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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 82, no. 3, Fall 2011

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I Pride In Blue g Welcome fall! Q) L ` n U Hello, Wildcats! 1t is with great pride that we bring you the fall 2011 issue of Kentucky 4 ' \ Alumni magazine. Fall? How did fall get here so fast? 1 guess time really does fly when youre 1 having fun.. ll As you know, we have a new president here at UK. Dr. Eli Capilouto became the 12th presi- ` T dent on ]uly 1. Hes our cover story for this issue and 1 hope you take a few minutes to read it. 1 j T \ had a wonderful conversation with him, and thats really what it was, a conversation more than an interview 1 found him to be sincere and gracious. He is very serious about education and { L ` the responsibility of leading the University of Kentucky. As we were wrapping up the conver- x \ ` sation, 1 told him that he has changed my opinion ofthe University of Alabama-Birmingham. 1 jokingly (sort of ) explained that prior to meeting him, every time 1 heard or read UAB, 1 would get slightly ill because all 1 could think about was the 2004 NCAA Tournament. (Need 1 say more ?) Turns out we were at that game cheering for different teams, obviously. However, he assures me that he is now a full-fledged member of Big Blue Nation. So, hav- ing met President Capilouto, 1 now have much more pleasant thoughts about UAB. Also in this issue, you will get to know alums Mat Saunders, who leads an adventurous life as an archeologist, and Ceal Barry who was a member ofthe womens basketball team at UK during a deHning time in collegiate athletics. We spotlight alumni who serve their constituents. Plus, check out our 2011 Distinguished Service and Burch Award recipients. Finally, 1 dont know about you, but 1 am ready for some Wildcat football! Below is the 2011 schedule. Start making tailgating plans accordingly. 1 cant wait! We hope you enjoy this issue of Kentucky Alumni magazine. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. With Pride in Blue 44 tem Kelli Elam 2011 UK Football Schedule _ _ _ 09/01/1 1 vs. Western Kentucky Nashville, Tenn. 9: 15 p.m. ET 09/10/11 vs. Central Michigan Lexington, Ky. 12 p.m. ET 09/17/1 1 vs. Louisville Lexington, Ky. 7 p.m. ET 09/24/11 vs. Florida Lexington, Ky. TBA 10/01/11 at LSU Baton Rouge, La. TBA 10/08/11 at South Carolina Columbia, S.C. TBA 10/22/11 vs. Jacksonville State Lexington, Ky. TBA 10/29/11 vs. Mississippi State Lexington, Ky. TBA 11/05/11 vs. Ole Miss Lexington, Ky. TBA 1 1/12/1 1 at Vanderbilt Nashville, T erm. TBA 1 1/19/1 1 at Georgia Athens, Ga. TBA 1 1/26/1 1 vs. Tennessee Lexington, Ky. TBA s e e b I u e. jbrevex 4 Fan 201 1