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55 > Image 55 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1886-1887)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

STATE COLLEGE or KENTUCKY. 55 _ ce the College buildings, fences, or other improvements or places, _ ne or affix to the walls of his room any map, picture, or piece of 2 , QL written or printed paper, without permission from the Com- f A 19 mandant. i 129. Students are forbidden to take or have in their quarters to any newspapers or other periodical publications without special _, permission from the President. They are also forbidden to keep in their rooms any books except text-books, without _ t P special permission from the President. vb 130. No student shall mark, cut, or in any manner deface or S> injure the buildings or other property of the College. If 171. Any student having an explanation to offer for an offense IS , for which he has been reported, will express it in writing ac- , cording to the prescribed form, and present it to the Command- ist * ant of the Corps within forty-eight hours after its publication. yy If satisfactory, the Commandant will erase the report; if not satisfactory, he may refer the explanation to the reporting in officer, who shall indorse upon it such remarks as may be pertinent, and return it to the Commandant. he 172. No explanation will be received after the lapse of m ` forty-eight hours, unless sickness, absence, or some other un- . . . _ avoidable cause, which must be fully stated, has prevented its presentation within the prescribed time, in which case it must de p be presented as soon as possible. `j 173. \Vhenever a student is absent from any duty, or absent ill from quarters after taps, or at any other time longer than thirty 116 minutes, he will be punished as if beyond the College limits, " . unless his absence is satisfactorily accounted for. ps' , 171. Explanations will include only such statements of fact Y and of the intentions of the student as may be necessary for a j ily A correct understanding of the case, and will not be made the p medium of complaint or criticism, or of irrelevant remarks. O1, 175. Appeals to the President for the reconsideration of re- = ports, will not be entertained after the expiration of ten days in from the time they were recorded, except in cases where it was impracticable to apply for a reconsideration within that time. f 176. No student shall address an officer or cadet who has re- Vn ported him for an offense on tl1e subject of such report, unless , 3; . . . . . 7 . f I _ Specially permitted, in writing, by the Commandant of the j ly Cor is and no officer or cadet, having made such re yort a<>ainst . 5 . 2: I D { lSFll