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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 19, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

KENTUCKY HUmtttumnmttttntutttttttttttmtKJtntttim:mmt R o'clock, nt the home of the bride, in Willinmstown. Tho ceremony was performed by tho Rev. Felix Struvc. Immediately nfter the ceremony the young couple left for Arizona, where they will remain until Mnrch 1C, after which they will be nt homo W. Clotfelter as tho in Willinmstown. CALENDAR jt'ebrunry Snturdny, PAGE THREE at SOCETY NOTES ' KERNEL 20 Alpha Gnmmn Dclja Borority entertaining with n formnl dunce in the evening nt the Phoenix hotel. Monday, February 22 Alpha Tnu Omcffa Founder's Day banquet in the evening at tho Phoenix hotel. The following beautifully engraved invitations have been received: Eplison Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta Saturday evening, Februnry twentieth phoenix Hotel , Nine to twelve Formal with the Rev. .1. oiTiciating minister. The bride, the attractive daughter of Mr. A. J. Bcale, of Murray, Ky., has been a popular student nt the university for the pnst two years, and is n member of tho Delta Zeta fraternity. Before coming to the university, She attended the Bethel Woman's College, nt Hopkinsvillc. Mr. Kennedy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Kennedy, of Murray, and attended Bcllbucklc school, Tcnn. For the last three yenrs he has been in business in Detroit, Mich. The bride and bridegroom left for Detroit, where they will make their home, Friday night. Samuels, Ronald Ncwcomb, Robert G. Montgomery, Arno Neiscr, J. D. Kennedy, A. .1. Glenn, Jr., A. M. Edwnrds, Jr., Arthur Hoover, Frank P. Smith, Frank B. Cnrr, Grey Tucker, Richnrd G. Elliott, Whayne C. Priest, Clinton B. Wnlker, James William Ewing, Lawrence Curry, James L. Brady, Jr. Tho pledges: Messrs. Whitney T. Cnmpus Club Entertained Evans, Glenn E. Roberta, B. B. Blnsin-gamRobert II. Wnrre, Marion I). The Campus club was entertained Monday evening at G:R0 o'clock, at Wnlker, Billy Tom Wnlker, William Boyd hall, with a delightful "Valen- G. Watkins, Harry Craft, Hosic Tolcr, tine" party. The hostesses for the Joe Morris, James A. Miller, Harry affair were: Miss Virginia Frnnko, Hauscr, I. W. Ott, Louis Weber, Alvin Rnchcllo Shacklette, Mrs. Giles, Mrs. Thomns, Tom Rose and Jack Fish. Brown, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Dcshn and trs. Berkley. FRATERNITY ROW Alpha Gamma Delta announces the Day Banquet Founder's pledging of Helen Rndford, of Pem Beta Ciii ennnter of the Knnna broke Hnlva Cloar, of Mayflold, and Knppn Gamma fraternity gave its Martha Duke, of Hartford. annunl Founder's Day banauet nt the Misses Dorothy Milius, of Newport Lafyctte hotel on Snturday evening. and Lillian Kennedy, of Cincinnati, The tables were benutifully decor- were guests of Alpha Gnmmn Delta nnd nttended the Pi ated with baskets of pink roses nnd last week-ensweet pens nnd white candles in sil- Knppn Alpha formal. place cards nnd ver cnndelcbrn. The Delta Zeta wishes to announce the favors were very attractive and the pledging of Pnuline Carpenter, of menu cards in two shndes of blue Lexington; Ruth Brownfield, of Covcontained the toast list.' ington, nnd Clnrn Bys, of Clinton. Miss Frances Smith presided ' as Zeta Tnu Alpha nnnounces the tonstmistress and called upon vnrious pledging of Marie Taylor, of Mnrion, members for speeches. nnd Elizabeth Strossman, of Mt. Members of the active chapter: Sterling. Misses Curtis Buchlcr, Jane1 Earle Alpha Tau Omega nnnounces the Middleton, Margaret Arnold, Eugcnin pledging of Enrl May, of Lexington, Hcrrington, Eleanor Smith, Sarah and Logan Lockard, of Louisville. Shelby, Beatrice Gant, Grace Davis, Sigma Chi announces the pledging Maria McEIroy, Emilio Gregory, Harriet McCawley. Alice Hudson. of William Jesse, of Versailles. Miss Susan Montgomery, of the Helen Van Dervecr, Louise Jefferson, Virginia Boyd. Carolyn Bascom. Sar University of Virginia, national inah Curie, Josephine Skain, Eleanor spector of the Chi Omega sorority, Tapp, Mary Colvin, Frances Cregor, has been a guest at the Chi Omega Mary Ellen Dale, Elizabeth Arnold, house for the past five days. Miss Helen Norsleet, of Harrods-burMary Lair, Pearl McCormick, Margawas a vistor at the Chi Omega ret Williams, Margaret Simpson, house. Elizabeth Skelton, Lucy Holt. Pledges: Misses Marcraret McWil- MrsvThomas Ford, formerly Miss liams, Margaret Thompson, Mary Gordon, tfancy Wilson. Susan Bricrirs. Mary Austen Waddle, Elizabeth Wood. Cynthia Smith. Katherine Best. Evelyn Coleman, Elizabeth Lehman, Christine Thomas, Ora Gordon. e, d WEDDINGS O'Hnra-Jone- s y Many Lexington people were 'pleasantly surprised to hear that Miss Ruth Bcale and Mr. William Rndford Kennedy were mnrried Friday nt the Presbyterian , church In Paris, Ky., . CLEANING a. The marriage of Miss Eugenia daughter of Mrs. James O'Hara, of Williamstown, and Mr. Richard Jones, son of Mnjor nnd Mrs. T. Jones, of Arizona, was solemnized quietly on Inst Saturday afternoon, Have Your PRESSING REPAIRING Done By Us Do We Will You a Ffrst Class Job PHONE 1 5906 UNIVERSITY DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING CO. New Departments Beauty Parlor, Art Needle, Infants and Downstairs Economy Store. MITCHELL, BAKER & SMITH the active members and pledges bf Breckenridge Inn of Phi Delta Phi, national professional law fraternity. Twenty guests enjoyed the English Club Meeting monthly meeting of the Eng lish club was held Monday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in White hall. Miss S Carolyn Bascom presided over the meeting. The enjoyable program, which was arranged by Chi Delta Phi and given by three of its members, ocnsisted of reviews of recent books. Those who took part were: Miss Edith Minihan, who gave an inter esting insight into "The Perenial Bachelor," by Anne Parrish; Miss Christine Lovern reviewed "Verse" in a charming manner and read selected poems from the magazine. Miss Dorothy Stebbins made interesting S comment on "Peter the Czar," by MAINTAINING YOUR Refreshments were served at in winter as well as summer is merely a question of keeping your the conclusion of the program. clothes , properly pressed. You will find in our pressing service a Pi Kappa Alpha Dance superfine pressing ability that certainly rejuvenates your oldest oloth- - 5 The S evening formal dance civen S.itnrHnv SPRUCE UP1 ings; at the Phoenix hotel bv ihe actives and pledges of the Omega chapter of Pi Kaona Alnha was a bril 35c liant affair. The ballroom was beau tifully decorated in garnet and gold streamers, the fraternity colors. Il luminated shields designed to resem ble the fraternity badge, together with the colored lighting effects, lighted the room during the The "Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha" was featured during the fourth 112 W. Main Phone 3725-Music was furnished bv tho Alms hotel orchestra, of Cincinnati, Ohio, rruit punch was served. The hosts for the delightful affair were: Active chanter: Messrs. Elmori A. Vossmeyer, Kenneth H. Tuggle, Houart Grooms, J. A. Estes, J. A. Warren, Jr., Irvine Darter, Robert L. Call for APPEARANCE Suits Pressed Kal-blun- d. I NEW YORK HAT CLEANERS AND SHOE SHINE PARLOR i ft iHI Artistic Spring f Frocks-A- ll Colors For the College Girl buy-a-ba- Phone 50 Street AND TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD Independent and Conducted TOURS To Europe and the Orient Around the World, South American, West Indian, Mediterranean CRUISES SECOND ANNUAL KENTUCKY STUDENT TOUR JUNE 23, AUGUST 6, 1926 Excellent Itinerary Covering Six Countries Main B.B.SMITH J. A. Vondcrllaar W. C. Stagg ALL MAKES TYPEWRITERS STANDARD SSS FOR SALE OR RENT SPECIAL RENTAL RATES TO STUDENTS Dealer: L. C. Smith telephone Typewriter Co. & Bros. OPP. COURT HOUSE 2fH202vT Clothes For The College Man ENGLAND, HOLLAND, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND and FRANCE Both Ocean Passages on GIANT CUNARDER Conductor and Experienced LEXINGTON CHAPERON E Accompany Party Round PRICE INCLUDES Trip Ocean Fare, Hotels, Meals, Railroad Fares in Europe, Guides, Museum Entrance Fees, Briefly, ALL EXPENSES 1$565 Write or phone for literature describing this and other tours. JAMES M. MOLLOY Authorized, Bonded Steamship Agent 646 East High Street Phone 3561 LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Fancy Boxes for all Occasions Co. Graddy-Rya- n S. S. BERENGARIA (Incorporated) 140 West Main Street COHEN SHOP No doubt you are interested in Apparel of 'Art, not just cloths 145 East Main Street GIVE US' A CALL Millinery, Dresses, Coats, Silk Underwear for the College Girl "Look For the Florsheim Sign" See The New Florsheim Spring Styles-They- 're Great Orders We Our Parcel Post Department will care for all Deliver Anywhere in Lexington Our Fountain We Manufacture Our Own Candies and Ice Creum. in the City the Lurgest and Most New York Wholesale Millinery Co. 7aue New York Dress Co. 333 - 335 W. SHORT STREET 3 Doors From JO Correct Apparel for Women and Misses AND $5 REASONABLE PRICES 114 N. Mill TICKETS VIA ALL LINES $10 A beautiful line of Silk and Felt Hats SERVICE SHOE McATEE "You Wear them down. We build them up." FOR REAL QUALITY SHOE REBUILDING STE AMSHjIP k. SPECIAL PERSONALS Tho clergy of Lexington nnd surrounding towns wore invited by Dr. nnd Mrs. McVuy to meet Dr. Frederick Shnnnoti, of Chicago, on Feb. 10, from 1 until 6 nt Maxwell Place. Dr. Frederick Shannon, of Chicago, speaker on was tho convocation Februnry 10. Dr. Shannon is connmong sidered the ten greatest preachers of modern times. Miss Virginia E. Franke will attend tho national conference of the deans of women to be held in Washington, February 22. mothers held their Tho house monthly meeting yesterday nftornoon nt the Delta Delta Deltn house with . Mrs. Jake Spears as hostess. Miss Mary L. Matthews, dean of tho home economics department, of Purdue University, will speak to the students interested in home economics on Februnry 25. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY X iimum Journnl-is- Corner Short and Mill Streets Tho. And Deliver ing Tuosdny nftornoon in tho rooms nt 1 o'clock. tion tour. Trinnglc fraternity nnnounces the Lost A gold stick pin with ruby. pledging of Messrs! Mnurice Carpenter, of Mont Clair, N. J., W. D. Smith, Please return to Captain John Smith. Maurice Smith, nnd Tom Wnltcrs, of Lexington. In 1914 Brenau College accepted cotton nt 10 cents a pound in payment Announcements of tuition, and the girls at Brenau Chi Deltn Phi will meet Tuesday passed a resolution that throughout tho year they would wenr only dresafternoon at 4 o'clock at the homo of ses nnd hose of cotton. This was in Miss Virginia Boyd. corroboration with the Theta Sigma Phi will hold a meet movement. Phi Delta Phi Entertained Professor and Mrs. H. J. Scarbor ough entertained delightfully with a dinner at their home on the Nicholas-vill- e pike Monday eyening in honor of (Incorporated) "THE QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE" KENTUCKY LEXINGTGON We Dorothy Humphreys, of Aslilnnd Ohio, will come this week for n visit nt tho Chi Omega house , Alphn Gnmmn Epsilon nnnounco tho of Louisa. Kappa Deltn wishes to nunounce llii' pledging of Mise Ora Sprodlin, Frnnces Henry, Alma Cnywood nnd Helen Vnn Snnt. Signm Betn Upsilon nnnounces the pledging of Misses Alice LeMcre, of hnginnw, Mich., nnd Frnnces Osborne, of Lexington, Ky. Delta Delta Delta wishes to announce the pledging of Miss Emmn Chcnault Kelly, of Carlenton, 111. Mr. Henry Jones, Beta Chi, of Louisville, spent tho week-en- d nt tho Sigma Beta Xi house on S. Limestone. Sigma Beta Xi announces the pledging of Mr. Curtis Mathcs, of Liberty, Ky. West Mrs. Virginia Harris, national of Knppa Knppa Gnmmn, visited tho chapter here on nn inspec- Florsheims Are the Shoes for the College Man BaynhamShoeCo. EAST 'TO YOUR HEALTH A.lhL AND HAPPINESS" MAIN STREET