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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 19, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

KENTUCKY W. A. A. NOTES (By MARTHA REID) Team nfter team has fnllen before tlio Kentucky bnskctccrs. Every loy- nl student of the university lends his enrneat support to Captain Carey and his weare'ds of the blue. Hut It Is not only In the big Rymnnshim on Wlnslow thnt King Basketball holds his swny. have for sonic Kentucky co-eweeks been devoting their time and energy to the sport. Slowly Conch Skinner is moulding her class cams from the masses that present them- selves in the competition. The freshmen lead in numbers but Osborne nnd Robinson and others of the sophomore group nre fast coming to the front. Hill, Kciffcr, nnd Alexander give promise of a formidable junior team. While far outnumbered, the plucky arc doing their bit also. senior co-eNo definite schedule of games has been worked out but announcement concerning the class and Greek-lette- r tournament will be made in the near ors bunching in one pnrt of the court. Speed and dodging nbility come In for their shnre of importance. Seeing the Kentucky Adventures of The Cubess FOOD Army Physical Exam Is Given o n Campus U. of K. Thought to Be First School In U. S. To Adopt This Plan . East Main Between Lafayette Hotel and Kentucky Theater Charleston Charley they celebrate his closing everything but the schools. Men may come and men may go, but the schools go on forever. However, just to prove to the rest of the world that it was February (for the benefit of those who don t know, I will say February includes the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln, and Valentine day) in America, there fell in Minneapolis. on Lincoln's birthday a quarter of an inch or red snow, without the permission of the (Can you imagine weather bureau. such a "fox pass," without the perof the weather bureau?) mission Honest, that's the truth, though it does seem as if every native of the cify had indulged in bad liquor. To cap it off, the people were so "flam- -' busted," they called the fire depart ment to ask where the fire was. All Akkie said about it though, was, "Well, we have red snow, white moon, and blue grass. Three qheers for the 'Red, White, and Blue.' RtoaU thtleautu of f. the Scarlet Tanagei MI VHllt feu to writ i article on lire opittton of Mini of aur noted men uln." drnietrttfrtR I replied, "f ulrwuly lmv the opinion of one of Amerlen's fortmnut nien on thfs subject, nnmeljr Pmlttent Cooltdip." nerhif In n smitli "Well, voice the rminffr Mini learned cttbfww, and Coolltlge think of uln." KEYF.S whnt doc I replied every wny" llfo a n thnt it mn gotisrally cubess is getting .worsor nnd wnraor." known thnt he wan "opponed to it," Yours till Niagara Fall, I was comfortably sonusd on the The Cubess. only cushioned chair in our Korncl office eating the desert, if it might bo called such, of my rathor hasty :::::mj:.w:::::m::m:.t:::u::tu:i:n;js:: In wnlks our managing uncheon. editor nnd n sort of premonition to me that trouble i stalking comes around looking for a victim. I said GOT IT - THIS QOOQ ft to the managing editor. if CB CREAM "Perhaps you might like a date." Words fail me when I try to de scribe his scorn, it was something like I imnginc the withering blast of a desert breeze would be when he re Hi dour Cub, "Every I nnd Akkio don't go in for nil these slnndcrinpf criticisms on tho fnther of our country, nnd I'll bet my Inst cent Rupert Hughes wouldn't call old George n enke enter if his anniversary gave him "zc grnndc holiday" it gives us. (Ain't that tho grand nnd glorious feclin,' one dny of rest?) Anywny, Akkie snys we're always for tho policy of "let sleeping dogs lie." There s just one thing I says to her (notice I snid just one thing) that mnkes me sorry that I came here to the university, and thnt's 'cause they don't let us off on Lincoln's birthday. It floes look like they would, 'specially beings he was a Kcntuckian; but no, dRy in plied: "Even if you arc a mere cubess you should know enough to let me ask you for a date, although it would never happen even in the millenium." I retorted r-"The date I was going to give you was a Dromedary; I had one left from my desert, and I thought it would be polite to offer it to you." I tell you cub, the air around that little otfice was blue, and I was quite attractively carrying out tho Blue and White color scheme, as it were. The managing editor thundered at "Speaking of girls, there are still ,a few shy ones left," remarked Charleston Charley. "They are usually shy about ten years when you ask them their age." , A. Morris "No?" McDowell "Yeh, they found uor" in the dictionary." "liq- first freshman "I'm going to sue my English teacher for libel." , Second freshman "What for?" freshman "He wrote on my First English theme: 'You have bad relatives and antecedents.' " ic, "Leave this office." And I replied sweetly, "I was not intending to take it with ic" About two hours when the air of the office was slightly cooler, I ventured timidly to approach our man aging editor, from the rear, as it were, and ask him for my weekly In a taciturn voice he replied: "Co you .'" ii Dixie is made from the purest materials obtainable, It is Pasteurized and .Heathized, so its purity is protected by the two greatest scientific safeguards known. THERE'S A DIXIE i;:tn:i:u::::::::::;;:::::::tu:::;::::::n:;:::;: Established Formals "I could die dancing, couldn't Kodak EW YORK COSTUME CO. Bld., 137 N.Wabash Aue Chicago, ILL. N "No: there are pleasanter ways than being tramped to death." Co-e- d Boob "I'm worried; my girl is running with a new doctor in town." Wise Guy "Feed her an apple a day." "Our Own King of the Ivories at the Piano Every Night From 7:30 to 12:00 p. m. and Sunday Afternoon from 2:00 to 5:00 p. m." Reformer "And what are you in jail for?" Prisoner "My father instructed me, madam, on his death bed, to mar-r- y beauty and brains." Reformer "Yes?" Prisoner "I had to commit big amy." We Have the Best Fountain in Town Tobaccos Candies (By f.EIDA Teacher "Now, boys, one more question. Can any one give me a sentence, with the term 'weather-beate- n' Page the Prohibition Agents in it?" Small boy "My father roots for T. McDowell "Did you hear about the big raid at the university, found the Wildcats 'whether beaten' or not." liquor in the library? Overheard at One of Our Recent Kozy Korner Sandwiches PAGE FIVE 'QB1RREI baskctccrs play ball, one would scarce think of labeling them the weaker sex. For hours they shot, pass, and scrimmage, and then return next day In spite or sore mus cles nnd bruises, as eager us ever. Those of the gentle sex arc proving capable of enduring the most gruel ling workouts. They arc trying their best to merit the title of the fair sex by learning the elements of fnlr LUCILE COOK piny; to them the mere joy of playing the gnmo Is sufficient reward for all HURRAH FOR THE RED, WHITE effort. AND BLUE co-c- d The form of physical examination given in the United States Army, and A. R. known as A. R. 40-1was used last semester in the examination of students for the first future. time at the University of Kentucky. Every Tuesdny and Thursday at 4 So fnr as is known, the university is o'clock in Miss Skinner's office, a class nmong the first in the country to inwill be held in refcreeing girls'-rul- e troduce these army examinations. basketball. The athletic association The complete results of these exammany inations, statistics of which show an Is especially anxious that as possible report for this class. enormous girls as amount of tedious nnd It is hoped that at least one member painstaking work, nre now available. each sorority group on the cam- This data will be used for advising from pus will attend so that no quarrels in the parents of their children and for may ensue instituting follow-u- p regard to decisions work with the throughout the season. students in order to remedy whatever Practice is being held daily In the defects it is possible to correct. women's gymnasium, and it has been Dr. J. E. Rush, asisted by D. Standecided that- no girl may be counted ton Ross in the department of physi who has not re- cal hygiene, sponsored the undertak eligible for a team ported for practiceat least 12 times ing of this project. The material is during the period. arranged in a composite fashion so Gradually this year, in the circle of that the total numbej of defects in women's athletics, the change is being each individual may be ascertained. made from the A method, in cases in which it is pos boys rules to the smoother method sible, has been" devised whereby the adapted far the modern girl. Players, graphical representation has been who for years have acted under the used so as to bring to the attention of old regime, are coming to be expert the student his own defects and thus under this new and better method. stimulate his interest in removing No longer do we find nine or ten play-- 1 them. 206 KERNEL Fountain Pens Toilet Articles Puritan and Johnson's Chocolates A malt has to (LYMAN WOODS ON THE PIANO) to figure how use his head . costs less than pens priced lower Yet the wise man YOU WILL ALWAYS COME BACK meals served, on the campus, every school day. Open forenoons for sandwiches, milk, chocolate, coffee, ice cream .and candy. 3 Basement Administration Building Teacher "Y our private family matters have ho interest for the class." Tit-Bi- cParkerDuofold TRY OUR SERVICE ONCE Not in Dayton Either The teacher was giving 'a lesson on the Creation. John interrupted with the remark: "My father says we are descended from apes." University Cafeteria does it, this No Hurry Negro caller at hospital "I came to see how me friend Joe Brown was gettin' along." Nurse "Why he's getting along fine; he's convalescing now." Negro "Well, I'll just sit down and wait till he's through." Call. Thirteen Reasons Why the Profs Get Hertz Dodges Fords 1. When quizz : . Balloon Tires All New Cars HE starts out byParker that the , You have the satisfaction of doing business with real friends. . The Storey Point Duofold's will outwear six or eight cheap pens, and he doesn't have to figure any further. Stop at the nearest pen counter and choose your Fine, Point Extra-Fin- e, Medium, Broad, Stub or Oblique. It will give you ar an appetite for writing. THE PARKER PEN COMPANY RENT-A-CA- R to match the Peru; LuJy.Sii "DlgDiotiwr" Factory ondOrncrul Olflocn JANliSVlIXIi, WIS. DaofuldPtnclU Company Phone G120 Lafayette-Phoeni- x Garage STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES "COWBOY" UNDERWOOD EMMKTT CHILES Parh vwm.W tt Duofold Jr. JJJ Intcjmcdiite sue Udy With f mg j ilutei.u will Gray. we have our next 2. May I go to the bookstore for some quizz pads? .1. I didn't hear the question. 4. Did you say we must hand in a theme for Thursday? 5. When is our outside reading duo? G. I didn't bring my book to class today; I couldn't find it. 7. 1 didn't get any farther. 8. Did you call on mo? 9. Am I late? 10. May I bo excused from giving by speech 'today ? I have a cold 11. I read the wrong lesson. 12. I had my theme all written, but forirot and left it m my room. IS. I didn't hear you assign the last part of the chapter, just the first ' part. ii i l iw t" hoop skirts and the in When and Reel, were loving hands vogue, at homefashionedGrandfather'shome' even in spuns for the prom those days, Anheuser-Buscwas nationally known to good fellows. ... And today ... when feminine heads arc boblxd and shingled, and we dance the Charleston in expen sivcly tailored clothes to the 6tir ring strains of a ji:: orchestra ... BUSCH Hits of Philosophy (A-- There is many a "cake eater' that would be in a stew if ho.neede'd (kneaded) the "dough." 2. Isn't it queer how a dumb-bewill shine with a certain amount of 1. PALE DRY ll polish ? a. Poverty may be decent, but it's darn inconvenient. 1. nuts to make a It takes Ford but only one to drive it. 5. If you seo an editor that pleases every one, thero will be a glass plate over his face and he will not be sand ing up. nntlini to use tho seeds and skins of grapes, converting them into seed oil and seed cnKQ, in winch form they Una a reauy sale. Pmnnn Is of college men because, like the college man, Busch Pale Dry sod mixer every where and c cry time. is the favored drink ua Anheuser-Busc- h StIouis JOSEPH PAPANIA Distributors Lexington, Ky.