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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 19, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

m, "I 'I IH III' !WlTTlfTnMMlTOI III iw PAGE EIGHT KENTUCKY SORORITIES TO Dr. Tuthill Elected CONDUCT Y.W.C.A. Professor of History Heads Wis , cousin Alumni Club Giving Best Will Be Presented With a Large Kentucky Banner in May Organization AIM, Pro-grn- "SOMETHING m NEW" Beginning Februnry 21, the Sunday evening programs of the Y.W.C. A. will be conducted by various orEach ganizations on the campus. organization is assigned a date which was drawn by a committee, and in May a large Kentucky banner will bo nwarded to the organization having presented the best program. The nrocrams will all be of a re- i pious nature and will be civen in the reading room of Boyd Hnll at (:.10 on Sundav evenincs. Mrs. Giles. Mrs. Martin, and Miss Berkley will act as judges and will award the ban ncr offered by the association. Hone to Stimulate Interest The following is taken from the let tor sent to the sororities by Frances Lee, president of the association: "In conducting, the contest, the as socintion hopes to stimulate interest among students and greatly to im nrnvo its nrocrnms bv getting them directly into the hands of the students so that there may be expressions of real needs and interests. "It is also honed that the variety programs will satisfy the demand for 'something different,-'- and that the program committee may be encour need to take un its task with new in terest and ideas after the close of the contest. We are counting on you to do your best." Includes All Sororities Following is the list of assignments of dates: ' Feb. 21 Sigma Beta Upsilon. Feb. 28 Kappa Kappa Gamma. Mar. 7 Alpha Delta Theta. t - Mar. 14 Chi Omega. Mar. 21. Omega Rho. Mar. 28 Open for installation new cabinet members. Apr. 11 Zetn Tau Alpha. Apr. 18 Alpha Xi Delta. April 25 of Kappa Delta. May 2 Open for Mothers Day. May 9 Alpha Gamma Delta. May 18 Delta Delta Delta. May 23 Delta Zeta. May 30 Closing service of the .year and awarding of banner. GIRLS TO HEAR SPEAKER Miss Mary L. Matthews, dean of the home economics department of Purdue University, at Lafayette, Ind will speak to the girl students of the university on "Why do we go to col lege?" at the fifth hour, February 25 in room 205 of the Agriculture build ing. The public is cordially invited KENTUCKY WILL MEET VANDERBILT TOMORROW (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) puce and is an accurate field goal shot. Vandy boasts of four crack forwards in Martin, Brooks, Bridges, and Winds, all of whom have been hitting a fast gait. Moss and Keene are the two guards of the team and each player is a power on the defense Keene is a football player, little more than six feet tall, weighing 200 but is a wonder at standing guard. Moss is considered as a great offensive guard, and he is an adept at throwing goals. Tennessee Easy Meat The Cats emerged from the Tonnes see scrap in excellent shape. Mohney and Jenkins seem better than ever before, while .Captain Cerey's defens ive ability is receiving favorable com ment from all parts of the South McFnrland and Underwood are good enough to make anybody's team, while the substitutes, Alberts, Besuden Hickcrson, and Helm are qualified to make a creditable showing if ever the pounds, occasion occurs. This is the last game on the schedule before the Southern Conference tournament at Atlanta on the 2G and 27 of this month. If the Wildcats win the game tomorrow night they will enjoy the enviable distinction of winning eight conference games and not losing one. If nothing unfortunate happens they should return with the bacon from the setto at Atlanta. Probable Lineup: Kentucky pos. Vanderbilt Mohney f Martin McFarland .Brooks f Underwood c Stewart Jenkins g Moss Carey .. g Keene STUDENTS URGED TO GET MAIL BOXES ASSIGNED (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) summoning you to your dean's office. If so, avoid an unfortunate situation for it may lead to consequences of a very severe nature. Those cards from the dean's office are dated and checked so that tho dean will know whether or not tho student has called. These boxes are for the student's convenience as well as for tho university's, and if so desired by the student, his personal nniil may be sent there. At all events, remember, that each sjudont is held responsible for all mail in his box, and the duily habit of visiting the "University Post Office" might well be cultivated. All tho now girls of the university wore guests of honor nt n Valentino party Inst Friday evening in the room of Patterson hnll given by tho Y.W. Tho large room was beautifully decorated in hundreds of red henrts nnd the idea of Valentines wns further carried out in tho of tho guests nnd in tho refreshments which were Vnlcntino candies nnd ice crenm. The evening before, while nt dinner, the girls elected Carolyn Bascom Queen of Henrts nnd Mnrgarct Dixon King of Henrts, so they presided over the fes tivitics. The guests enjoyed dnncing nnd stunts were presented for thci entertainment. Miss Virginia E. Franke, dean of women, wns in charge of the program Inst Sunday evening nt the vesper service of the Y.W. held in the rend Lost Sigma Beta Upsilon pin on ing room of Boyd hnll and ns a special the campus or at I'att hall. Finder feature of the program had n fresh please return to Kernel office. man from each sorority to tell briefly i her idea of religion. The service was LAW FRATERNITIES HOLD extremely interesting nnd about sixty SPRING PLEDGE SERVICES persons were present. At a meeting of tho of the Y.W., held last Tuesday evening, Reid Pruitt, Roland Schultz, W. II. Dorothy Smith was elected chairman of the to take the place Hanrntty, Joe Feather, R. R. Ray, W. finished C. Robinson, and John Watts. The of Beth Huddleston, who active members are: J. B. Johnson, school last semester. Thaxtcr Sims, L. E. Luigart, Hamilton The University of Utah has inaugu Rice, Woodson D. Scott, Lohris II. Stevens, E. C. Middleton, Joe Brad- rated a brief cuorse in skiing, for ley, Brents Dickinson, William Blan-to- which college credit, is given. Earle Fowler, Rolle Craft, and K. D. DANCE TICKLES KER Calvin Rouse. NEL'S FEATURE DR. SHANNON SAYS POWER OF MAN IS HIS SPIRIT (CONTINUED FROM WRITER PAGE ONE) his best collar button if he'd put i; in for mo nnd tie my tie. He was an The motor of the ambitious young fellow and was an automobile. machine determines its power, he said. anxious to make the sale so he har The battery of the motor is its heart nessed me up and I paid him his 15 and the battery of the bright mind cents and went home. Ted had got and the strong will is the spirit which himself all gathered together and gives the spark to set thg whole in was waitin' for me. We went down motion. The brakes of the machine. to the hotel nnd found everybody which may be needed seldom, are parked on tho parlor floor waitin' foV needed badly on occasions, he said the music. and so the man of deep passions who Finally we heard a racket in the knows how to control is the the great ballroom and wandered in to invest! man. gate. I asked a girl if she'd like to frolic a bit with me and she said sh Look at George thought it would be quite an exper So "far as we know, said Dr. Shan ience. I didn't get that part of it non, George Washington never we! started skatin' around the public allowed passion to master him but It is when a man stands on the height floor like the rest of them. A Dirty Trick that his real measure may be taken in A boy tapped me on the shoulder the control of himself which he ex and when I turned ai'ound to give him hibits. The problem of today is whether a match or whatever he wanted, he the man will master the machine or grabs the girl and sails off with her, the machine the man, the speaker The idea came to me that I'd been the said, and in order that man shall win victim of a raw deal so I started the spirit of loving kindness of Jesus through the traffic after him. bumped into a couple and the gent Dr. Shan Christ must be recovered. non closed with a tribute to James turned around and bowed to me and Lane Allen and a quotation from his walked off, leavin' the girl standin there. I says to her that I hoped I "Choir Invisible." hadn't hurt his feelin's any and would Dr. Shannon spoke at the meeting she like to dance with me. We done of the Lexington Federation so and when it was over, I parked her Church Women at 2:30 o'clock and and went to see if Ted met the ministers of Lexington at any light on these queer could throw proceeding tea at the home of President McVey which was comin' too fast to be safe, at 4 o clock in the afternoon. I explained the matter to him and he said everything was all right. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY Was Doing Nobly BEGAN 194 YEARS AGO I was doin' noble, accordin' to his version of it, only I had done every (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) thing backwards so far. Then fol lowed a long lecture, havin' to do discretion when you feel the phrase with breaks and It seemed rising to a point of utterance. Re that the idea was like this; if you had tire to some desolate place and return x girl and somebody else wanted to to civilization only when you feel dancewith her, let him have her, and better. if you saw a girl dancin' with some , But on the other hand it occurs to body and you wanted to dance with us that this holiday may, in a way, be her, go and get her. It was a case of the happy motive for causing som Join' your neighbor like he done you deep thinking md it worked both ways. It did among the intellectuals and otherwise seem kind of hard on the girls of our student body. Take this as a though. start: Do you honestly believe that Return to Ballroom George, with all due respect to hi I strolled back into the ballroom worth, couldn't tell a lie? Yes? ind seen Old Blood and Thunder with Then answer this: How, gentle read his chin parked on his partner's ers, did he ever manage to "rate" a I was seized with the char- houlder. dance without doing some unearthly table impulse to rescue the girl and things to his respective "line?" Move dance with her myself, accordin' to on, Socrates, take up your lantern, for the rules of the game. I tapped the truthful man must be found. Morris on the back and he give me cnrty iook. "Nix, he says, "no- - (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) 1)U. Former U. of K. Men In Organization Are Well Qualified And Ready To Lend Opinion Dr. J. HONORED RUSH ment of hygiene nt tho University of Kentucky, wns elected president of tho Welfnre League at a meeting held in tho Phoenix hotel Tuesday nfter-nooW. T. Conglston is the retiring president. BURST BLOOD VESSEL HALTS DANCING CAREER CLUBS TO GET SPEAKERS The Eastern Kentucky Speakers' Bureau, recently organized nt Hnzard, Ky., for the purpose of promoting better understanding between tho various sections of the state particularly between the eastern nnd the western nnd central sections is composed of vigorous, energetic, public spirited men, a number of whom nrc former University of Kentucky students or have at one time or nnothcr been connected with the university. Boost Eastern Kentucky These men, excellent spenkers, well qualified to express their sentiments on any occasion before any audience, many of them possessing considerable political experience and nil fervent believers in the possibilities of Kentucky, desire to acquaint the other parts of the state with Eastern Kentucky and thus remove the bnrricrs of misunderstanding nnd lack of sympathy which in the past have obstructed Kentucky's path of progress. Includes Many Speakers A list of the members of the Eastern Kentucky Speakers' Bureau includes such familiar names as: Henry Johnson, an experienced nnd able speaker, who was for several years a member of the University of Kentucky Speakers' Bureau and who is now secretary o'f the Hazard Bar Association; Astor Hogg, of Whites-bura member of the University of Kentucky Speakers' Bureau some years ago; James Turner, of Pnints-villa former trustee of the university, who is central committeeman from the Tenth Congressional District; and Hiram Brock, of Harlan, also former University of Kentucky trustee, now a senator. Other members of the bureau, all able speakers who will gladly respond whenever called upon are: White L. Moss, Sawyer Smith, Hilliard II. Smith, Monroe Fields, Emery L. Frazier, Henry Spencer, R. B. Roberts, C. W. Napier, J. A. Smith, I. A. Bowles, and M. K. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) to the tense jnzz-rythof tho nigger-blue- s. A dancing fool who stepped double-tim- e d until ho wns to a halt just before ho "arrived." (Slap a mute into that cornet, professor. Drip out n few blue notes. ." Give 'cm "That Sweet nnd Altogether boys, lot's piny it with feeling. He wns christened Chnrles Jennings by his folks up in the blue grnss country, but he is known ns "Red" by all tho good people of Ft. Myers, at least tho younger clement nnd tho gay old boys who just will stay out till midnight nnd envort with the best of them. All his life Red had been wearing out his shoes by persistently drubbing them on the pincboards in n measured shuffle. He could not keep his feet from moving when ho heard a tune with a swing nnd a sway to it. In fact, Red danced his way out of school, for he couldn't synchronize the movements of his pedal extremities to a Latin trot or the archaic cadence of iambic pentameters. When tho school authorities proved too d to let him major in chiropody, Red left. Maybe it was by request, but that's nobody's business but Red's. Hsy-hcy- l) narrow-minde- Red on Broadway The next we hear of Red he is on Broadway. Not Manhattan's gay white way, however, but the local thoroughfares on which the Post Office Arcnde fronts. There in the restaurant was Red, in a white apron, juggling jnva and waffles for the delectation of the local No sinecure that. "I wanted to go some place where it was warm," was Red's brief explanation for leaving the land of beautiful horses and fancy women. But even pushing plates was only a minor handicap to Red as he strutted back of the counter, for all his movements inevitably twisted into a grotesque semblance of Eblen. some fancied step He may have'let Any organization or club that de- a waffle blacken into a frazzle ocsires to obtain one of these speakers casionally and the coffee invariably for an occasion should communicate was slopped into a saucer, but his with Robert L. Porter, of Hazard, syncopated strides were his fortune Ky., letting him know which and undoing. man is wanted, when, and at what Between one and two in the mornplace. ing the sandwich shop would fill up e, night-hawk- them-.-selv- cording to stage presence and the ability to reason. Dual Debates Scheduled Under the supervision of Professor Sutherland, dual debates have beer scheduled with Berea College and the University of Tennessee, and contest lth other schools will be arranged n the near future. The same aubjec hat was used in the will be discussed again in tho coming debate with the UnwrsiBy of Tennessee Tho child labor amendment will be he subject for discussiqn in the Be rea versus Kentucky debate. First Woman's Team Last Year The first woman's debating team of the University of Kentucky was organized in the spring of 1925 by Pro fossor Sutherland. Three debate" wore held during the year; one with the University of Louisiana and two with the University of Tennessee Prospects are much better this year more time will bo given to the preparation and methods of presentation of subject matter. Tho English department of tho uni versity requests that the students take an active interest in forensic activities this year and cooperate in making this branch of work a success.! try-ou- V- - three-fourt- will yu?" ham-and- too-ba- d FORMER U. K. MAN HELPS SETTLE HARD COAL STRIKE (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) Labor in the settlement of a number of labor troubles among which were the lead mine troubles in northern Michigan, and also the mine strikes in West Virginia and Colorado. It was in connection with the United States Labor Department, where Mr. Davies is now employed as a field agent, that he helped in settling the anthracite coal strike. Mr. Davies and his family left Lexington for Los Angeles, several years ago, and it is understood that he still makes his home there. Camels annihilated ciga-rett- y Regard- less of price, you'll never buy better tobaccos, or blending, or flavor than you get in Camel's. So this year when the old school's men go through for victory after victory taste then the smoke that's choice of the world's victorious. Hare a Camel! Quits at Midnight "It's a bid to the Pi Kappa Alpha formal," says Ted, lookin' over his and my mail with his usual freedomj "We'll go," I announces. "I know here you can get a collar button and have your tie tied for 15 cents. Move over on your of tho bed, high-ynll- appoint your taste. after-tast- Into the making of this one cigarette goes all of the ability of the world's largest organization of expert tobacco men. Nothing is too good for Camels. The choicest Turkish and domestic tobaccos. . The most skilful blending. The most scientific package. No other cigarette made is like Camels. No better cigarette can be made. Camels arc the overwhelming choice of experienced smokers. 0190 ts get-ov- er WHEN the lithe half, milcrs are fighting for the lead. And your own dauntless champion suddenly soars ahead and wins have a Camel! For you'll never find another friend so attuned to your triumphs as Camel. Camels are made of the choicest tobaccos grown they never dis. sear. class. ... half-mile-r, "no tickee, Go tell it to a China washee. nan." I seen, however, that he was Vt up on this dancin' etiquette stuff, io I went out to have a smoke. When I come back, in, I went the rounds and busted everybody in the house. There was some that escaped but not many. Lvery girl 1 busted, slid two or three yards with me and then of fered to teach me to dance. After a vhile, I got tho idea that they thought I didn't know how, which was true to some extent, so I accepted the proposition every time it was made. When I got so I could go forward pretty woll, they wanted me to go backward and by the time it. was over, I had got so I could shift from reverse to high and never rake a Well, we knocked off at midnight and wont homo. Monday mornin' our mail was brought up whilst we was still reclinin' and wonderin' if we ought to get up for a third hour s. clnp-cla- tfhen the runners are bunched on the track and suddenly Chuck, your own superman spurts ahead on the finish and wins have a Camel! no EIGHT) more or less hilarious customers, either coming or going from parties, or both. Then Red wns In his clement. "Come on, Red, how about a little dance?" he would bo urged. And at 2 o'clock when he went off duty, Red would obligingly step out from behind tho counter nnd begin weaving his feet in the intricacies of tho Charleston. Rivals High Ynllers Slowly at first to the monotonous p of hands nnd stomp stomp of feet. . . "Step on it Red". . . . then faster and faster and more complex. . ."Boy, do that thing". . .his movements nssumcd a feverish intensity whipped by the clink of silver on the floor nnd tho taunts of the incbri-nn. . "Burn your shoes" Wnfflcs grew cold as Red spread his stuff. He could scronch and and sashay in a way that would have been n credit to the steppers on tho Harlem Strivor's Row. "Pretty soft," he gasped inaudibly as ho stooped in the far corners for stray coins. If the crowd happened to,, be on a generous jag, Red would pick up ns much as four or five dollars for a few minutes' effort. Then Red began to appear at dances nnd do his stuff. Ho got by big. Finnlly it was rumored that Joe Worslcy was going to give him a job ns doncing master on his new floating cabaret. Red was in soft; no more s calling out the for him. He recklessly began to invent newstuff nnd step on it faster. Too fast. For the other day the exertion burst a blood vessel in Red's lung. No more dancing, the doctor said. Now Red is jerking sodas. It appeals more to his esthetic nature that playing nurse to a flock of dishes. But his feet are still restless and he hopefully waits for the time when he can once more tear to the strains of Hey-hesome mama's blues. with E. Rush, head of tho depart- GIRLS DEBATING TEAM break." FOR UNIVERSITY NAMED "Yea," I says, sarcastic, (CONTINUED ON PAGE HBMHI KERNEL O o (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) lirrffflliinMWlMMMMMMMI FORM BUREAU TO Y.W.C.A. NOTES o IMPROVE FEELING 0 Drt J. E. Tuthill, bond of the his-tordepartment of the university, was eloctcil president of the Lfcxington alumni club of tho University of Wisconsin Saturday night nt the onnual meeting, which wns held nt tho As You Like It tea room. Mr. E. J. Kilpatrick was tho former president. Mrs. Wnylnnd Rhoads, secretary for 1025, retired in favor of Mrs. W. S. Taylor who was elected secretary for 1020. Dr. Tuthill, Miss Alice Kinslow, nnd Dean W. S. Taylor of tho university mnde addresses. Short talks were made by some of the other members n guests were, present. Hnynes Miller, of Winchester; Miss Herndon, of Winchester, and Miss Kinslow, of Frankfort. I Our hlgheit with, If you Jo not yel know Camel quality, ii that you try theni. Wt Invito you to tompart Camels with any cigartll mad at any price, ft? J. Rtynold, Tobicco , Company