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- WW TR ttimt clla" at the Qulgnol theater. Monday, April 29 "Flight of the Duchess," last presentation nt the Qulgnol theater. SOCIETY NOTES t ir.mjuumjmtmmtmmmttmtm:tmmtttmmttmjmmmmtmmittiim THE YEAR'S AT THE SPRING 1 The year's at the spring, And day's nt the morn; Morning's at seven; The hillside's dew pearled; The lark's on the wing; The snail's on the thorn; God's In His heaven All's right with the world From Plppa Passes. CALENDAR Friday, April 12 Opening performance of "Clnder- - Iclla" nt the Gulgnol theater, given under the auspices of the Junior League. Saturday, April 13 Baseball game between Kentucky nnd University of Louisville, 2:00 o'clock, Stoll Field. Phi Delta Thcta formal dance In the Men's gymnasium. Annual dlnncr-danc- e of Louisville Alumni Club of the University of Kentucky at Louisville. Cadet Hop In the Men's gymnasium, 3 to 0 o'clock. Closing performance of "Cinder- - The Colony Book Shop BOOKS! FICTION and If we do not have it on our shelves, we can get it for you. "The College Book Store" e1- OPPOSITE KENTUCKY THEATER The Fair Store Tailored and Trimmed "Kayser" ' Pointed Heel Chiffon Hats Hose The very latest novelties sports and dress wear All Sik from Top to Toe jn all the latest Paris .for Values $3 to $4 approved shades $ $198 1.1 1 65 Pair In the New York Times of December 16 there appeared an article windescribing a huge stained-glas- s dow symbolizing engineering to be of Georgiven by the student body gia Tpnh tn their alma mater. This window is to be placed in the new dining room of that institution. This is one of the greatest exist ing achievements of the art 01 glass designing and it tells graphically the history of engineering in the past, its position at the present, and its possibilities in the future. Twenty feet high and fourteen wide, it will shed light throughout the greater part of the room and be a constant reminder of the Ideals of the school. In addition to the three figures symbolizing the process of engineering, the window will contain eleven other figures denoting phases of modern Industry associated with entextiles, comgineering progress engineering merce, architecture, chemistry, ceramics, and science. Besides these figures, the design bears the seal of the institution, the seal of Georgia, the school monogram, emblems of the Greek ietter fraternities at Georgia Tech, and symbols of the Army, Navy, literature and athletics. The process of the making of this testimonial was very elaborate and it should stand as a lasting monument to the love that the student body of Georgia Tech bears for her. The collegians photographer records not just a man or woman but that most subtle spirit of your personality which is yours alone just a few seconds and there's your own sparking personality preserved to posterity by camera art. special this week six large art proofs and one in oil colors for twelve dollars offer expires April 19th. Collegian DEACON 165 MARKET Rnrinir flowers decked the tables and blue and white, the Univer sity colors, were carried out in me niara ptirHs which consisted of blue figures representing the SuKy let ters, on a white nacicgrouna. Mr. James Hester, president of the organization, presmea as loa&i-mastand the name of the organization was also carried out in the talks made by Mr. Fred Conn who spoke on the letter "S." Mr. Job Turner discussed the letter "U," Mr. James Thompson told the meaning of "K" and Miss Mary Brown discussed the letter "Y." Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, a chapter member, gave a summary of the founding and a history of the organization. Mr. Frank Davidson gave an amusing parody on the Interpretation of Movietone. A delicious menu was served and music was furnished by Mrs. Martha Alexander and her Phoenix hotel orchestra. Those present Included the active members and alumni. The active members are Misses Mary Brown, Frances Baskett, Marjory Little, Tech Window Is Of Unique Design The Art of Deacon Mb: Sluma Delta Chi Banquet The following Invitation was received on the campus during the past week: Kentucky Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi International Professional Journalistic Fraternity invites you to ho present at the twentieth annual Founder's Day Banquet Phoenix Hotel, Lexington April seventeenth o'clock Interesting Program for Banquet SuKy, "pep" circle of the Unlver-dt- v ontortnlnnd with a banquet Saturday evening at 6:30 o'clock In the rose room of tne L.aiayee not- NON-FICTIO- N MAIN SuKy nance The SuKy Circle entertained with an enjoyable dance Saturday night In the Men's gymnasium, from 9 to 12 o'clock. Music for the occasion was furnished by the Rhythmn Kings orchestra. Ov'cr two hundred guests were present. Chapcroncs for the occasion were Mrs. Edward Farquhar, Dean and Mrs. Alvln E. Evans, Dean and Mrs. P. P. Boyd, Major and Mrs. O. R. Meredith, nnd Miss Marguerite McLaughlin. ST. (Formerly of Greenwich Village, New York City) "The rendezvous for the U. of K. girls" New Spring , Smart frocks that carry out every new fashion edict in the manner of much higher priced models. Whether of crepe, prints, georgettes, they have the feminine lines decreed for Spring. Models for ... all occasions in the newest shades such replicas of Paris successes. Ask about our special service features of particular interest to all U. of K. girls. Mangels ST. Mary Alex O'Hara, Ann Rhodes, Lucille Short, Margaret Wilson and Martha Mlnlhan. Henry Bowman, Sam Messrs. Blackburn, Fred Conn. Frank Davidson, John Oess, William Olnnz, Bob Olbson, James Hester, James Thompson, Job Turner, Ocorge Whitfield and William Young. Included Misses The alumni Katherlno Dlshman, Bemlcc Edwards, Virginia Kellcy, Willy King, Mary Oiles Thorne, Annclle Kellcy, Helen Skinner, Marguerite McLaughlin, Mrs. James Klttrcll, Mrs. J. C. Warren, Mrs. Henry Harper, Messrs. Austin Graves, Virgil Johnson, Henry Maddox, Harry McChes-ne- y, Nlcl Plummer, William Gcss, Frank Hoover, Emmctt Mllwarrl and Arthur Nutting. Luncheon for Professor nippy Dr. nnd Mrs. McVey had as Mielr guest on Tuesday, Prof. J. Fred Rlppy, of Duke University, who was convocation speaker for this month. ENGAGEMENTS o o Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Murray have announced the engagement of their daughter, Margaret, to Mr. William H. Schimmel Jr., of Fairmont, W. Va. Junior Prom Mr. Schimmel attended the University last year and was pledged The annual Junior Prom was to the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. held Friday night at the Men's The wedding is to take place In gymnasium from 9 to 1 o'clock. June. Two orchestra, Wlnstead and Jordan, furnished music for the affair were played. Atand eight WEDDINGS tractive programs were given the guests. IIunter-HudgiThe queen of the prom, Miss Miss Margaret Hunter, daughter Kathleen Fitch, being ill was unof Mr. and Mrs. June Hunter, and able to attend, but a special anMr. Hope Hudglns, both of Win- nouncement was made and a spechester, were married at the home cial was played In her of the bride's parents in Wincheshonor. on April 4. ter About 400 guests were present for The bride attended the Univer- the enjoyable dance. Kapsity and was a member of the pa Kappa Gamma sorority. FRATERNITY ROW Mr. Hudgins was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at Miss Jane McKee, of Cynthiana, Centre College. For the last three years he has been connected with was a week end visitor at the Kapthe Bell Telephone and Telegraph pa Delta house. Mr. L. L. Johnson, of Greensburg, Company, of Winchester. Mr. and Mrs. Hudgins will reside Kas., visited at the Alpha Sigma in Birmingham this summer, going Phi fraternity house over the week from there to Louisville where Mr. end. Mr. P. H. Gooding, of Purdue, Hudgins will be traffic manager for was a week end guest at the Alpha his company. Gamma Rho fraternity house. Mr. Harvey Yeaman, prominent .Rogers-Garre- d lawyer, of Henderson, Ky., visited Mae at the Sigma Alpha Epsllon house The marriage of Miss Lottie Rogers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. on his way back from Jelllco, Tenn. Fon Rogers, and Dr. David Mathew Hr. Henry Maddox visited in Garred, of Louisa, Ky., was per- Winchester over the week end. formed on April at the home of Messrs. Tom Buckner and James bride's parents in Lexington. Hayes, of Shelbyvllle, were week Mrs. Garred was graduated from end guests at the Kappa Alpha fraWard-Belmoat Nashville. Sno ternity house. attended the University for one Messrs. O. L. McElroy and Guy year where she was a member of McClure, of Irvine, were visitors at sorority. the Delta Delta Delta the Alpha Gamma Epsllon house Dr. Garred was graduated from last week end. the Medical School In Louisville in Mr. "Bud" Bishop, of Cumberland itwfl nnd is now a sureeon at the College, was a guest at the Alpha Stephenson hospital in Ashland, Gamma Epsllon house last Sunday. Ky. Mr. Lloyd Fisken, of Hopklnsville, California Will Conduct Student Tour in Summer Two professors nnd a group of students of the University of Southa ern California will "hitch-hike- " vagabond way through Europe this summer studying and sketching classics of ancient, renaissance and modern architecture. Forty-fiv- e students led by Dean A. C. Wcatherhead and Prof. C. M. Baldwin, of the architecture department, will cross the Atlantic third-claand tramp their way through England, France, Italy and Switzerland. The class will net six units of upper division credit and is open to ndvnnccd and graduate students. Dean Wcatherhead, In announcing the "vagabond class," said that $525 will cover all expenses of the three months trip. He said, "sketching from the structures themselves Is much more advantageous than from photographs to which the average classroom is confined." The New Belmont Restaurant Opposite the Phoenix Hotel Regular Meals, All Kinds of Sandwiches Refreshing Fountain Drinks and Confections SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNERS $1.00 Viaduct Barber Shop 157 E. HIGH ST. H. M. DAVIS, Prop. IS SANITARY OUR SERVICE We strive to satisfy every customer B. B. SMITH & CO. Corredt Apparel for WOMEN and MISSES 264 W. MAIN ST. Holllday-Dal- e Holliday and Mr. William Dale, both of Le.iogton, were married on April 2 at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Leroy Land on South Hanover avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Dale both attended the University for three years Miss Catherine Ohio State May Bar Hazing at Initiations COLUMBUS. Ohio "Rough Stuff" fraternity hazing was barred at Ohio State University by action of a faculty committee last week. The "informal initiations" of the fraternities, under the committee's orders, must not last longer than 30 hours, and must be "confined to the premises." Since the "rough stuff" put on by the fraternities in the usual Hell TH71, thnf nrnAanc iUa itHmlnlcfra. tion of the formal ritual is the only vestige of hazing left on this campus the faculty order means that within a few years hazing will be a thing of the past. It has been years since freshmen were hazed by sophomores at Ohio State, for there Is virtually no class spirit left at the university. Class spirit Is hard to work up among 3,000 freshmen. The Ohio State Lantern, undergraduate dally, has been editorializing against hazing for some time as a "childish" practice. ' I ' Brooklyn, N. Y. August 4, 1923 , Larus&Bro.Co. Richmond. Va., U. S. A. Dear Sir: Going to take the pleasure and drop you a few lines to say that my favorite tobacco is your Edgeworth. I have! been a user of it for the last eight! years and find it's the only tobacco i for a real good smoke. For the last nvo or six months I have been trying several other kinds but I find Edgeworth is the only tobacco for me. If I am smoking any other brand my wife will tell me, as she likes tho smell of only Edgeworth. When I'm smoking others she opens all windows and doors. The reason for writing this letter is that I had a card party last night, and most all of the party asked mo what kind of tobacco I used. So I told them Edgeworth. Yours very truly, A smoker of Edgeworth (Signed) E. E. Boisvert Edgeworth Extra Wgh Grade Smoking Tobacco it? i where they were well known and nnd Mr, Arthur Blckcl. of Louisliked. ville, were guests at the Alpha Tau Mrs. Dale Was a member of toe Omega house over the week end Chi Omega sorority, the English nnd attended the Junior Prom. Club, nnd was a Stroller ellgibio. Mr. Joseph Ohr spent last week She was graduated from Hamilton end In Irvine. College before attending the UniThe Phi Sigma Knppa fraternity versity. Mr. Dale was a member of the wishes to announce the pledging of Mr. Hugh JacKson, of Lexington. Sigma Nu fraternity nnd h now n Mr. Al Cord, of Chicago, was a prominent farmer of Fayette counvisitor nt the Sigma Beta XI house ty. They will be at home at the Cen- Inst week end. ter Slope farm on the Nlcholasvlile Misses Alma Crowder and Joseroad after they return from their phine Cotton were visitors In Louiswedding trip to Washington, D. C. ville last week end and attended the Phi Chi formal dance. Misses Alma Leper nnd Evelyn Afternoon Tea Lnlrd, of Covington, were visitors Dr. and Mrs. McVey were at nt the Delta Zeta house last week home on Wednesday afternoon to end. the students, fnculty nnd alumni of Miss Betty Robinson, of Danville, the University. was a guest at the Delta Zeta house last week end. Campus Club Initiation We are so tired of hearing Jokes The Campus Club of the University entertained with a banquet about 1 Friday night at the Phoenix hotel, The Absent-minde- d Professor. 2 The tight Scotchman. following the Initiation exercises. 3 Bold pedestrian. Dean C. R. Melcher was the principal speaker. 4 The bride's domestic ability. Those Initiated were Messrs. Al5 The husband. len Charbonneau, Charles Kltson, R. E. H. Charles Fury, Walter Sparks, Leon Morrln and Edward Duval. Says Hubby "0. K." with Wife, $Q95 MAIN PAGE THKEfc Our Great Spring Sale of Toiletries Now In Progress Is "Good Smoke!" FROCKS 210 WEST KENTUCKY KERNEL WW SPECIAL BARGAINS YOU CAN NOT OVERLOOK! HOUBIGANT'S FACE POWDER COTY'S FACE POWDER and GIFT COMPACT Fleurs odeur and all the wanted shades, except suntan. Regular. $1.50 value, tomorrow only Both for the price of powder alone! Both in You choice of the same shade and odeur L'Origan. Paris, Styx, Emeraude the following and L'Aimant. Make yourself a gift of this beautiful compact and a generous supply of the famous Coty powder. in Quelque $1.19 95c CHERANY'S LOVELY JERGEN'S BATH BATH POWDER Joile Soir odeur. SOAP Also Luxor's sweet "Encharma." Regular this sale 69c $1 each. Special In Rose, Elderflower, Oatmeal and BouAlso LUX toiet soap and quet odours. DONA CASTILE. Regular Dozen, 95c TOILETRIES, MAIN FLOOR- - 10c a cake.