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PAGE SEVEN KENTUCKY KERNEL Miss Holhiday's LEXINGTON DRUG COMPANY Stationery Fountain Pons and Evershnrp Pencils tmmmmtmttmmtmm mmrnrmmmiwwww The Store With Ample Loafing Space" jtmtmmnnmmm::: EAST MAIN PHONE 151 Candicr. Soda Fountain Razors , University Rifle Team Is One Of Best In U. S. College Ranks Lost Knppn Sigma pin, probably in the new gymnnsium Tuesday morning. Finder plcnsc return to Kernel office. SOUTH DAKOTA, MARYLAND BEAT Lost The lower pnrt of n sterling silver fountain pen, Friday, February V. P.I. Shot Last Week, Al12, some plnce between the third floor though Result of Match Is of Neville hnll nnd the nmin hall of Not Available ; Numerous the Administration building. Please Shoots Arranged return to Mrs. Levi J. Horlnchcr and receive reward. RUNNER-UYEAR P LAST The University of Kentucky rifle team, sponsored by" the Military Department, formally opened the 1920 season with a victory over the highly touted Western Maryland College team, Jnnuary 10, scoring 3540 out of a possible 4000 points, just 40 points more than the Maryland team gar ncrcd. Quick on the heels of this victory came a second; the University of South Dakota furnishing the opposi tion and succumbing to the Kentuck ians after trailing in the final score Correct Glasses For Students DR. C. W. BURKE Registered Optometrist 108 Walnut Street Over Union Bus Station Scientific EXAMINATIONS Prices THAT Please EYE iitinii:MiniiiiMiiiiiiiinin!niiiiiiiiiMiiii;iiiniiiiinniiniiiiiiiinniniiiiiiiiiiiiinntt BECKER "Cleaners That Satisfy" PHONE 621 by a margin of more thnn 200 points. The third match was completed, when the 'Cats were pitted against the Uni vcrsity of Tennessee Volunteers, al though this team shot on their own targets and the result did not count, They were matched with V. P. If last week but the result of this contest is not known. Kentucky's rifle team is now recognized as the best in the South and one of the outstanding teams in the Last year it established the record of finishing second in the Fifth Corps Area, and was run ner-uin the national rifle matches. Several marksmen of rare ability were lost to the team through grad uation last June, but a number of experienced men arc still on the team, and by supplementing these with a number of promising candidates who bid fair to develop into real riflemen, Lieutenant Keaslcr, officer in charge, expects to build up an aggregation wihch will duplicate the remarkable record of last year's team, to say the least. Telegraphic meets have been ar ranged with Michigan State, the Uni versities of Washington, Delaware, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, Denm,-soOhio State, Northwestern, nnd a number of other prominent colleges. The men shooting on the team this week are: W. M. Anderson, E. T. Bullock, E. F. Crady, C. D. Fife, J. H. Griffith, J. R. Hester, W. L. W. T. Prysc, J. J. Richardson, W. D. Simpson, O. B. Travis, W. E. Weems, and E. M. White. country. enviable p Masch-meye- r, OWEN E PENCE AIDS STUDENTS Brand New Spring Suits Ready to Wear. With ONE AND TWO TROUSERS TRADE WHERE YOUR FRIENDS TRADE Headquarters For Corduroy Trousers Are Now Being Displayed Every week is opening week at Goldbergs. We are continually opening up new goods the Suits nnma nnil rvi ,n loot presents an entirely new appearance every time you visit us Goldbergs' prices move the goods. READY-TO-WEA- R SUITS AND TOP COATS One and Two Trousers $19.75 $24.75 $29.75 V " p V i.JI Li OLDBERG' Better Values 333 W. Main St. WU U.X't Better Service Quality Service, and a Desire to please -- our characteristics Every article of jewelry manufactured and sold by BURR, PATTERSON & CO. is unconditionally guarHIGHEST QUALITY. anteed to give satisfaction BURR, PATTERSON & CO. being located in the geographical center of America's collegiate population, enables them to give quicker deliveries on orders than any other company in this business REAL SERVICE. We are keeping a permanent display of our goods at "THE TAVERN" in Lexington for the convenience of all fraternity and sorority men and women in Kentucky DESIRE TO PLEASE. If you wish to order anything in Fraternity jewelry, see our line at "THE TAVERN" or call L. L. "Johnnie" Johnson, Southern Sales Manager, at telephone 3631-Mail orders are given prompt attention. Y. pair shop, bakery, barber shop, beauty parlor, blueprint shop, brokerage, business college, butcher shop, catering chiropractor, elenning nnd dying, coal dealer, collection agency, contracBlue Devils Prove Superior to tor, commission merchant, contractor, detective agency, gnragc, hotel, ice Kentucky Freshmen; Score dealer, laundry, lumber dealer, phoIs 23 to 13 ; Carey Spicer tographic studio, plumbing shop, , Is Star print shop, public gymnasium, public stenogrnphy, real estate, restaurant, FIRST HALF IS SLOW retail store, shoe repairing, sign making, steamship agency, tailor shop, The Lexington high school Blue undertaking, or wrecking business. Devils won their sixteenth consecutive victory Monday night, by defeating Lost Barrel of a gold Eversharp the University of Kentucky Kittens pencil engraved with the name, Lisle at the university gymnasium by a Cassidy. Finder please phone 3573-The game was score of 23 to 13. played before a crowd of approxim two thousand people who were ately furnished with thrills throughout the entire game. The first half was even in scoring, but the superior teamwork and ability of the Blue Devils in the last half Special for placed them in possession of the long end of the final score. Although Washington's Birthday there were no outstanding stars in the game, Miller and Spicer, of the Blue Parcel Post Service Devils, and Gilb and Knadler, of the Kittens, played their usual dependable Sold at games. The contest was played in quarters The only under high school rules. In Charge of Mary Webber score made in the first quarter was afoul tossed by McGinnis. However, the half ended with the score standing, G to 5, in favor of the Blue Devils. The game was bitterly fought throughout and the teams were more evenly matched than the final score would indicate. The summary: Blue Devils (23) Pos. Kittens (13) Spicer (14) F Knadler (2) Riley McGinnis (G) F C Milward (6) Heizer LEXINGTON HIGH Mrs. Thomas' Candies Canary Cottage Manufacturing Fraternity Jewelers DETROIT, MICHIGAN by Brown nnd Thompson. Qzc largest bailing I iS$fe I quality pencil degrees Su. .rlativc in quality, world-famou3 copying the s give best service and longest wear. Buy a dozen $1,00 Plain ends, per dor. 1.20 Rubber ends, per do:. a4t ell dealers American Lend Pencil Co. 220 Fifth Ave., N.Y. Waste Paper Baskets that these and formal conference pre sentations respect individual person ality by approaching at the point of youth's need rather than that of igency recuiting propaganda, valid as iheir efforts in proper place may be. 10. Youth has good reason to ask that the church and her asociated agencies, including various move ments, asociations, etc., work out a sound, unified philosophy of life work adjustment, and achieve its integration with the educative process. Many students are unaware of the vide range of vocational choice open to them at graduation. This range continues to increase specialized in dustry. For its suggestive value and information the following list of vocations, in use at Syracuse University, is given: Professional and Actor, architect, artist, cartoonist, certified public accountant, consular service, dentist, diplomacy, editor, ed ucator, physical training, engineer, home economics, dietitian, journalist, lawyer, librarian, magician, municipal manager, musician, nurse, optometrist, osteopath, pharmacist, physician, politician, public speaker, .scientist mathematician, military art, biologist, psychologist, secretary of an associa tion, social worker, statistician, sur geon, veterinarian, writer, minister, evangelist, missionary. iVgricultural and Other Outdoor Work Chauffeur, beekeeper, coast guard, dairyman, engineer, explorer, farmer, gardener, forest ranger, geologist, hunter, lumberman, mail carrier, miner, nurseryman, poultry- raiser, sailor, soldier, surveyor, teamster, or tree surgeon, aviator. Industrial and Mechanical blacksmith, book binder, bricklayer, cabinetmaker, car penter, cigarniaker, compositer, con crete worker, cook, craneman, electri cian, engraver, fireman, foundry man, lineman, linotyper, locomotive engine- man, machinist, mason, millwright, motion picture operator, house paint I). Finding that form and place of er, paper hanger, patternmaker, pipe lift service in which one's truo ca- fitter, plumber, sheet metal worker, pacity, society's real need, and the tool maker, upholsterer, watchmaker. Office Work fullest development of one's own perAccountant, actuary, advertising sonality unite that is God's will. 4. Life consecration tolerates no expert, corporation, attorney, auditor, bookkeeper, buyer, clerical worker, geographical 5. The life work process is a unit comptroller operutor, correspondent, with cducution and religion, and may draftsman, employment man, execu not bo separated from either without tive, comptroller, credit manager, per sonal manager, production manager, violence. C. The Christian life demands the purchasing agent, sales manager, maxiuin service of which one is capa- traffic manager, treasurer, paymas ble; not merely "doing a good turn ter, sales engineer, salesman, retail every day." salesman, traveling salesman, house- 7. There is a place for personal decanvasser, statistician, stcu cision; courage is necessary for a ographer, manager of stores depart high moral decision to serve the high ment, chain store manager, system-atizetelegrapher, typist, welfare est social good. 8. Education has a primary respon- worker, private secretary, researcher, sibility in the vocational laboratory expert, consultant, illusof students which it may not trator, olfico manager, efficiency exavoid. pert, civil service, bunking, writer of 9. Youth has a right to demand book reviews, lithographer, cashier, muUigraphing, tariff that it receive individual vocational proofreader, counsel, not in the nnss or superfi- clerk. Advertising agency, auto tiro re cially through addresses merely; and UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE Gym Bldg. TUES. MON. SUN. FEB. 21, 22, 23 i JI I 1 WED., THURS., FRI., SAT. FEB. 24. 95. 26, 27 J mM fruit-growe- r, stock-raise- QrmHh r, zoning-syste- r, BURR, PATTERSON AND COMPANY The White Math club will meet Thursday, Feb. 18, at 4 o'clock p.m. in room 310 of the Civics and Physics D. O. Streyfflcr will speak building. on "correlation." According to Prof. D. E. South, the Math club has been studying statistics this year, using "Mental Special This Week G Glib (2) University Students Show Great Combs (1) L. Miller Dees G Interest In Vocational GuidSubstitutions: Blue Devils Boden ance Held Here Last (2). Kittens Phipps, Gatliff, Wie- Week man, Marshall (2). Referee Kcnney, Paris A. C. VOCATIONAL RANGE WIDE University of Kentucky students displayed a great deal of interest in the vocational guidance conference, held under the auspices of the University Y.M.C.A., which began Thursday, February 11, and closed Saturday. On the last day of the conference more students than could be sought interviews with accomodated Owen E. Pence, vocational guidance expert, who led the meetings. Speaks To Student Council Saturday afternoon Mr. Pence spoke at a meeting of the State Student Council held at the Lexington Y.M.C.A. Presidents of the student Y.M.C.A. organizations in Central Kentucky colleges were in attendance and Mr. Pence discussed with them the question of vocational guidance relation to these institutions. Those colleges and universities represented athis meeting were: the University of Kentucky, Transylvania College, Georgetown College, Centre College, Kentucky Wesleyan College and Berea College. Mr. Pence, while at the University of Kentucky the past week, conferred with Prof. J. B. Miner, head of the department of psychology, who is considered one of the pioneers in the tudy of how human traits are related to the selection of a vocation. First Ever Held Here This conference was the first of its kind ever held at the University of Kentucky and its purpose was to aid the students in selecting the vocation for which they are best suited. The conference was arranged for by George Kavanaugh, secretary of the University Y.M.C.A. At a meeting of the combined Sun day school classes of the Maxwell Street Presbyterian, First Methodist, Central Christian and the Calvary Baptist churches, held at the Calvary Baptist church last Sunday morning, Mr. Pence set forth ten characteristics of his philosophy in choosing a They mo as follows: vocation. 1. All worthy work is sacred. 2. Youth has vocational MATH CLUB MEETING KITTENS LOSE TO NOTE This is one of the most dramatic films of the season, a story of the secret service. With J ETTA COUDAL ROBERT AMES HENRY B. WALTHALL and CLIVE BROOK Was this love? fatuation? or just in- Could she tell? Can any woman tell? But how does a woman know when her heart says "yes" and something else seems to whispor"No!" A First National Picture With PERCY MARMONT MacGREGOR MALCOLM C o m i n g' Colleen Moore in "IRENE" V.V.V 1