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51 > Image 51 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1886-1887)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

STATE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. 51 311 male student who accepts the privilege of free tuition, and such ' A >1 others as may elect, shall pursue a course of practical instruc- { ~ tion in mechanics and agriculture. For labor performed in * j Z0 that way, that is valuable otherwise than as a means of instruc- fw tion, a reasonable compensation will be allowed, the proceeds FZ- going, if necessary, iirst to supply the student with the pre- 1 scribed military uniform, and after that, toward the payment St V of his rent and board account. l Nl 59. For military instruction and training, there will be a drill u or other military exercise every day, Saturdays and Sundays U? excepted, and lasting one hour, unless the President may dis- OY pense with it. The drill will be conducted in the academic be building when the weather or condition of the ground will of 1 not permit it out of doors. Special military exercises may be ld ~ ordered by the President at any time. i G4. Besides the means above provided for the repression of _ he Q neglect and misconduct, a demerit system shall be enforced. be The Coinmandant shall keep a register of all delinquencies for its . which the students are reported, and shall charge against each 3S ; offense, not satisfactorily explained, a number of demerits id, Q according to the following scale: IS- An offense of thc first class will count ............. 5 ng An offense of the second class will count ............ 4 ` _ An offense of the third class will count . ...... . ..... 3 . A n oliense of the fourth class will count ............ 2 3116 An otlense of the iifth class will count ............. 1 _ .. i ln the iirst year of the student at the College, oifenses will * count one-third less than in the above scale. The Faculty will , . classify to suit this scale the offenses ordinarily committed by be students. At the end of every month for which the number of _ demerits recorded against any student is less than 10 the dlHl`- Oi ence between 10 and the number recorded shall be deducted ig from his aggregate record of demerit. ml- T G5. Any student whose record of demerit at the close of a uw . Session shall amount to 100 for that session, shall, Qasafacio, - Ply _ be dismissed. Discipline and Police. j 68. lVhen a student has been reported for any grave misde- gyy _P meanor requiring severe punishment, the Commandant Shall I my Order his arrest, either directly or through the Adjutant.