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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 12, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

r THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX WILDCAT TENNIS STARS INVADE SUNNY SOUTH that any Kentucky team has ever U. K. Basketball Team Will Have Heavy Schedule Team Wins Three and Loses Two Games on Raster Tennis Pilgrimage NETMUN PRACTICE FOR DIFFICULT SCHEDULE Coach Downing Has Material for Winning Team This Season Coach Downlng's Wildcat Tennis stars hit their stride during their Invasion of the South and returned home with three victories and two defeats. The University racquet wicldcrs had but one day of practice before starting their trip south thus making their record all the more impressive. Kentucky won from Union College, 4 to 3, Maryvllle, 7 to 0, and Howard, 5 to 2. The Wildcats lost to the University of Alabama, 7 to 0, and to Georgia Tech, 6 to 0. Coach Downing was very well pleased with the early season form that Ills boys displayed during their trip. Alabama and Georgia Tech have been practicing for about four months, which gave them a tremendous advantage over the Wildcats. The Crimson Tide is reported to be the outstanding team In the Southern Conference this year, therefore the Wildcats do not feel disgraced over their losses so far this season. Never before has the University of Kentucky had better material for an outstanding team than this season. With such stars as Captain Hammersley, Ragland, Kee, Brock and Senff, the season is sure to be a success. Dwight Hammersley, Rawllngs Ragland and Joe Kee are veteran tournament performers and are sure to make trouble for their opponents during the season. Brock and Senff are less experienced than their team mates but they show promise of developing into future Wildcat stars. With such brilliant prospects for a winning team Coach Downing has arranged the most difficult schedule The Wildcat basketball schedule calls for games with for 1D29-3- 0 eight of the best learns In the Southern Conference, with five of the games to be played nt home. There are three other open dates on the 'Cat schedule and these will probably be filled by some other conference foes. The schedule so far has not been completed but negotiations are under way for more games and by the time the season begins the Wildcats should have n very attractive schedule. They will open their season as usual with some team from Kentucky or Ohio, about the middle of December. Miami University, the "Big Red" team from Oxford, has been the favorite for the past three years, and fans will remember that they always have a very fast team as was demonstrated last December when the 'Cats and the Big Red battled through three extra periods before the Blue and White eked out victory. a one-poiThe schedule to date includes home games with Washington and Lee, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Tennessee and Clemson. Return games with Clemson, Georgia and Tennessee have been contracted. Negotiations are under way with Mississippi A. and M. and North Carolina State, the 1929 title holders, and it Is possible that these two schools will play In Lexington. It is also possible that a game will be arranged with Crelghton University, of the Missouri Valley, as tentative dates have been arranged. Ella Vator I want a cap, If you please, for my husband. Yes, madam. What size Clerk does he wear? Ella Vator Well, I really forgot. His collars are size 16; I expect he'd want about size 18 or 20 for a cap, wouldn't he? IBEflBl THE CLOTHES SHOP j Cleaning and Pressing 1 Ladies Spring Coats and Suits Cleaned g NOW We Do All minor Repairs Free 175 East High Street (By VERNON Phone 2259 1111! I). HOOKS DADDY" BOLES Back In 1916 when mere was almost as much mud around the of Kentucky as there Is now, S. A. "Daddy" Boles made a pil grimage from Fort Worth, Texas, to Lexington to accept a JOB as physical director and assistant coach of Kentucky athletics. There was no gymnasium in the Wlnslow avenue valley and Stoll field was not a part of the University property. The space allotted for gamboling athletes Is now used as n baseball diamond. Since his unheralded entrance In 1910, "Daddy" Boles has gone through an evolution that would start a revolution In any Tennessee court room. In 1917 University authorities saw fit to make him athletic director, physical director, and head coach. His several duties Included coaching football and basketball teams, managing physical education within the University, and such little things as arranging schedules, getting the teams from place to place, finding a place to practice, hunting finances, and making plans for the future. "Daddy" Boles hired some coaches In 1918 and has since held the title of director. He coached freshman basketball in 1923 and again in 1926, starting such men as McGlnnls, Phlpps, Dees, and Glib on their athletic careers. football, "Daddy" Boles captained the In the days of free-for-football team of Kentucky Wesleyan. One afternoon as Captain Boles led his warriors in after practice, an admiring urchin chirped up that Captain Boles looked like the "father of the other men." The boys started calling him "Daddy" and somehow the name has stuck. "Daddy" Boles started the Kentucky State High School Basketball Tournament in 1918. The crowds that tried to see the games caused a movement to be started for a real gymnasium. "Daddy" Boles organized the SuKy circle in 1920 to further University athletics. "Daddy" received his B. S .degree at Wesleyan and his master's degree at Vanderbllt. He attended summer school at the University of Tennessee and coaching classes at the University of Illinois. For two years he taught and coached at Locust Grove Institute, Locust Grove, Ga., before going to Texas Christian University at Fort Worth. If the progressive movements advertised by the Republicans and demonstrated by "Daddy" Boles continue in the future, Kentucky is destined to claim a box seat in the national athletic arena. Athletic Council WILDCAT TRACK! Sm5)!f.rMGf j?a Establishes Golf MEN IN TECH As Minor Sport More Difficult Efforts of a group of students who ny Ed. Garman, Ohio State RELAYS met before the Easter holidays have Lantern l materialized, and golf will be added to the growing list of sports at the University of Kentucky. Dr. W. D. Punkhouscr, of the University Athletic Council, gave encouragement to the project. A petition signed by 70 men was presented to Dr. Funkhouscr last week requesting that golf be sponsored by the University as a minor sport. , At the first meeting of the group presided over by Prof. J. C. Jones, head of the political science depart-Konno- th Larmcc, Edward Hettlgcr, and Harry Calloway, was appointed to further the plans. If the proper enthusiasm Is shown there is a chance of holding the Southern Conference Golf Tournament in Lexington provided one of the better courses can be obtained. St. Xaxicr College, Cincinnati, has asked for a match. Opportunities Are Offered Athletes To See the World Be an athlete and see the world, counsels the Dally Northwestern. Travel Inducements offered by the United States Army, Navy and Marine Corps pale in comparison with the opportunities afforded at a modern American university. Play football at Notre Dame and view 10,000 miles of Columbia's fair bosom In six short weeks; see New York, Las Angeles, Atlanta and perhaps even South Bend. Swim at Northwestern and visit California. Play baseball at Indiana, Illinois, Chicago, and cross the Pacific; swat the ball in the Land of the Rising Sun. Swish the draperies with the Pitt basketball squad and tour the Middle West. Row at Washington and span the 3,000 miles to Poughkeepsie every spring. Or better yet, pull an oar at California and compete in the Olympics 7,000 miles away. Run, hurl the javelin, or put the shot at Stanford and win additional laurels at New Haven or Boston or PrinceA SORORITY DANCE is an old, established institution for making ton while sweeping the Eastern Guard a goal for "one man women." Amherst or Williams and enjoy Lake Placid at the peak of the JAZZ: "Say, I believe the carburetor is missing." season. Nor is the wanderlust appeased MAD: "That's fine. I'm tired of that running out of gas story only by athletes. One may attend myself." little Bates College 'way down in Maine and participate in Grand They still use a garden. Tours from Europe to New Zealand BUT THE ALPHA GAMS are and back. Or sing in the Harvard Musical Club or dance for Old NasSHOE sau, meanwhile casting your couch Shoe Artisans With a Reputation nightly on a different Pullman or in such scattered hostelries as the Stat-le- r, WORKMANSHIP UNSURPASSED Hollenden, Lincoln, Stevens, and Prices Lower Commodore. ON SOUTH LIME, OFF MAIN banner of DartThe green-cla- d mouth offers attractions to any one who can blow a French horn or a bassoon, particularly if he lives in the Middle West. - THE FURNACE O- BEHIND THE FACT i o- - Back of the five remarkable qualities that give Reading Genuine Puddled Wrought Iron Pipe its long, long life stands the meth-opuddlingfurnace the wrought iron. of making genuine puddled flame-fille- time-teste- d d d in the puddling furnace that the fiery, hot, pure iron and silicious slag are stirred and worked together until every inmost particle of the iron is coated with corrosion-defyin- g slag. Out of the puddling furnace comes genuine puddled wrought iron the same wrought iron that has been so famous for generations. You can buy proyed pipe dependability, freedom from frequent replacements and uninterrupted production by insisting on Reading Genuine Puddled Wrought Iron Pipe. Your protection from untried substitutes is the Reading name, date of manufacture and spiral knurl mark on every piece of Reading Pipe. It is HEADING IRON COMPANY, Readin, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Fort Worth Cincinnati Seattle Cleveland Detroit St. Louis Philadelphia Houston Doton Tulsa New Orleans Los Anjjeles Buffalo San Francisco New York Chicago Atlanta Baltimore Reading tubidar goods are furnished in sizes ranging from Va" to 20" in diameter. -- o IN THE SPORTLIGHT Teachers' Have your work? NOW You can get those good Home Made Pimento Cheese Sandwiches at THE GRID THE GRID "A Good Clean Place to Eat" LIME and EUCLID COLLEGE STUDENTS Are Particular and we cater to them O For the benefit of the statistical sport fiends in the University, The Kernel reprints these Associated Press dispatches of the high scorers in the Big Ten and the Eastern Intercollegiate Basketball League. A similar chart for the Southern Conference is not available as yet. In the north the majority of the scoring power lay in the centers, the rs holding three leading down the pivot post. "Stretch" Murphy, Purdue's star, broke all conference tally records in the final game. Harme-so- n fed the ball to the lanky Boilermaker ace and he totaled 21 points, bringing the season's aggregate up to 143. Captain Joey Schaaf, of Pennsylvania, repeated his performance of honors last year, taking high-poiin the East. Big Ten Player College FG FT TP PF 49 45 143 21 Murphy. Purdue McCracken, Indiana.. 34 32 100 15 Van Heyde, Ohio St.. 40 19 99 18 36 23 95 14 Foster, Wisconsin 38 19 95 19 How, Illinois Chapman, Michigan.. 36 22 94 15 Wilcox, Iowa 33 25 91 31 Glelchm'nn, N'wesfn.36 18 90 13 32 20 84 18 Gist, Chicago Otterness, Minnesota. 32 18 82 25 Strickland, Indiana... 37 7 81 24 Cummins, Purdue.... 30 21 81 5 Harmeson, Purdue.... 36 8 80 22 Truskowski, Michigan 28 24 80 21 Tenhopen, Wisconsin. 35 6 76 27 29 17 75 13 Ervin, Ohio State Evans, Ohio State..., 36 1 73 20 31 10 72 22 l Orwig, Michigan 21 28 70 17 Twogood, lowa East College JPO FT TP PF Player 44 26 114 12 Schaaf, Penn 33 14 80 8 Hall, Cornell Spaeth Dartmouth.... 25 15 65 21 18 28 64 23 Carey, Princeton 21 21 63 15 Layton, Cornell Cheney, Dartmouth... 21 16 58 8 22 12 56 20 Lewis, Cornell Gregory, Columbia.... 16 22 54 21 16 21 53 19 Nassau, Yale 20 9 49 13 Cook. Yale 19 11 49 18 Horwitz. Yale 19 10 48 10 Tys, Columbia Magurk, Columbia.,.. 21 6 48 10 15 15 45 9 Linehan, Yale 17 11 45 15 Smith, Columbia 17 10 44 23 Miles, Princeton 13 14 40 16 Brodbeck, Penn V, Students Barber Shop Maxwell and Lime -- W'utch IRON Frank Phipps Made at Eastern J. T. SHUCK, Proprietor It. W. SMOCK READING PIPF Just nbout the time the most of us have learned the preliminary rudiments ot that rapidly arriving great American gnmu golf those who take It upon themselves to regulate the game for others find It advisable to change the size and weight of the ball as if the darned thing wasn't hard enough to hit and find at present. These same fellows admit that the changing of the weight of the ball will be the cause of more pronounced hooks and slices and will result in shorter distances on the drive. The present weight of the little white pellet which it takes a master to control is something like 1.62 ounces and Is 1.62 Inches in diameter. The new ball will weigh in at 1.55 ounces ana will measure 1.58 inches through the bands. It seems that someone has taken to the bright idea of trying out the new ball with the sole purpose of informing the duffers Just what they yet have to learn about chasing the pill around the field. Since most or tne campus golf enthusiasts are members of the dufCoach fer class (scores of 115 or over), College they are in for some real fun. Since Sunday morning furnishes the best Frank Phlpps, of Ashland, former time for such indulgence, we fear Kentucky football star, has accepted for the first Sabbath thought of our a position as line coach at Eastern eds and co-ewho drive off the State Teachers' College, Richmond, first tee with one of the new style for the 1929 season. emeralds. Phlpps is one of the three brothers who are now attending the University. Tom and Jack Phlpps will try for positions on the Wildcat football you chosen team next fall. All three are members Of the SIffma Alnhn Fnsllnn fraternity. life Frank Phipps broke his neck In a In the field of health service The game aealnst Centre cniWo mhiin University Dental School the dental school connected with any playing under Coach Harry Gamage university In- the United States offers uuu piayea nan tne game, feeling thorough courses In all branches of dentistry. All modern equipno pain until after the game. Phipps ment for practical work under superserved as assistant frhmnn moih vision of men high in the profession. in the fall of 1928. He played foot- Write for details and admission requirements to Leroy II, S, Miner, Dean vuu unaer me regime or Fred Murphy in 1925 and 1926 and under HARVARD UNIVERSITY Coach Gamairp In lew? no nio DENTAL SCHOOL Longwood Ave. fullback, center, tackle and guard. Boston, Matt. Coach Bemle Shlvcly and seven seven members of the Wildcat track sqund left Lexington Inst night at 9 o'clock for Atlanta to enter the Tech relays tomorrow afternoon. The men making the trip were Owens, Thomasson, Jones, Twaddell, MoClane, Rttttencutter and Cochran. The squad Is In excellent condition following the Georgetown meet. The Kentucky men will enter the two-mirelay and the distance medley. Owens will run the mile, Thomasson the half, Twaddell the and Jones the quarter mile In the distance medley. The two-mirelay team Is composed of these four men with McLane, and Cochran as alternate. In the Tech relays last year Kentucky ran second to Notre Dame In the two-mirelay, and third to Iowa and Duke In the two-mimedley. Owens and Thomasson are the only members of the 1928 squad who will run tomorrow afternoon. SHOP McATEE Get Them Ready for Easter I The Sportgraph faced. Games have been arranged with the University of Louisville, St. Xavlcr of Cincinnati, Maryvllle, Union College and Hanover College of Indiana, Your Watch Careful Watch and Clock Repairing Work called for and delivered 157 S. LIME 1'IIOXE 7C38 The Lafayette Hotel Attractive Teas private dining room for Luncheons, or Bridge. Let us take the responsibility of your parties, so you can erljoy your guests. 'Oft LEN SHOUSE, JR.lManager. We 3erve For to Satisfy . Good, Wholesome Sweets Come to Us Dandee Candy Shoppe WE MAKE EVERYTHING WE SELL J ust around the corner from Lime on Main 11 1