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62 > Image 62 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 21 (1945-1946)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

r A 5 5- i , 58 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY ~ I Independent work courses are defined by their larger scope, , wider content, advanced point of view, and by a more rigorou prf * demand of reading, writing, and thinking. . SCN p` Credit for Beginning Foreign Languages , Y A passing grade in the Hrst quarters work of a beginning modern foreign language will not entitle the student to credit for that course until he has gained a passing grade in the second quarters work. La Classification in Foreign Languages aft Students who present foreign languages for entrance are classi f$ fied in college languages according to the amount of such secondary school work. For example, a student who presents one unit of Su entrance in a foreign language is not allowed to carry for credit the pr, beginning quarters work. V Electives in Other Colleges of The student is permitted to elect and count toward graduation ha courses in the other colleges of the University not to exceed 45 be quarter hours. Credits in the other colleges gained during the junior and senior years may, if not open to freshmen, be counted on major S, and field requirements. However, election of law courses by Arts pl and Sciences students is limited by the following regulations: gg ` Students having the major part of their work in law must in all cases th register in the College of Law. Seniors registered in the College of Arts and Sciences, and by reason thereof carrying at least one-half of their work therein, may take as many as 12 quarter ~ hours of law during 2 quarters selected from the following courses: Contracts, DI Z Torts. Agency, Crimes, Property I and II, Constitutional Law, Taxation. Municipal A _ Corporations, Public Utilities, and such other law courses as the Dean of the I College of Law may approve. bj Students registered in this college who are not seniors may take work in the College of Law only on securing the consent of the Dean of the College of Law. Students taking the combined six-year Arts-Law course must, before tak- , ing up law subjects, complete the first three years of Arts and Sciences work q . including all subjects required for the degree in this College. w Residence Requirements A minimum of 45 of the last 54 quarter hours presented for the C, degree must be completed in residence at the University. The last W 18 quarter hours of residence work must be completed while regis- C, tered in the college through which the degree is granted. H. Extension and Special Examination d A maximum of 48 quarter hours, taken by extension, special examination, or both, may be counted toward the baccalaureate degree. Not more than half of the quarter hours required for the major may be gained by extension, special examination, or both. 3 ` tl THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE H The degree of Bachelor of Science will, if preferred, be granted H under the same conditions as govern the degree of Bachelor of Arts, y