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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 3, 1919

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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 8 Oliver are picked students and will bo scholarships sent on government Miss Kathorlne W. Owens, who for awarded by the South African governsovcrnl years has wielded lite pen ment. It is not known Just when they that has caused so many of tho stu- will arrive. dent body to pay regular and periodAn experiment is being conducted ical visit to tho Registrar's office to explain their absences from class, has at the tobacco barns, on the Experiaccepted a position with n real estate ment Station Farm, in the firing of firm in Lexington and assumed her tobacco. Conl and damp sawdust are duties last Monday. She is succeeded the materials used and the results of this experiment, if successful, will by Mrs. H. H. Scrlbner. prove beneficial especially to growers E. M. Prewitt and J. R. Dawson, who of Western Kentucky where no other nro doing extension work In dairying methods of curing the "weed" can be under the direction of Prof. J. J. Hoop- practiced and wifl revolutionize the er, have Just returned from trips methods of firing. throughout (Kentucky. Mr. Prewitt McClarty (Harblpon, plnss of '17, has, within .the last ten days, procured tho names of 214 of the 250 members after graduation went to France but required to form a cow testing returned recently, has entered the real estate business in exington. in Campbell county. ABOUT THE CAMPUS COLLECE STUDENTS 1919-2- 0 Class Ring Committee Especially solicted to call in and secure samples and prices of rings for this year's Graduating Class. Do you know that Becker is the best equipped shop in town to do your cleaning, pressing and repairing? We can press and get back to you 100 suits a day and guarantee them to be in condition. first-clas- s Becker Dry Cleaning Co Heintz, Jeweler C. R. McGAUGHEY n Two years ago our University held proof of the adage, "The world is growing younger and wiser" when Roy FYirmter, Midway, (matriculated and entered the Freshman class at the age of fifteen, but now we will have to give up to Harvard, since that instiThe class in advanced Farm Man- tution boasts of a thirteen years old agement, composed of Juniors and Freshman in the person of Jacob Seniors, visited the farm of W. R. Schankman. Stone in Jessamine County Tuesday. People on both sides of Main street The visit was the first one of a series of weekly trips which have been in- will be sorry to hear that "Happy" augurated by Prof. W. D. Nichols, Chandler, Corydon, Kentucky, aspirant to the position of end on the head of the department. Crimson team, suffered severe injury Prof. C. W. Mathews, Department of to his left hand last Monday. Horticulture; Miss Sweeney, Depart Old "Kentucky" men are finding ment of Economics; and Miss State leader, have returned flieir way back to Lexington this year. from a four days trip to the Pine William J. i(Piggy) Sanford, 14, who Mountain Settlement School, Harlan will be remembered partly for his County. Earl Mayhew, Class of '17, ability as a sprinter, has been elected is the county agent of Harlan county to the position of Attendance Officer and is doing good work. Miss Sweeney of the public schools and assumed says it was a hard trip, the last six control October 1. miles being via "nag," but all of them M. (Freddie) have now recovered. Jackson, Frederic Class of '18, is doing fine work in the Prof. C. D. Klllebrew, Department journalistic field and at present is of Physics, has entered the University writing commercial news for the Lexof Michigjani where he will .begfn ington Herald. He did his collegiate work toward securing an advanced work in the Department of Journalism. .degree in Physics. President McVey will address the Friends of Capt. John F. Loomis, Upper Kentucky River Educational who, prior to receiving his commis- Association, which meets in Jackson sion in the army, taught in the next Friday night. Physics Department, is now a commissioned officer in the Regular Army EDITORS OF UNIVERSITY and is stationed in Panama. His adBULLETIN APPOINTED. dress is John F. Loomis, Capt. Regular Army, Coast Artillery, Fort Ama- Misses Buckman and Smith Have dor, Canal Zone, Panama. Complete Charge. The University Bulletin, which is Prof. W. S. Webb has heard from printed weekly under the direction of M. J. Kelley and R. E. Bitner, who un- the Department of Journalism for the til recently were in the Department information of students and faculty of Physics. Mr. Kelley is doing work of the University, will be in the hands as research chemist with the General of Miss Martha Buckman and Miss Electric Company, Schnectady, New Margaret Smith this year. York, and Mr. Bitner is in the GovMiss Buckman is a major Journalernment Service as Radio Engineer, ism student, who returns to the UniWashington, D. C. versity this year after an absence ot two years. She was formerly a memProf. J. J. Hooper, Department of ber of the Kernel staff. Miss Smith Dairying, has received a telegram ask- is also a Sophomore in the Journalism ing him to officiate as judge of dairy Department. She was an active memFair, ber of last year's staff. cattle at the Mississippi-Alabamwheh is to be held at Meridian, Miss., Professor Hooper judged WOMEN'S FRATERNITIES October CLOSE RUSHING SEASON their cattle last year but ownlg to the fact that he will be at the National (Continued From Page 1) Dairy Show, Chicago, he will be unStillwell, Anna Louise Connor, Lexable to accept the invitation. ington. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Dean Thomas J. Cooper, College ot Viola Lewis, 'Mary Elizabeth DownAgriculture, is In receipt of information from the Secretary of Agricul- ing, Louisville; Sarah Blanding, Jane ture, Prateoria, South Africa, that Gregory, Lexington; Elizabeth Pretwo students will be sent to the Uni- witt, Mary Elizabeth Hayes, Winchesversity as students in our College of ter; Henrietta Rogers, Danville; Lucy Agriculture. These two young men, Holt, Eminence; Julia Willis, P.P.- - van der Watt and Victor F. 123 East Main Street Lime and High Phone 621-- Y Opp. the Phoenix 0. W. Forster is a new man in the Department of Farm Management. Mr. Forster did his collegeate work at Cornell, Class of '14, and received the Master's Degree at Michigan three years later. Lexington, Ky. THE STORE THAT CATERS TO THE NEEDS OF COLLEGE liOYS We believe in the "Rah-Rahevery college man and boy. " Stuff our sympathies are with each and WE HAVE EVERYTHING THAT COLLEGE YOUTH ARE WEARING VICTOR BOGAERT LEADING 133-13- 5 JEWELERS Established 1883 "THE HALLMARK STORE" W. Main St. Lexington, Ky. Hosiery Shirts Belts Sweaters Underwear Night Shirts Neckwear Collars Garters Pajamas Jewelry Gloves Bathrobes Handkerchiefs Caps Hats AND ONE THING MORE Do Not by Any Means Overlook Out Minute OVERCOAT AND SUIT DEPARTMENT OUR WINDOWS WILL GIVE YOU AN IDEA The Stenographic Shop 204 Fayette National Bank Bldg. Telephne 2046 Letters Notary Public United Clothing Stores Incorporated. 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