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30 > Image 30 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 15, 1955

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

11 THi: KKNTUCKY KERNEL. Friday. April 1.. 10:: For A Liberal Education Reds Try in or To Eliminate Religions Life Get Yourself An Almanac Hy RAY IIORNBACK Almanac Sales He prmentaHre Did you know that Kentucky ranks 19th in population In the US? And did you know that 2.1 59.080 major crimes were committed In the Red China apparently is moving composed Schcr-herrza- into a new phase of its drive United States in 1953? And that Rim.sky-Korsakagainst religion and proposes ' to in 1888? For more interesting facts Mich Everyone knows that it was "Gone make "scientific atheists" out of bs these, why not open your 1935 With the Wind." its young people, the U. S. InforAnd everyone knows that Vivien mation Agency reported recently. almanac? And if you don't have one. rush right out and buy one. Robert Donat. Thomai Mlt- The Communists' plan to elimiAn almanac is a source of never- - chell, and Ilatlie McDaniel won nate religion from Chinese life Is ending enjoyment. Just think, academy awards for their roles in disclosed In the February Issue of with an almanac you will be able the jrreat Southern epic, China Youth. to tell your friends that Lake You sports fans will ko wacky In a dispatch to its overseas Nyasa in East Central Africa is when you see the lists of past posts, the Information Agency the 11th largest lake in the world, sports stars. For instance, did you quotes the magazine article by Of course, these people may not know that the best entry in the Wen Ching. one of the editors, as remain your friends but you will Golden Gate Kennel Club's 44th affirming atheistic Soviet concepts always have your almanac to re- - annual dog show was an Old by calliQg religion an "opiate for vert to when your friends desert English Sheepdog, named Woods the intoxication of the Doonle. a you. You will be able to tell your- - Canyon Showman? social problem, and an Instrument self that Uranus was discovered The 1952 Olympic water polo of aggression." by the British astronomer Sir Wil- champion was Hungary . . . the This direct attack is a departure liam Herschel in March, 1781. Simon Pure Beer and Ale Com from the Red Chinese propaganda And what a joy it will be to pany of Chicago had the American technique of trying to convince know that a man weighing 150 Bowling Congress team total high the outside world that religious pounds on earth would weigh of 3,133 pins in 1954 . , . and Van-abo- freedom exists in China, with Chi396 pounds on Jupiter! couvcr has been in the Western nese religious groups and their You movie fans will find the Ice Hockey League for 24 years . . . leaders gladly supporting the almanac a source of invaluable in- - all of these and many more sports Communist program, while actuformation. I'll bet a dollar to a facts will be found in the 1955 ally the devout are being persebag of popcorn that you couldn't almanac. cuted on local levels. I recommend to you as students, have told me that Joseph Schild- Wen's article declares that "the kraut was the best supporting looking for a liberal education, the world outlook of the Communists actor in 1937. In that same year, almanac. In it., you'll find any- - Is materialistic, while that of the Spencer Tracy won the best actor thing from coffee drinking habits religious people is Idealistic. The in America to the economic life of two forms of world outlook are award. Another movie stumper . . . what Afghanistan, contradictory and cannot be mixed movie won the Academy Award for So why be a bore all your life? together." being the best picture in 1939? Join the parade! Go almanac! He directs: "We must publicize among the masses of the youth the scientific world outlook, the materialistic world outlook and the knowledge of natural and so(Continued from Page 12) corresponding secretary; cial sciences. The youths should field, Betty Gabehart, Lexington, record- thus be given an ideological founSmith, Calhoun; Doris Zabliks, ing secretary; Barbara Jaggers, dation to make them into scienIowa. New Phi Beta officers Char- Holland, chaplain; Betty Bruce, tific atheists." The Information Aeencv. lotte Lambert, Louisville, president; Carroll ton, editor; Angela You press and Joan Skaggs, Taylorsville, vice mans, Lexington, historian; Jo through its world-wid- e president; Suzanne Shively, Lex- Ann Barrett, Lexington, librarian; radio system, exposed this double ington, record secretary: Barbara Ruth Lewis, Fort Collins, Colo., talk by persistently comparing what the Communists said for Noel," Madisonville, " corresponding marshal. secretary; Ebba Haagensen, Lexwith what they New members of Student Union ington, treasurer; Elizabeth Kem- Board Tippie Daniel, Louisville; said abroad. r; per, Lexington, Fran- Reba Lewis and Pat Pinney, both Recent East German church ces Nave, Lexington, historian. protests against large-sca- le of Lexington. public Phi Beta presentation of senior New Tau Sigma Pledges Phyl- ritual indoctrination by the Comawards Ruth Trimble, Lexington, lis Brooks, Joy Carlson, Harriet munists of children of Confirmaservice award; Barbara Watson, Hart, Reba Lewis, and Pat Pinney, tion and Communion age, coupled Taylorsville, and Lois Dale, Mt. all of Lexington; Joy Bell, Elkton; with the subsequent defection of Sterling, professional award; Sally Virginia Burks, Horse Cave; Jan Walter Freund, chief of the OfHuffmann, Fort Thomas, fice of Church Questions in Clarke, Georgetown ; Margaretn, Soviet zone, suggested that the girl. the Hy-deNew Phi Beta Kappa initiates-Jo- an Fowler, Bardstown; Margaret Paris; Nancy McKinley, Har- Reds had again gone too far. Albaugh, Lexington; Bar But the Chinese campaign indibara Lake, Winchester; Victoria lan. cates that they will keep trying, Theta Sigma Phi initiates-Be- tty wherever they can. n, Shaver, Louisville; Patricia Martin, Lexington; Ann Russellville; Shirley Young, Dante, Va.; Yvonne Eaton, Wilmington, Del. Phi Delta Kappa outstanding Corbin; Phyllis Rogers, Mt. Sterjunior student in the College of ling; Rosalie Redding. Louisville; Virginia Williams, Ann Abernathy, Hopkinsville. Education New officers of Theta Sigma Phi Fort Thomas. Phi Sigma Sigma presentation Katherine Reynolds, Cynthiana, .president; Ann Young, Dante. Va., of outstanding junior woman Ruth Lewis, Lexington. Yvonne vice president; Eaton, Corbin, secretary and treasurer; Cornell Award Phi Upsilon Omicron Cornell Rosalie Redding, Louisville, his- Award Phyllis Charles, German-tow- n. torian. ov The first major national labor organization in the USA wn.s known a.s the "Knights of Labor." Three successive Presidents occupied the White House' within 30 days. They were: Presidents Martin Van Buren. William Henry Harrison and John Tyler. Only one person out of 100 in Finland is illiterate. Mrs. Duipht D. Elsenhower the 2.1fl0th member of The Daugh- ters of the American Revolution. An EnpliMi brewery offered to hrlp the Red Cross blood donor drive by exchanging beer, pint for pint, for blood. The first enr race was from P.uU to Rouen in 194. de Our Hair Stylist HEADS HE WINS , MR. ARTHUR ut a joy to watch how this If is DIAL gifted man creates stunning hair-do- s : by his skill in ' handling scissors d brush. Make an appointment, .. rcw. V" . a-- CLASSICAL COLD WAVE UK Coeds Honored 750 Os-kaloo- sa, i - 1750: 250 CLASS C AL HA R CUT,.. ....... ... . . I I 1 .50 Mr. Arthur's prices are slightly higher home-consumptio- door-keepe- all-rou- wf- - nd Wat-lingto- El-ki- ns, ! Home Economics Award New members of Phi Upsilon School of Home Economics BorOmicron Elizabeth Potter, Neon; den Award Margaret Holyficld, Nancy McKinley, Harlan; Fredda Princeton, W. Va. Short, Somerset; Jane Loyd, Danforth Summer, Fellowship B's UK Phyllis Charles, Ger-mantow- n; Jo Ann Barrett, Mary Burns, Pa- tricia Woodall, Angela Youmans, Betty Gabehart, Pauline Hiller and Joceil Brown, all of Lexington. New officers of Phi Upsilon Omicron arah Tabb, Lexington, president; Lou Myers, Paducah. vice president; Inez Toohey, Cave City, treasurer; Lois Stone, Leitch- - me ma Our Best Seller ALL WEATHER COAT Eliz-abethto- Lois Stone, Leitchfield; BEAUTY SALON DAY SPECIAL New for Spring Sarah L. Tabb, Lexington. Danforth Summer Fellowship Julia Shenck, Carrollton. Women's Athletic Association presentation of outstanding coun- - ' cil member Shirley Duncan, Lex- ington. YWCA presentation of new offi- cers Barbara Roberts, Lexington, president; Fat Greig. 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