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52 > Image 52 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1886-1887)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

52 STATE COLLEGE on KENTUCKY. 9: E 69. In case of violent disturbance, open contumacy, or other c . outrageous conduct on the part of a student, the Oflicer of the r Q Day, or any member of the Faculty present, may place the Q offender in arrest, and order him to his quarters. In all such g ; cases the arrest must be promptly reported to the Command- c ant, and by him to the President. 1 g 70. A student placed in arrest is in duty bound to obey the s f orders of the officer making the arrest, and the conditions s I attached to it, on pain of dismissal. Any student guilty of g l breach of arrest shall be dismissed. L 71. No student in arrest is allowed to exercise command, but < shall confine himself to his quarters until released, unless l otherwise specially ordered, except when required to be absent 1 a for the performance of some of his academic or military duties, < and except on a necessary occasion, and for meals. f 72. No student in arrest will make a visit to the commanding " or other officer unless sent for. In case of business he shall 1 make known his object in writing, and he shall not apply for the usual indulgences granted to the students. I 3 73. No student will be released from arrest except by the l President or by the Commandant. ' 74. A student placed in confinement for punishment shall be subject to the same regulations as a student in arrest; and a breach of confinement, or a failure to perform any extra duty awarded as a punishment, shall be considered an offense of ;_ the gravest nature, and treated accordingly. , 75. All deliberations or discussions among students having the object of conveying praise or censure, or any mark of ap- probation or disapprobation toward the College authorities, are . forbidden. 1 `_ 76. Any student who shall disobey a lawful command of the I | President or of any Professor, Instructor or other superio1 oflicer, or behave himself in a refractory or disrespectful man- I ner toward either of them, shall be dismissed, or otherwise less ( severely punished, according to the nature of his offense. 77. No cadet shall bring any spirituous or intoxicating liquor, I or cause the same to be brought, within or near the College _ limits, or have the same in his room or possession, upon pain _