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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 19, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE SIX KERNEL KENTUCKY Conference Invasion GEORGIA'S HOPES ARE SHATTERED Aftrr Spurt at Start of Second Half, Blue Team Is Never Headed; Bulldogs Get Only One Field Goal MQIINEY RECEIVES INJURY Kay Eklund's champion Coach Wildcat basketball team terminated n tiresome Southern journey Monday night by defeating the Georgia Bulldogs in their own kennel nt Athens score. The victory, which 8 by a was the Wildcats' eleventh consecutive, established Kentucky as the brightest star in the Southern Conference firmament, on account of her six wins and no defeats. A strict referee, numerous fouls, nor the Bulldogs' rough attack could thwart the superior Blue and White team, led by Captain Carey and Jenkins, from her efforts to maintain n clean slate and to pass North Carolina, present runners up in the confer22-1- Kentucky flashed the verpassing nttnek for which are famous and Mohney scored two vrip shots. After thnt spurt the Wildcnts were never bondperiod satile they During "the first few minutes of the game there was some excellent guarding. Kentucky scored first when Jenkins dribbled down the floor for a Georgia followed pretty crip shot. y with a field goal. Jenkins and then made successive crip shots in favor of 1 to run the score to the 'Cats at the end of the half. At the start of the second W. A. A. NOTES ed. Georgin secured only one more field goal when Turner made n follow shot good after a foul throw. The Bulldogs made six fouls good out of eleven tries while Kentucky made only two out of three. Clever Mike nnd Lnvcll Gnyle Mohney was removed from They nlwnys told me to give the Devil his dues so's here's whnt I found the game in the last quarter because of an injury. Ho wns replaced by among "Doc" Rocmclc's sport rnmblings in the Centre Cento Inst week. "The snid Riant centre on Tech's tenm measured nbout seven Alberts. feet in height nnd wns n terror. When he got the ball in hs ihnnds, Captain Caroy and Jenkins were .ho stars of the Wildcnts' defense not one of the Stntc players could possibly touch it. Ho would shoot and, therefore, the stars of the game and miss nnd shoot ngnin. It was a problem how to stop him. because Georgia mado only one crip Then came the cleverest play pulled the giant got the ball under shot. The Kentucky offensive worked his basket, with the score 25 to 21 in favor of State, and n half as smoothly as usual. However, the minute to play. "Mike" Carey, State's back guard rnn up to him 'Cats were unnblc to connect with Underwood, State's center, ,run up nnd slightly bent forward. the basket consistently. Mohney wns Carey's back and knocked the ball out of the giant's hands ns the best in the scoring department with whistle blew clever work." 10 points. All of which is well nigh n compliment to Carey and one missed by the Babe Florence wns Georgia's premier performer, scoring nine points, writer of this column ns well. but Captain Richardson and Turner also starred. About Kill Hansen The fans, both at Knoxvillc and I also found the following nbout Bill Hansen, physical education instrucsuAthens, declared the 'Cats to be tor nnd referee cxtraordinnry: perior to any team in the South. i "Spenking of referees, 'Bill' Hansen' is about as good an official The summary: basketbnll court. It as ever stepped out on the Georgia (18) Pos Kentucky (22) is understood that several schools in Kentucky will not play games McFarland (1) f Richardson (4) unless Hansen is the official. Having seen fluite a few officials in Mohney (10) .. f .. Turner (G) nction, I will venture to say that Hansen hasn't n superior around (4) Florence (7) ence. The 'Cats were much better than the score indicates. Ten field goals were 'scored by Kentucky to six for Georgia. And these ,six baskets might not have been gotten if the 'Cats had not Underfood been afraid of being ejected from the Jenkins (4) Carey (3) contest for roughness. . SEEN FROM the PRESS BOX Substitutions: Georgia, Johnson. HOOVER these parts." Forbes t Doc, I thank you on behalf of our honorable Mr. Hansen. Frain Kentucky, Alberts; spot light! Projector i TENNESSEE FIVE DEFEATED .51-1- 7 REED) (By MARTHA Her Majesty, Basketball, n la Girls' Rules, is now nt the very peak of her power in the realm of W.A.A. Every day at 4 o'clock numbers of cnthusinsts report to the woman's gymnasium for practice. Much progress is being mnde toward building up clnss teams. The specinl clnsa for referees which Miss Skinner is conducting twice a week, has boon veil attended, nnd several girls will qualify this year ns rgfercos in girl's-rul- e bnskctball. Schedules for class tournaments nnd Greek letter matches hnve been arranged by the executive council of the W.A.A. In order to bo eligible for a sorority or dormitory tenm n girl must report for practice nt least six times during the season. All Greek letter chnpters nre urged to form tenms and take part in the scries of games to be held lifter March 10. The following girls have been elected class managers of basketbnll: Senior, Martha Reed; Junior, Grace England; Sophomore, Muriel Hincks; Freshman, Rnnkin Harris. The following is the schedule which has been worked out for class games: Wednesday, February 24; 4 o'clock Juniors vs. Seniors. Freshmen vs. Sophomores. Friday, February 2G; 4 o'CIock Freshmen vs. Juniors. Willi Carey Feeding Ball to Them, Wildcats Run Rough Shod Over Volunteer Five JENKINS GETS 17 POINTS Kentucky's invasion of the South successful in every way, and every one is highly pleased with what they did. That the Wildcats arc a chnmiponship team is not to be doubt edt However, for the sake of all concerned, hero is what they did to Tennessee on Saturday night in the Volunteers' own back ynrd. To quote the papers of Knoxville, here is tho story: "There was no gnme tonight, merely an exhibition. The Vols tried hard to stem the tide of the Blue nnd White success, but nil in vain. Tho Kentucky defense, employing Captain Carey at staionnry guard and tho four ponies racing over the court, with Carey feeding them the ball, broke through for crip shots galore and were never forced to attempt long shots. The Kentucky defense, however, forced the Vols to resort to long hpaves, and these met with little success." In speed, floor work, shooting nnd all departments of the game, the Vols were outclassed. Local fans see Wildcats as Southern champions. wns Sophomores vs. Seniors. Consistency Is a Virtue Tuesday, March 2; 4 o'clock At California Tech they have an an Picked up The Alabamian, published by the students of Alabama Colelge, nual "Garter day." Only freshmen and Sophomores vs. Juniors. the first thing that attracted my attention was a heavy black border were found to wear them. One man are urged to come out and support Tuesday, March 2; 7:30 o'CIock by wearing only around the front page. was their class teams. Girls who have Freshmen vs. Seniors. one garter. "Somebody's dead" I remarked to myself. And sure enough in the left passed the special course for'referees Wednesday, March 3; 7:30 o'CIock will officiate at the various games Freshmen vs. Sophomores. Yellow reflects more light than any hand column was a story about the death of their beloved president. In the next column was a story about a derby hunt. I turned over to page and each team will have the privilege Juniors vs. Seniors. other color in the spectrum. of choosing the referee for its parfour and found the same heavy black border. In the first column was a Monday, March 8; 7:30 o'CIock ticular contests. Freshmen vs. Juniors. mass of reading matter headed "Jokes," in the second column was jokes in Sophomores vs. Seniors. Coach Skinner will act as umpire on the third column was some more reading matter headed "Wit and Humor," Tuesday, March 9; 7:30 o'CIock. all occasions. Team captains and sowith two or three funny looking portraits half way down the page, in the Freshmen vs. Seniors. rority managers will be elected durfourth column was some more junk headed "Juste a Little Smile" and finally Sophomores vs. Juniors. ing the week, and a list of those elig,in the fifth column a picture of a twentieth century flapper, heading a lot ALTERING COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR Schedules for sorority games will ible for referees will be posted in PRESSING more jokes. be announced later. A small charge order that teams may be able to se216 S. Limestone Phone 929 Now if that ain't consistency, what is ? will be made for admission to all lect their officials for the various games held at night and all students IHEBEEI Here's what one freshman wrote on an examination paper for Irene Mac: ' "A blizzard is the inside of a hen." "The feminie of swain is swine." & BROMLEY Now you know why teachers die young and get grey headed. No DRY CLEANING PRESSING AND however. 152 South Lime Phone 1550 t AND SERVICE QUALITY One on Joscphus I sauntered into the office bright and early Monday morning to find Joe Palmer pouring over something written on a pieece of paper and stuck on the assignment board for our star reporters. He was scratching his head. "What's wrong, Joe?" I asked. "Look, I've got an assignment here and don't understand all I know about it." Smith-Watki- ns "What is it you don't understand?" I asked. "Well, it says, 'Meeting of Scientists. See Hook.' Reckon I could find (Incorporated his name in the telephone directory?" Office on E. Main St. to ''Whose name?" I asked. """Hook,, Hook that's what it says," he blurted. MHaaaaHaaaaaansHggggasBaagaagHiiaMBrMaMMiMMMMMMMMMi And when I led him over to a piece of wire, bent bouble, which was attached to the northwest wall of the office, he .was very, very much dumbMoh-ne- 13-1- P.B. ROBARDS PARRISH Athletic Equipment insu-atiSn- s, for all College Sports Special prices to College Teams f Company The Post Next ' founded. , THE TAVERN Going to Go Along? week our Wildcats will be entering the Southern basket-V- ll tournar.-eni- , with eyes on the coveted title, trophy. There's going to be plenty of fur flying when Kentucky meets up with some of the weaker sis.ers of the south and old U. K. is likely to get herself put back on the map , in a eel; or so. This The College Home and 'The Students Choice If You t aw a man going down Ihe street the other day with a saw in one hand, a hammer in the other. He was wearing a baggy-trousere- d suit and wore a big black derby hat. Like Our Food Tell Others If time-nex- Funny, Not Tell Us '" T c I thought. , do i red tint sh'ir'n't I, Steamed Sanitary Dishes . it .t..ii o the .jol.uct. i.ypt ovt BRUCE FULLER R. G. ELLISON ki SOUTHERN RAILWAY I 'ie have taken to i ed :.iyself h uay. .HERE is no hat worry for the Stetson wearer. He is as sure of the style of his hat as he is of the quality. n STETSON HATS Heard a fellow remark the other day that the Kernel was getting more like a high school paper every time it was issued. Don't know whether I'm the cause or not. Phone 2386 233 S. Lime ' gnme last Monday night and Went out to see the Blue saw our Kittens lose by the score of 23 to 13, their first loss in six starts. It was the sixteenth consecutive victory for the Blue Devils. The ungentle-manl- y crowd was particularly noticeable. Devil-Kitte- You Are Invited to Inspect Our Kitchen r r red ties ' ' SYSTEM The Phoenix Hotel DIRECT LINE FROM LEXINGTON Styled for young men Fountain of Youth The Home of Quality and Service 'gives especial attention to TO-- ALL PARTIES AND BANQUETS POINTS IN THE North, East, South and West FOR Cincinnati, New Orleans, Jacksonville The Carolinas and St. Louis What Pleases You Makes Us Happy UNIVERSITY ORGANIZATIONS. Schedule's arranged to suit the convenience of our patrons . ' For descriptive literature, tickets, reservations or furthor information, communicate with II. C. KING W. . CLINKINHEARI) City Ticket Agent District Passenger Agent 118 East Main Street, LEXINGTON, KY. 60c Luncheons $1.00 Dinners JOHN Cafeteria Home Cooking" G. CRAMER, Regular Dinners Phone Us Your Orders Manager . Ralph R. Junes 9191 Carl (Snowball) Price