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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 12, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL JdSUmHRE good old "Tizn't," as he is called, was always there. These two bore the brunt of the Cornell Graduate Praises Rooting WOE had lost something through the years. On the other hand I had gained something by giving that emotion full swing In the most plastic period of my life. It Is a great thing to learn to cheer In unison, to sing with your fellows, to count your score up to eighteen or twenty-on- e together. Group effort Is Important as individual effort. It is a great thing to break the monotony of thinking and feeling, to get off the dead level. No Important work was ever brought forth without intense feeling. Emotion and creation arc handmaidens. So here is long life to wholesome undergraduate athletic hatesl Some time we may come to understand that faculty hates aren't without compensation. But that is another story. battle, and if it was a losing battle, still Harvard asks no pity, no symThat there is ITHACA, N. Y. pathy. Its colors may have been lowered, but Its honor, the very value In organized cheering and songs, even inougn mcy oc causca name of Harvard, floats like a white is the silken guidon, whipping in the by false emotions, edltor-ln-chl- contention of breeze, untouched, unharmed. Im- of Merle Thorpe, "Nation's Business," who was gradmaculate. uated from Cornell 20 years ago. Yale won because she had the Mr. M. Thorpe's discussion follows weight, the experience, and the gen- below; (HY MARTIN R. GLENN) eralship. Furthermore, the team 20 years old As an old graduate was "pointed," as they say, for Hargame I saw the Stanford-Arm- y As everybody knows, the vard. played In New York last fall, says Ladles and gentlemen and mem suit when she can't swim, but when early season smokes with Rutgers, puts on a wedding gown she Maincs. Stevens and the Red Star Mr. Thorpe. As I proceeded from bcrs of the Student Council. Many she the stadium I caught an idea by a moons have passed since this old means business. Billiard Academy arc little more shoestring. Here It Is. has "busted" Into the than incidental to Yale, who slogan How important arc the athletic of this scholastic publica- THE GREAT CIGARETTE DERBY is, "Smoke Harvard out I" columns hates tion but ye author has been conIt was a grizzled collection of vet- - old of college days! Conservative professors were acvalescing with a severe attack of By Nunnally Johnson crals that Yale trotted out with customed to show their disgust at that most contagious and often As the red sun sank behind the their eye bandages yesterday. Under the enthusiasm undergraduates had fatal malady commonly known as tutelage of Head Grizzle Coach "spring fever." The first symptoms dim horizon yesterday afternoon. ' the boys went through a in athletic contests. They said, in McNutt, of the disease usually appear while casting gaunt shadows over Soldiers sc,e of the only a football Bribing that left them effect, thatgame. After game was years Field, the cigarette smokers of John you are standing in front of the Offers Two 0ff cl8-fe- at a football fact that theall forty team building watching Harvard went down in glorious de- - har,d and dry and "sct-- ' Administration college hence the in the big cigarette decathlon, nrettes for two days prior tp the won or lost would make little difthe naughty March winds harass the locomotion of the pretty little coming out no better than second, contest, so as not to get stale, they ference on civilization's advance. Two S500 Awards Will Be s. It is then that you long while the blue banner of Ell Yale ' Pjunged Into the tut in the very The frenzied rooting, cheering and Given for Best Articles on for the great open spaces where the rode high In vlctory-- for Yale was Plnk- - Tne exhibition of the first singing were artificial. An inspired College Experiences few minutes was a spectacle rarely nights arc so long that a hang-ovflfstl emotionalism was not to the credit is unknown. Harvard lost, but Harvard men are ?qualSd !,n cigarette smoking since of men whose heads and reason Mercury offers- two The still Harvard men, and if their heads Mlsf. MHHcent Rogers, society belle; should rule them. Such mentors prizes, American $500, for articles by each of International It Is the expressed view of a are bloody they arc still unbowed. Herbert Bayard Swope, Jerome Napo- - made me feel a bit ashamed when college graduates of this year, disJournalist, and Mrs. great number of male students on Defeat to Harvard is but a sting, I was caught on my way to a "rootcussing their experiences in college. 1U1 " 'bssj the campus that the conventional a sour, a flick of the whin that cu" ers' rally or song practice." One will go to the best article reand traditional theories of South- brings out the best. Next year Is Instead of a Borzoi book, ceived from a male student, and Professor Frowns on Rooting The tale of the contest was told ern congeniality and Kentucky hos- another year, ancv the grim tocsin I remember a conference with my the other to the best from a woman pitality are undergoing a period of over Cambridge today is, "watch in those few minutes, fJlgarcttes professor, a conference student. The conditions: evolution and change at the hands Harvard next year!" flashed like tiny streaks of lightn- history of the Kappa Kappa Gammas, It was a green team that Harvard ing. Matches fluttered. Smoke rings which was called by him and the 1. No article should be less than (those refrigerating little girls threw on the field yesterday, to en rose. While the bewildered John main item on the agenda was the 3,000 words long, or more than 8,000. 2. Each must be the original work that dwell in the grey structure on gage In the grueling blindfold test. Harvards fumbled amateurishly for state of my work. The discussion Maxwell street and loiter about the Butch" Nlckerson. the giant right their coffin-tack- s, the New Haven ranged about outside activities. I of a student graduating from an Tavern). "Just throw your hats wing, who is expected to be a tower boys took a nice lead, smoking, was cheer leader at that time and American college with the class of and coats on the floor and come on of strength next year, was gum choosing, discarding with a speed he told me that I was not only 1929, and taking the A. B. or its in," is the common form of greet- - chewer until this year, when school and brilliance that brought the hurting myself, but doing great in- equivalent. ing that Is reported to be prevalent spirit impelled him to give up pep-- at stands to their feet time and again. jury to other students by encourag 3. Each must bear the full name brick house. sin and come out for the big blind-Bthe white-washname Later it was a little more even. ing and arousing a feeling toward and address the author, that was reported some time foW cigarette team. He hadn't hit Getting their second wind, the Cam- our football rival, the University of of the collegeofattended, andthe statea ugo ueiore uie iiiai, unu ui BpimB hls strlde lt was sald; desplte a nat. bridge boys began to smoke their California. He said, "Why should ment of the course followed and the chirped its happy serenade on their, ural aptltude for sm0king cigarettes normal speed, and from then on it anyone hate the University of Call degree to be taken. wu, uU uc c fornla or its freeborn undergraduate ibiindfoHed, he still lacked expe was more of a contest. 4. Each must be accompanied by was warmed by political ambitions. rjence- body? Why should it make any dlf ' Watch Harvard Next Year! one snoum venture uruuuu niui t- ference which team wins so long as a stamped and addressed envelope ,d T m Nt h k Immediately after the contest, a for Its return In case it is not acthe cigarettes all of the time, and a "pep" rally was held in the City lt. is the better team? Why not, in cepted. cigar, too, because it's for the old hall. Head Coach McNutt spoke at stead of Joining together in a root 5. The editor u"5u.ii. c and hos- - school!' length, and the four class presi- ers' section, sit quietly smoking one's Mercury will be of The American temperature, congeniality the sole Judge 'of iU The gist of their pipe, in the bleachers and observing 1?upnBnu dents followed. pitality and you might be served the play from a scientific stand the competition. a Ev,en .?fc :?utch put "p a remarks may be summed up in a point?" It made quite an impresa cup of delicious tea. . . All manuscripts entered for the in that had paragraph from an old grad's adsion on me. I think he convinced prizes should reach this office not frenzy. Again and again, as the dress: . Marriages may be made in heav- team of Yale clga-e- n "Smoke, fellows, smoke Get the my "head" that he was right. But, later than July 1, next. The two have been but collegiate rs tte addlcts relaxed d he old ciggy habit! You big fellows being young and irresponsible, that will be printed in the the scenes of a lot of preliminaries. puffed and puffed and puedi'llke who are too lazy to come out for afternoon found me again urging issue for September. In case others ' an iron man; but time demands its the rooters to give their best to the are received that seem to be worth the team get a line on yourselves! team. toll, murder will out, youth will tell, printing, offers will be made for Sht who smokes is needed I f COuldand if you want a transfer you'll Every man the old school who calls, SSiSh After having been away from col- them. But no contestant will be Fellows, it's have to ask the conductor when you the old 'varsity that needs you. Is lege walls 'for a period, I came to obliged to accept such an offer. . Harvard to call in vain? Are you see the error of my undergraduate There are no other conditions. says that she pay your fare. A certain co-e- d At his right elbow every second Harvard men at heart? No, I need hates. It was foolish, and a great The aim of the competition is not never parks with boys on dark roads of the time was Tizzard ''Biff" no answer; Harvard men are still waste of time and energy and white to bring forth learned treatises on unless she's driven to it. Tizzard, '32 a cool and calculating Harvard men and watch Harvard linen. I came to realize that my the higher education, but to obtain "Skirts are dying inch by inch," cigarette smoker. "Tiz," as he is in the big cigarette pentathlon next history professor with his little records of personal experiences. How black tie and green satchel, was do the four years In college strike reformers, as the known to his frat brothers, is not year; Look out, Yale!" scream long-facAccording to Coach McNutt, the right. If the urge had been a bit an Intelligent young man or women hope that they will be able a spectacular smoker; he has even stronger I might have enlisted in a man, and only the highly intellibeen accused of colorlessness; but prospects for next year are great, to attend the funeral. the stands noted yesterday that Two big cigarette smokers from crusade to abolish this undergrad- gent will be able to formulate siguate foolishness about football nificant verdicts immediately after A girl may wear a riding outfit when the pinch came, when a man Groton are entering, and the pres they are over? Does the time seem when she can't ride and a bathing j was needed who could keep his head, ent freshman team contains no games. to have been well spent? How much But the occasion of the fewer than five men who are rated game brought about a re- was learned? What was gained in handicap cigarette ad as four-goconsideration. I experienced some- other directions by social contacts, dicts. "All we ask is cooperation," the thing of the thrill of 20 years ago. and so on? How many of the in grizzled old coach said. "We've got It was an emotional phrase that structors encountered seemed to had long since atrophied. True, it have anything genuinely valuable the men, we've got the cigarettes cAnkle-ffashionedOxford if the old school will stand behind perhaps had expressed itself in to Impart? Was life, in general, er pleasant or not? Is there any feelus. we've got Yale beaten to a other directions, in the larger contests, but I realized I ing at the end that equipment has frazzle, though I am against One up on any other golf shoe FOOD American Mercury Prizes ou"i": been Improved? Does college arouso a desire for further learning, or do the four years seem enough? The contestants will be expected to name their colleges, and to give the names of any teachers they may discuss, especially those who have struck them as competent. The final day for sending In manuscripts has been put beyond commencement time, so that frankness need not Imperil diplomas. Manuscripts submitted will be Judged by their honesty, their Intelligence, their fresh ness of viewpoint, and their Interest as human documents. The competltfon Is open to the students of all American colleges of good repute. Contestants will be free to discuss all the matters suggested, or any one of them, or anything outside of them. It Is desired to give them the utmost practicable freedom. Manuscripts may be sent In at any time before July 1. The names of all contestants save the will be held strictly confidential. Rent a Studebaker or Erskine COACHES - TOURINGS - ROADSTERS OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Rate 15 Cents Per Mile SPECIAL ATTENTION TO COLLEGE STUDENTS Studebaker-MAMMOTH Drive It U GARAGE PHONE 7070 Cool Delicious FOUNTAIN DRINKS and SUNDAES Frozen Fruit Salad Dainty Sandwiches Home Made Pies Famous for Our Chocolate Fudge Cakes Benton's Sweet Shoppe 141 S. LIME 1 ner0LthVhoe Sfi? LbhnhKSUthP fw hIS i Storage Have your coat for the first game CLEANED and REPAIRED 2 1- -2 Per Cent Nuhn-Bus- h Farrier & Ladies (the for comfort and style. Ankjc Fashioned no gapping, no slipping at the heel. Rhys Discusses Famous Authors Graves, Cox & Co at Cornell (Incorporated) The Buckingham Style No. 137 ITHACA, N. Y. Introducing personal reminiscences of famous literary figures into his talk, Mr. Ernest Rhys, widely known editor of Everyman's Library, poet and critic, lectured on "Modern English Novelists" in the main lecture room of Baker Laboratory at Cornell recently. With every contemporary writer that he discussed, Mr, Rhys gave some intimate touches of his life and work. In determining the greatest novelists of all time, Mr. Rhys ascertained from both Conrad and Galsworthy, among others, that they ranked Dickens and Thackery first. Speaking of Shaw, Mr. Rhys told of his first meeting with the author. He pictured this remarkable Irishman as tall, impressive, and having was influenced a white beard.-Sha- w most by the great novel of Samuel Butler, "The Way of All Flesh," whtrVi Mr Rhvs ripsorlhps as nnp rf flio fnnV nnnalc The Denton Co. -- Incorporated Treasure Hunt! Starts Monday With remarkable values in every department. See the' nlmiir u4Mi Tl,nf.l-- . New Floralee Frocks at $15 The New Hats at $3.95 please" ! ery's "Pendennls," and Conrad's "Lord Jim." The editor described his visit to Hardy at his home, and told of the funeral of that great novelist, among the pallbearers being Shaw, Galesworthy and Kip-- 1 lng. Shaw said that Kipling trod , on his heels the whole way of the t procession. Husslan and French Influences Since the war the English novel i has changed considerably, reacting from the effects of the Russian and French novelists on English writers. I The present books deal much more j with nerves, and associated subjects, i Mr. Rhys commended the works of Aldous Huxley, remarking how much he r.esembles his grandfather Thomas Huxley. Mr. Rhys did not feel capable of discussing American authors, but stated that America is influenced by English tradition. He told of his visit to Walt Whitman in the poet's Camden home. The lecture concluded with a prophecy that the future holds still greater possibilities than the present period of the English novel. A grape fruit is a lemon that had a chance. Ex. W. W. STILL Kodaks Films 192 W. Short, Lexington Bring 'em today - get 'em tomorrow Apparl Not too modern, Editor of Everyman's Library Lectures to Students Imagine the governorallsctforasolidceningo( bacco. Maybe it's the modern idea, but oh, well, let's talk about something else! Chesterfields, now. They satisfy. Their only "specialty" is high tobacco quality. Friendly as your most comfortable armchair, as full of flavor as your favorite book. A splendidly made and blended cigarette. And maybe weare recommended toyou for that very reason. comfort in his cozy old library and finding that the women folks had "modernized" it with triangular sofas, conical armchairs, and July 4th rugs! Now, imagine you bought some cigarettes, and discovered that they were supposed to do almost everything in the world except what you bought them for, i.e., satisfy your taste for to Chesterfield MILD enough for anybody . FIVE" and yet . .THEY SATISFY uccirr 4 MYEM TOSACCO CO.