy He also completed a Fel- - lowship at the Boys Town Scott D. Kretzer 05 FA is a B. & B6 Center for Behavioral Health, freelance percussionist and ' teacher of applied percussion at a n Ev ! Bomiie Cutsforth-Huber 05 Adrian Colle e in Adrian, Mich, FA is assistant professor of music He also runs private studio Check_0ut Ou? neufy Tedeszgned at Pennsylvania State University through the Toledo School for WebSite., N OU} d$l7 thlln 1}7 at Altoona, Her recent engage- the Arts and regularly performs I-0 Shop fb'. J/Ou'. fin) 01,.it-e ments include appearances with with bands and orchestras, Kret- , the Cincinnati Opera, Rome zer has taught jazz drum set at aPPareL ggfis and much m0Te Festival Opera, Amaapolis the University of Toledo and ap- Chorale and the Bach Concert plied percussion at Siena N N E D Y Series in Baltimore, Md, Her Heights University scholarly work includes articles in The ]ournal ofSinging, The Lindsay S. Raia 05 DES is the B 0 0 K S R E Operal]ournal, American Music Kentucky and Southern Indi- and Music Research Forum, gm Salllcs Icprcscntdtiifc DL. S- & ouc , a commercia wa cov- Alicia Yarletts Dingle 05 ering and fabric company, She 0I` 1 NUR is 21 HLIISC with Norton lives IH LOLliSVillC, For A or sign up online! 50 Fan 201 1