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57 > Image 57 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1886-1887)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

2 , K I I I T l cntucky Agricultural Experiment Station. Ci1:eULix1: No. 2. THE NEW FERTILIZER LAW. _ A The following is a copy ef an act recently passed by the General. Assembly of the Ceinmonwealth of Kentucky. Per- V sons selling fertilizers in this State will take notiee. M. A. SGOYELL, jg? i Dircclor ][v}2[(/i(ZT_// zig/22'cz1ZZu2rvZ Ezyicnwziczzl Statzbrzr. 1 I .\i1:iL 241, ISSN. i CHAPTER 638. i .vi.Y A CT to r"_r{u/rife li/I/ sale of Fw{[t[.:z;< in t'/iis Cntmo2tn:wr1I{/1. {rm] to ]n0t'cI`l>tlil>l'C the tirst lI1lIIranl ol` fertilizer, and I i he shall also plaee upon eaeh lahel the money \`1lillU(li. sueh f`ertilixer eoinpnteil t`ron1 E il` *'*>11]10sitioi1 as he niay tleterinine. The I)ireeto1 shall tiirnisli sueh lalvels in in