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4 > Image 4 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1886-1887)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

4 STATE oottnen or xniwucxr. ~ buildings or for the purchase of land. The offers of the city Z ~ of Lexington and of the county of Fayette were accepted by 2 the General Assembly. I By the act of incorporation, and the amendments thereto, l constituting the charter of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky, liberal provision isemade for educating, free of tuition, the energetic young men of the Commonwealth K X whose means are limited. The Normal Department, for which i f i provision is also made, is intended to aid in building up the fi i Common School system by furnishing properly qualified teach z ers. This College, with the associated departments which will, _ < from time to time, be opened as the means placed at the dis- __ { posal of the Trustees allow, will, it is hoped, in the no distant { . future, do a great work in advancing the educational interests i V of Kentucky. Being entirely undenominational in its char- } acter, it will appeal with confidence to people of all creeds and fs of no creed, and will endeavor, in strict conformity with the _, requirements of its organic law, to afford equal advantages to _ 3 all, exclusive advantages to none. The liberality of the Com- A < monwealth in supplementing the inadequate annual income id 1 1 arising from the proceeds of the land scrip invested in State , bonds will, it is believed, enable the Trustees to begin and , 1 _ carry on, upon a scale commensurate with the wants of our , people, the operations of the Institution whose management l and oversight have been committed to them by the General if 1 X Assembly of Kentucky. I ' *$ 1 l . . 1 , i l 1 lt t l i l