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BOOKS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE THE LITTLE COLONEL GOOD TIMES BOOK Uniform in size with the Little Colonel Series . 1.50 Bound in white kid (morocco) and gold . 3.00 Cover design and decorations by Peter Verberg. Published in response to many inquiries from readers of the Little Colonel books as to where they could obtain a " Good Times Book " such as Betty kept. THE LITTLE COLONEL DOLL BOOK Large quarto, boards .1.50 A series of " Little Colonel " dolls, - not only the Little Colonel herself, but Betty and Kitty and Mary Ware, yes, and Rob, Phil, and many another of the well- loved characters, - even Mom' Beck herself. There are many of them and each has several changes of costume, so that the happy group can be appropriately clad for the rehearsal of any scene or incident in the series. The large, cumbersome sheets of most of the so-called doll " books " have been discarded, and instead each character, each costume, occupies a sheet by itself, the dolls and costumes being cut out only as they are wanted. ASA HOLMES: OR, AT THE CRoss-RoADs. A sketch of Country Life and Country Humor. By KNNIE FELLOWS JOHNSTON. With a frontispiece by Ernest Fosbery. Large 16mo, cloth, gilt top 1.00 " ' Asa Holmes; or, At the Cross-Roads' is the most delightful, most sympathetic and wholesome book that has been published in a long while." -Boston Timtes. THE RIVAL CAMPERS; OR, THE ADVENTURES OF HENRY BURNS. By RUEL PERLEY SMITH. Square 12mo, cloth decorative, illustrated 81.50 A story of a party of typical American lads, courageous, alert, and athletic, who spend a summer camping on an island off the Maine coast. THE RIVAL CAMPERS AFLOAT; On, THE PRIZE YACHT VIKING By RU EL PERLEY SMITH. Square 12mo, cloth decorative, illustrated . . 1 .50 This book is a continuation of the adventures of " The Rival Campers" on their prize yacht Viking. X-3