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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 12, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

K fr THE KENTUCKY KERNEL 1A0E TWO ALUMNI PAGE Subscribe For KERNEL THE And Help the Association U. K. BANQUET TO SECRETARY-TREASURE- "21 R EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Wayland Rhoadcs, '15 Mrs. E. T. Proclor, '10 W. C. Wilson, '13 Dr. E. C. Elliott, '02 Dr. George H. Wilson, '04 Hlllcnmcycr, '04 Walter THE UNIVERSITY BANQUET In other columns on this page will be found the announcement during of the annual University of Kentucky banquet to be held Louisville the meeting of the Kentucky Educational Association In Kentucky next week. This is the seventeenth annual University of will function of this kind and according to the program and plans banquet Is be the largest in the history of such banquets. This primarily for those graduates and former students of the University and of Kentucky who are engaged in educational work in Kentucky E. A. who gather in Louisville for the annual meeting of the K. Tickets will be on sale at the University of Kentucky headquarters urged in the Brown hotel. Every graduate and former student is your to be present at this function. It will draw you closer to being Alma Mater and will give you a new insight into what is you will done back on the campus. Make your plans now so that of not miss this interesting event for alumni, faculty and friends the University of Kentucky. THE UNIVERSITY CLUB As has already been stated in The Kernel at different times, there has been organized in Louisville a University Club, including in its membership alumni from almost every university and college in the United States. This club, while still in the process of formation, has made rapid strides and gives promise of being one of the most active organizations if its kind in the South. Two University of Kentucky men are on the board of directors ; one, N. Gray Rochester, 1912, being president and Walter F. Wright, 1914, president of the University of Kentucky Alumni Club of Louisville, being a director. A special invitation has been sent out by Mr. Wright, urging all graduates and former students of the University of Kentucky to visit the quarters of the University Club which are on the third floor of the Brown building, adjoining the Brown hotel. This arrangement will be convenient for alumni who are attending the annual meeting of the K. E. A. next week, since both K. E. A. headquarters and University of Kentucky headquarters are located In the Brown hotel. A previous announcement states that alumni of the University of Kentucky are invited to Join the University Club of Louisville, dues are availwhether residing in Louisville or not. able to those who do not live in Louisville. This is a laudable undertaking and one that deserves the support of all alumni of the University of Kentucky living in or near Louisville. They Tell Me BE HELD APRIL 18 Seventeenth Annual Event to He Held Richard M. Greene, B. S is counWilliam Jefferson Harris, B. S., is for Mason an assistant professor of Animal ty agricultural agent 201 East Sechusbandry, University of Kentucky. county. His address Is ond street, Maysville. His address is 127 University avenue, Lexington. Rose Lenore Hampton, A. B., is a Mont-clai- re Josie Lacer Hays, A. B., Is teaching teacher and her address is avenue, Ludlow, Ky. in the high school at Owensboro, Ky., and her address is 519 Freder-ic- a Emmett Presley Hatter, A. B., LL. street. and B., 1921, is an attorney-at-la- w Joseph Smith Hays, Jr., LL. B., is is practicing his profession in w Franklin, Ky. and Is located an attorney-at-lain Winchester, Ky. Rutherford B. Hays, B. S is a farmer and his address is R. F. D. 1, 1917 Askew Gaines, now is Mrs. Mayfleld, Ky. Lillian E. B. Webb, and lives in Lexington, Kate Gray Hieatt, A. B., is where her address is 643 South in Plcadome school and her adLimestone street. dress is R. F. D. 8, Lexington, Ky. A. B., lives Myra Katherine Gay, 1918 in Winchester, Ky. William Richard Gabbert, B. S., George Martin Gumbert, B. S., is is a member of the firm of Gentry-ThompsCompany, Stockyards a farmer and lives in Richmond, and his address is in care of the Ohio. Ky. company, West High street, Lex1919 Mary Katherine Hamilton, A. B., ington, Ky. Effie Lee Gentry, B. S. H. E., now is a bookkeeper for W. P. HumLelah Vaughn Gault, B. S. H. E., is Mrs. Eugene H. Junkln and her phrey, Cynthiana, Ky. Is an assistant chemist in the fertll address is Fredonia, Pa. Ivan Clay Graddy, B. S., is with izer department of the experiment Edward Earle Gotherman, B. A., M. A., 1923. is principal of Harrison school in Lexington and pastor of NOW the Old Union church in Fayette county. His address is 415 South Broadway, Lexington, Ky. PAYABLE ALUMNI DUES ARE Fill out this blank and return it to the Alumni Office with your check for $3.00. For the year 1929-3- (It a married woman give married and single names both) Class Mildred Hazen Graham, B. A., Is with the American Association of Social Workers in New York City. Her address is 130 East Twenty-secon- d street. Virginia Taylor Graham, B. A., M. A. 1921, is living in Richmond, Va., where her address Is 2120 Name Degree Basinets Address Residence Address (Please indicate by cross which you want used) Occupation and further Information A. V. LESTER DIES ANNOUNCEMENTS University KIRK Alumni Assn. of Kentucky Club Dinner of Greater Cincinnati: on the first Tuesday evening of each month at the Industrial Club In Covington, located at Pike and Madison streets. The time Is 6:30 in the evening. University of Kentucky Club of Chicago: Luncheon third Monday In each month at 12:30 p. m., In the grill room of Marshall, Field's Men's store. Louisville Alumni Club of the LunUniversity of Kentucky: cheon first Wednesday In each month in the Grill Room of the Brown hotel, at 12:30 p. m. The Buffalo Alumni Club: Luncheon on the second Saturday in each month at the Chamber of Commerce building in Buffalo. The time is 1:30 p. m. Note Will the officers of other Alumni Clubs please send us the dates and places of their regular meetings? TYPEWRITERS STANDARD SSZT Special Rental Rates to Students Phone 1792 WEST SHORT ST. Opp. Courthouse FROM ACCIDENT Widely Known Alumnus Fat ally Injured When Car Goes Into Ditch; Lived in Dayton, Ohio. widely Lester, Vane Arthur known engineer and contractor of Ohio, who was graduated Dayton, from the College of Engineering of the University with the class of 1900, died as a result of injuries received in an nutomomblle accident Wednesday, April 3, according to t Information that has reached i friends and associates on the cam- pus. Mr. Lester, accompanied by two sons and one of their friends were enroute from Dayton to Gam-brie- r, Ohio. The car left the road I and crashed Into a ditch near Lon don, Ohio and Mr. Lester was fatally crushed In the accident. The other three occupants of the automobile were slightly injured in the crash. At the time of the accident Mr. Lester was driving the automobile which he was taking one of his sons, C. Jolpln Lester, and a friend, The regular monthly luncheon of DeFreese Brien. back to their stu the Louisville Alumni Club of the dies at Kenyon College, Gambrier, University of Kentucky was held in Ohio. A rear wheel of the automopavement dropped the dining room of the newly or- bile brought tooff the the centerand of car to ganized University Club In the he of the with a Brown building. There were ap- the roadHe was quick twist swerve forced to wheel. proximately 40 graduates and foravoid striking an ap mer students of the University aeain to automobile. This time his present at this luncheon. The whole proaching car went into the ditch beside the hour was given over to plans for road, turning over and pinning Mr. of the the annual dinner-danc- e Lester beneath. He and tne tne Louisville club. According to an- three young men werp rushed to nouncements made this event will the White Cross hospital in Colum be one of the largest and most sucwhere Mr. Lester died a few cessful of its kind ever held In Lou- bus minutes after being admitted. isville. Reservations already have He is survived by his widow and been made for more than 150 per24, sons. The program as announced on three sons: A. Vane Lester Jr., the who also was with his father at this page last week will be interesttime of the accident, C. Jolpln Lesing and will include President Nelson Lester, 8. Frank L. McVey and E. F. "Red" ter, 19, and Harry and burial were services Farquhar. After a short but Inter- Funeral Dayton, Saturday, April 6. esting program which will include held In was born and reared the quartet from the Men's Glee in Mr. Lester Williamsburg, Ky. He entered Club of the University, a dance the University after receiving his orchestra will furnish music for a B. A. degree from Williamsburg Inprogram of dances. The Louisville In 1900 he was graduated Alumni Club recently began a pro stitute. the College of Engineering from with the degree B. C. E. In 1916 he (not been seen by members of this heceived his C. E. degree from the club. The dinner dance, one of the University. He has been located In first large undertakings, will mark Dayton since leaving the University a decisive step forward in alumni In 1900. Together with George No-laclub activities. of Dayton he formed the Industrial Building Company of Dayton and has been in that business The time has been set for 5:45 in evening session of the for the past 10 years. order that the banquet will be fin- to attend the E. A. At the time of the construction of ished in time to allow all who wish K.Tickets will be on sale at Univer the stadium here on the campus, sity headquarters in the Brown ho- Mr. Lester together with J. Irvine tel, and reservations can be made Lyle and Frank Daugherty formed station of the University of Ken- by writing to Raymond L. Kirk, the committee from the alumni astucky. Her residence address is 121 secretary of the Alumni Association sociation, supervising the construcWashington avenue, Lexington. either here at the University or in tion. He was a member of Sigma care of the Brown hotel in Louis Chi and of Tau Beta Pi. He was a Karl William Goosman, B. S. M. ville. brilliant mathematician and during E., is New Business Manager for As usual the Alumni Association his lifetime a" close friend of Prof. Public Service will maintain a desk at University James Garrard White and of the the Pennsylvania White's Corporation, P. O. Box 214, Clear- headquarters and all graduates and family since Professor field, Pa. former students are invited to make death. He was widely known among it their headquarters, forwarding the alumni of the university and Henry Clay Haggin, B. S., is prin- address and general Information during his college career was one of camcipal of the Perryville high school, bureau. All alumni attending the the most popular men on the to his meeting of the K. E. A. are urged pus. His death Is a great loss Perryville, Ky. to call at the alumni desk and reg friends and to the Alumni AssociaKentucky. tion of the University of in charge. Ella Maude Harmon, A. B., is ister with the alumnus teaching in the Salinas University high school and Junior college, and her address is 38 Maple street, SalMISSING . inas, Calif. The Alumni office will appreciate It if you will send in to this office the addresses of any of the Alumni who are listed below: James Matt Hedges Jr., B. S. M. . Charles R. Smith, 1917: E., is assistant electrical engineer with the Interstate Public Service Indianapolis, Ind. Company of Eugene Avery Taylor, 1917: William Shelton Hieronymus, B. S., is a farmer and oil producer and is living in St. Helens, Ky. Burton F. Williams, 1917: Bessie Hughes, B. S., Is living in Edenton, Ky. '. William Koontz Adklns, 1918: Russell Aubrey Hunt, B. S., is county agricultural agent for Casey county, and lives in Liberty, Ky. George Clifton Bradley, 1918: Oscar William Irvin, B. S., is professor of physics and dean of men at the University of Toledo, Toledo, Cella Bartlett Cregor, 1918: The seventeenth annual banquet of the University of Kentucky, in connection with the Kentucky Educational Association, will be hold in Louisville, at the Brown hotel, Thursday evening, April 18 at 5:45 o'clock. The full plans and program, recently completed by the local committee, announced the above information. This banquet has been an annual custom for the past 17 years and each year draws a larger and more enthusiastic number of graduates and former students of the University of Kentucky who nttend the meeting of the K. E. A. The attendance, while originally planned to gather together those alumni who were engaged in educational work in Kentucky, now includes alumni from every walk of life. Each year the members of the Louisvme Alumni Club of the University of Kentucky form a large delegation to this banauet and each year the ! number is larger than that of the ' mevious years. The programs lor ine past several years have been most interesting and entertaining, Judging from the responses from those present. The program this year will not deviate In the least from this precedent. It will be varied and so arranged that alumni and friends will get a clear insight into the aims, progress and workings of the university. As usual the menu has been selected with care and will be pleasing to everyone. Program Toastmaster John Y. Brown. "A Viewpoint of an Alumnus" A. B. Crawford, superintendent of schools. Anchorage. "As Seen by Others" J. L. Harmon, president, Bowling Green Business University, Bowling Green. "Doings on the Campus" Frank L. McVey, president, Uni versity of Kentucky, Music during the dinner hour will be furnished by the Men's Glee Club, University of Kentucky. Group singing will be led by B. p. the extension division of the Experiment Station of the University of Kentucky. His address is 122 West-woo- d drive, Lexington. 1916 at Hrown Hotel in Louisville Durinp Meeting of K. E. A. PRESIDENT Dlt. O. DAVIS lUJCKNER, '08 SARAH BLANDING, '23 L. KIRK, RAYMOND Secy.-Trca- s. Published By and For University Alumni ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY RAYMOND ALL MAKES Edited by Louisville Alumni to Banquet Saturday MEN UNIVERSITY COMMONS THREE MEALS Served on the campus every school day SERVING HOURS: Breakfast Lunch Dinner 7:15 9:15 11:3012:45 5:00 6:30 Open between meals for sandwiches,, milk, hot drinks ice cream and candy Third Floor McVey Hall When You Need a Car for Business or Social Affairs, Rent a Chrysler or New Ford We cater to the University trade No deposits required from students. Commercial Co. Rent-A-C-ar PHONE 3145 133 E. SHORT LOOK! LOOK! We are expecting you for Dinner Sunday LOOK! Where have you been? We serve a plate lunch every noon and night 40c. Chicken Dinner Sunday 50c Short Orders at All Times Fountain Service Night Delivery Home Cooking Rose Street Confectionery and RESTAURANT 'Where Friends Meet" PHONE 4039 ROSE and COLLEGE VIEW WE ARE READY TO SUPPLY YOU With Kodaks -- - Films and Tennis Balls Campus Book Store McVEY HALL Henry J. Kolbe, 1918: MOORE-DISHO- N Charles Ellsworth McCormlck, 1918: Minnie Evelyn NeVille, 1918: Constantlne Poultry Company .' WATER and LIME Nicholoff, 1918: Mary Sweeney Stephens, 1918: Bessie Taul Conkwrlght, 1919: Greenwood avenue. Ruby Karl Diamond, 1919: Raymond. Wesley Hanson, B. S. C. E., is manager of the Boston ofCompany fice of the of Cincinnati. His address is 714 Old South building, Boston, Mass. FRATERNITY and SORORITY David Russell Dudley, 1919: Sarah Cardwell Harbison, B. S. H. E, now is Mrs. Carlton Phillips Nash and her address is Shelby-vill- e, Ky. Ada Louise Hardesty, A. B., is living in Fort Thomas, Ky., where her address is 97 Highland avenue. Lillian Ella Haydon, B. A., now is Mrs. William Henry Prewitt and her address is Rose Lane, Lexington, Ky. . ..: HOUSES Fresh Meats Eggs and Poultry Ora Logan Figg, 1919: Elizabeth McGowan, 1919: Rebekah Parltz (Mrs. William Hyman), 1918: Eliza Kaye Spurrier, 1919: ....... v4.? '. PHONE 7900