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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Shelby County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

-1-. r . SHELBY COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS up AMERICAN LEGION, J. FRANKLIN BELL POST NO. 57 (American Legion, Department of Kentucky, National American Legion), 421 East Hain I iq; Street, Shelbyville. Founded 1919. Com ander, John E. Young, by Jr., R. R. {5, Shelbyville, Telephone Simpsonville 2191. Ad- ft jutant, J. Hiohael Casey, Shelbyville, Telephone 167-J. Terms gi expire June, 1942. sj Npmbership: 115. Qualifications, a veteran of World Var I, with ry an honorable discharge. js Committees: Finance, Floyd Pollard; Executive, R. R. Eebb, beth fi of Shelbyville. A Purpose: To give aid to disabled war veterans and their families, _ it and assist in general charitable work. A Nermal_Ciyie_Aetivities: Cooperating with Rotary Club in high X school boy patrol; hospitalizing sick veterans. Defepe_Atiyities: Engaged in Auxiliary Police, Auxiliary Fire Protection, Rod Cross Assistance. interested in Air Raid Warden Service, Civilian Aircraft Warning Service, Collection of Scrap Metals and Other Metals. Registration of members for volunteer A defense activities: Yes. Forms on file with State Adjutant, l National Headquarters, one copy kept by Post. Local Publications: None. i . AMERICAN RED CROSS, SHELBY COUNTY CHAPTER (American National Rod 1 Cross), 1515 West Main Street, Shelbyville. Founded 1916. Chair- ~ man, Coleman Vright, Courthouse, Shelbyville, Telephone 14. Soc- u rotary, Mrs. I. H. Lee, Shelbyville, Telephone 400. Terms expire it September, 1942. li Membership: 941. Qualifications, contribution of one dollar or yl more annually. it Committees: Production, Hrs. E. W. McCormack, Shelbyville; County A Roll Call, Bookie Taylor, Bagdad; City Roll Call, Mrs. Harry Q Collins, Shelbyville; Disaster Preearedness, James J. Hackwerth, E I..y: Shelbyville; Nurses Aid, Mrs. R. T. Taylor, Bagdad; First Aid, 5j Briggs Lawson, Shelbyville. T Purpose: National and Home Emergency and Disaster Relief. Normal Civic Activities: Making and sewing clothes, surgical I dressings for war refusees in Europe. ; Defense Activities: Engaged in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical { Dressings. Interested in Motor Corps Service, Ambulance Service, lg