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L. C. PAGE' sr COMPANXrS THE RIVAL CAMPERS ASHORE By RUEL PERLEY SMITH. Square 12mo, cloth decorative, illustrated . - 1.50 " As interesting ashore as when afloat." - The Interior. THE RIVAL CAMPERS AMONG THE OYSTER PIRATES; OR, JACK HARIEY's ADVEN- TURES. By RUEL PERLEY SMITH. Illustrated . 1.5 0 "Just the type of book which is most popular with ladls who are in their early teens." - Tue Philadelphia Item. PRISONERS OF FORTUNE: A Tale of the Mas- sachusetts Bay Colony By RUEL PERLEY SMITH. Cloth decorative, with a colored frontispiece . .1.50 " There is an atmosphere of old New England in the book, the humor of the born raconteur about the hero, who tells his story with the gravity of a preacher, but with a solemn humor that is irresistible." - Courier-Journal. FAMOUS CAVALRY LEADERS. By CHARLES II. L. JOHNSTON. Large 12mo, With 24 illustrations . . 1.50 Biographical sketches, with interesting anecdotes and reminiscences of the heroes of history who were leaders of cavalry. " More of such hooks should he written, books that acquaint young readers with historical personages in a pleasant informal way."- N. 1'. Sun. FAMOUS INDIAN CHIEFS. By CHARLES H. L. JOHNSTON. Targe 12mo, illustrated . . . . 1.50 In this )ook MNr. Johnston gives interesting sketches of the Indian braves who have figured with prominence in the history of our own land, including Powhatan, the In(lian ('asar; Massasoit, the friend of the Puritans; Pontiac, the red Napoleon: Teeumsd, the famous war chief of the Shawnees; Sitting Blil, the famous war chief of the Sioux; Geronimo, the renovrneo Spacne Chief, etc., etc. A-A