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50 > Image 50 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1886-1887)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

50 sryrm cormnen or Knntrucxr. r 29. No applicants will be admitted who are under fourteen ] i years of age, excepting those who, by the charter of the Col- . { lege, are admitted to free tuition at an earlier age. e T 30. Every student on admission, and bqbre he its allowed to - l recite, shall present to the President a certzjtcate from the li Treasurer showing that he has paid the surn required in ad- J i tance on account of tuttzfon or other tterns. , 31. As a further condition of admission, the applicant must answer affirmatively the following questions, viz: Have you 1 read and understood the regulations governing this Institu- i Lion? Do you acknowledge your obligation to obey them? { He must also subscribe the following form in a book kept for I that purpose by the Faculty : " VVe, whose names are hereunto , subscribed, do declare that we acquiesce in the regulations of ~ the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky, and acknowledge our obligation to obey them." . 32. Having complied with the prescribed conditions, the student shall be registered on the College roll. He shall be considered as a member of the College, and amenable to its _ regulations during vacations as well as during the sessions, 1 until he shall have been graduated or formally discharged, Q honorably or otherwise. In the case of an honorable dis- charge, he shall be entitled to a certiiicate in the following ` words: _ "I ce1tify that A B was honorably discharged from the = Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky on the - day of -. { 4C_____1__ ______ g " Secretary; ( or Olcrh) of the Facult;u." Q i 33. No honorable discharge or leave of absence will be , granted to a student within six weeks of the termination of the collegiate year, excepting in cases of great emergency. V Every student, on entering the Institution, shall be fur- ` I nished with a copy of its regulations, and no plea of ignorance A l shall be admissible in extenuation of any failure to comply l with their requirements. l F Practical Instruction and Training. l _ 58. In addition to the tlieoretical study required of every pi inale student in mechanics, agriculture and military arts, every