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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 12, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Intramural Sports 1920 annual Intra-murfree throw tournament began Wednesday night at the Men's gymnasium with practically nil the fraternities on the campus entered. Points for this sport arc awarded on the basis WIMJAM HAINES JOAN CRAWFORD KARL DANE In Talking Sequences SUNDAY "The Godless Girl" Special A DcMIHc TODAY Seeman PLAYERS Offer "The Wrong Bed" ON THE SCREEN "The Red Sword" With WILLIAM COLLIER, JR. MARION NIXON -- SUNDAY Seeman Players Offer 'Straying Husbands' ON THE SCREEN-L- EW CODY AILEEN PRINGLE In "The Single Man" Study Made of Christian County QlMiP j "The Duke Steps Out" Dialogue and Sound Louisville; here. Minnesota; here. Centre; there. Vandcrbllt; there. Vanderbllt; there. Ccntrejhcre. Cincinnati; there. Tennessee; here. Tennessee; here. Louisville; there. Oglethorpe; here. Oglethorpe; here. Cincinnati; here. Time, 10 minutes, 47'.4 seconds. low hurdles Hawkins, Georgetown, first; Anderson, Georgetown, second. Time, 28.1 seconds. j Half-mil- e run Owens, Kentucky, first; Walters, Georgetown, second. 2 C.7 seconds. ! Hayes Owens Leads Shivcly Time, minutes, McLane, Kentucky, Broad Jump Men in Defeating George- - first; West, Kentucky, second. DisI town Tigers, 72-1- 5, on Stoll tance, 20 feet, 0 Inches. Javelin throw Allen, GeorgeField Last Saturday. j town, first; Schmidt, Kentucky, second. Distance, 1G2 feet, 2 inches. : Conch Bernlc Shivcly hnd an opOne-mirelay Kentucky, Thom-asso- n, portunity to observe his 1929 KenHuttcncuttor, Jones and tucky trnck team under the nrrssiirn Owens. Time, 3 minutes, 44.7 I of competition when the Blue defeated the Tigers of Georgetown college 72 to 45 in a dual meet on Stoll field Snturrlnv. Anrll fi. Tlnth Is teams were In poor condition. Hayes uwens, wiio thrcntens to break the state record for the mile run this season, was high-poimnn of the The College of Agriculture of the meet, winning the mile and half-mi- le runs and running in the mile University has studied the business" of fifty Christian county farms for relay. two years, in an effort to learn why Complete results follow: some farmers succeed and whv dash Adams, George- some fail. town, first; Harris, Kentucky, secThe most successful twelve farmond. Time 10.2 '4 seconds. ers' net earnings per farm Shot put Urevig, Kentucky, first; for their labor of $3,883 Kavannugh, Kentucky, second. Dis- against a minus nnd mannenmnnt. figure of $141 per tance 38 feet, 5 '4 Inches. inrm lor tne labor and management Mile run Owens, Kentucky, first; of the least successful farmers. Twaddell, Kentucky, second. Time, Factors most rcsnonslhln for tho 4 minutes, 47.2 seconds. difference appeared to be better run Adams, George- crops, oetter control of the cost of town, first; Hill, Georgetown, sec- production, greater labor accomplishment per man and per $100 exond. Time 23.6 seconds. Pole vault Pelphrey, Georgetown, pended for labor, volume of sales first; West, Kentucky, second. Height per acre, better utilization of pasture and feed through livestock, and bet10 feet, 6 Inches. ter Judgment in investing in farm hich hurdles Hawkins. machinery. Georgetown, first; Welman, Ken tucky, sscond. Time 18.3 seconds. run A woman went on a professional Thomnssnn. TCpn. tucky, first; Jones, Kentucky, sec- hunger strike and 20 Scotchmen ond. Time 53 seconds. proposed to her. Discus throw Urevle. Kentucky. first: Allen. Georoetnwn. spnnnrl. Distance, 117 feet, 1 inches. DENTISTS High Jump McLane, Kentucky, first; Clellan, Georgetown, second. & Height, 5 feet, 7 Inches. 204-- 7 Guaranty Bank Building Two-mil- e run Cochran, Kentucky, 3616 Phone first; Johnson, Kentucky, second. KENTUCKY WINS FIELD CONTESTS At n banquet recently held In with which Conch Zuppke has turnhonor of Robert Zuppke, the veteran ed out squad after squad of succoach of Illinois athletic teams, a cessful football players and his most interesting and Informative hearty endorsement of "intestinal football was fortitude" will live to be carried far talk about present-da- y given by the guest of honor. The beyond the football field. As an average, according to Zupfollowing paragraphs taken from the "Colorado Orediggcr" are a part of pke, the best football teams arc found In the largest schools where the report on the banquet: rVWWiVAVAVWWMWJ Short of build and Inclined to be there Is more material to select chunky, he, never- from. "But the material in the what folks call theless, Is of a certain physical vigor West Is greater than that of the which would make a prowler hesi- East because there are fewer schools. tate to pounce upon him. His words That's the reason the Stanford, Calteam sports toward the partlci-KfBM.of flow In an uninterrupted stream, his ifornia and U. S. C. elevens arc so patlon trophy. thoughts are punctuated with hu- strong year after year. Warner told WAll men arc eligible for this event LJlH mor and amplified wlht colorful in me that his second and third teams except those making letters in bas- Wt h were so nearly equal In strength to rkctball, those on the varsity squad cidents. prefaced his round-tabl- e m his first team that he sometimes Zuppke at the close of the season, and fresh wondered if he had his best playmen numeral men of this year's discussion with coaches of the re- ers on the first team. 5 gion by giving an original but high FRL SAT. freshman team. "The coaches should remember Each fraternity team is composed ly descriptive dennition or a coach. that the main idea is to get the 11 "A coach? He's a fellow who can best men on the field. If you have of eight men; each man throws 53 throws, and the team score is de- kick a player in the pants and six backs and five linemen, convert termined on the total scores of the make that fellow feel honored." your backs into linemen by dashing G0NR4D men making the largest number of The essential of the modern foot their brains out. And if you find NAGEL successful throws. ball team, says Zuppke, Is not beef a player without any brains at all, LOti WILSON Each organization may enter 15 or brawn, brains or gray matter, but put him at end." EONAMUVFMT men and the eight are selected from speed. Zuppke averred that you couldn't this group. An entrance fee of $2 "The teams or Illinois have not make a player think upon the footis charged each organization been heavy," continued Zuppke, "but ball field. He might be able to, but they have been fast. A quick start it is not safe to rely upon such an with is the solution to the conquest of exigency. TENNIS DIALOGUE beef. I've had big fellows, plenty of "You have to teach your men to them; long and short, thin and react to certain situations in a The spring renewal of the Intramural' tennis tournament is expect- fat; but I select the fust men able given way. Good generalship is a ed to start in about two weeks. No to get off their marks and catch matter of right habits formed in NEXT SUNDAY gets practice. Practice certain plays for member of the varsity or frosh ten- the other fellow before he nis team is eligible. Previous winners started. That's the way to get certain areas, let the player unconApril 14th blocking, get the backs to the line, sciously use those plays. A quarand letter men are also barred from throw back a line or make a gain." terback should think In terms of the this tournament. The second greatest fundamental best men and the weakest opponHER FIRST in football is the spirit of the school, ents." A tennis tournament among the according to Zuppke. " TALKING It is vital to His advice to players applies also various sororities on the campus will field." open Tuesday, April 16, according success on the football school spirit to coaches and it is through the As an illustration of to announcement by Miss Helen and traditional rivalry, Zuppke rela- application of such that he has athletic Skinner, director of women's ath ted a story about two men prior to gained his place in the yourself. world, namely, be true to letics. Doubles and singles contests the Iowa game. will be held with a silver loving cup 11 men We tell the team going to the winning sorority. En- start the Iowa game that 11 men and tries for the sorority doubles must finish it, and a substitution is made be turned in to Miss Christine only when a player drops dead. On Blakeman, tennis manager. Indi- one occasion I saw a player acting YOU KNOW OUR QUALITY vidual names for singles must be queer ly; he was Inattentive in a turned in to Miss Skinner by the huddle. I called a substitute and Do You Know fifteenth of April. Southern sunshine has caused sent him dashing to the field, tell ing him first to report to the ref Coach Harry Gamage to change his eree and then inform the player spring football Idols from the old TRACK football uniforms to whose place he was taking. Ner- sweat-smellifor and very On Cleaning and Pressing The fleet-footbrothers of Sig- vously he ran to the player lying nice cleanto be worn attractive track for a few more whom he was substituting, uniforms ma Alpha Epsilon ran away with upon the field. He took one glance weeks of spring football. MEN'S 3 PIECE MEN'S 2 PIECE high honors and a large silver lovThis idea was started this year by at him, turned around and dashed ing cup at the annual intra-murSUITS SUITS right out. 'What's the matter?' I Coach Gamage in order to give his track meet held on Stoll field on He men a little workout each day. They asked. 'He's still breathing. Cleaned and Cleaned and March 23. The Sigma Chls ran a close second, taking two first places isn't dead, yet,' came the reply. We will work on punting, passing, place Pressed five-yar- d Pressed line kicking and drop kicking during and a string of seconds and thirds. were penalized to the these few weeks with a lot of emThe final standing of the first four and lost the game." not difficult to understand phasis being placed on running, It is teams was as follows: MEN'S TOP COATS HATS why Bob Zuppke is a successful dodging and hip movement. Back- Sigma Alpha Epsilon 25 coach at the University of Illinois. field men will practice hurdling and j Cleaned and Cleaned and Sigma Chi 22.5 His vital personality and instinctive starting, on the track, while the Pi Kappa Alpha 17.5 Blocked Pressed leadership have placed him fore- linemen will get due attention on Alpha Sigma Phi 14 The spring relays last year were most in the minds of his men and charging and footwork. TIES his emphatic nature has won him Short dashes of 50 and 75 yards won by the Sigma Chi fraternity with the PI Kappa Alphas not far the place of one of the leading will be run each day and a chart Cleaned and will be kept on each man's performbehind. Winners of the first four coaches in the Big Ten. Zuppke's watchford is action and ance. This chart will be posted in places in the contests this year were Pressed his preference lies in the men who the dressing room so that anyone awarded ribbons. the Winners of the various events were are light and capable of getting does may see it and all the players will jump on their opponents. He have a chance to see if they can as follows: low hurdles, Plain Dresses Ladies' not advocate, football as a form of lower their speed records each day. Butner, Delta Tau Delta; one-miphysical culture but rather as an The only men who will be excused Coat Suits relay, S. A. E.; one-miand Coats run, Twa-del- l, independent; high achievement and a means toward from this practice are men who are hurdles, Butner, Delta Tau Delta; the expression of youthful vigor. out for baseball or track. No defihigh jump, Gibson, Pi Kappa Al- Spirit and Courage are the factors nite date has been set as to how long this sort of practice will be held. pha; javelin throw, Rogers, S. A. E.; broad jump, McLane, Pi Kappa to the games and reAlpha; run, Kelly, S.A.E.; at noon prior LOST Yellow Parker fountain pen "Cleaners That Satisfy" run, Heizer, Phi Kappa lays. The games will be played from on campus; finder please return 212 S. Lime Phones 6211550 Tau; discus throw, Urevig, Sigma teams composed of girls from sev- to Dean Melcher's office. eral colleges and not from one colChi; shqt put, Urevig, Sigma Chi lege. An exhibition basketball match pole vault, Porter, Kappa Sigma. will be played between the winners of the Kentucky tribal tournament. SOCCER Colleges which have already dedelThe Women's Athletic Association clared their intention of sending Uniegates are Georgetown, Berea, will begin spring soccer games on y Monday, April 15, at 4 o'clock. Prac- versity of Louisville, Centre, Ken-uckWesleyan, Transylvania, Westtice sessions will be held each day ern Normal, Eastern Normal, and from 4 o'clock until 6 o'clock with Drink Normal. a tribal tournament held at the end Morehead games were.Miss Skinner sponsored to said the of the practice season. promote a feeling of good will among Kentucky colleges. PLAY DAY Following the Play Day, the W. A. A. will hold its fourth annual LEXINGTON, KY. Following a custom that has grown banquet at the Lafayette hotel. Delicious and Refreshing in popularity in women's colleges on MM II! 3 the Western coast, the University I if A...,ARCHERY of Kentucky Women's Athletic Association will sponsor a "Play Day" w for all Kentucky colleges on April The spring archery tournament, 20. Nine colleges have already ac- sponsored by the Women's Athletic cepted an invitation to send 15 girls Association, will begin April 22, on to the meet. Women's field. Only those attendA "get acquainted" meeting will ing ten practice sessions will be eli1v ? . .At be held In the women's gymnasium gible to participate. The TODAY Zuppke Defines Qualities Of Good Football Coach WILDCAT BASEBALL SCHEDULE April 13 April 18 April 20 April 20 April 27 May 1 May 4 May 10 May 11 May 16 May 20 May 21 May 25 FREE THROW PAGE SEVEN "ft' K1Q OWES Drs. Slaton Track Uniforms Are Worn During Football Practice Slaton Our NEW PRICES? $1.00 $1.25 $1.25 75c 10c CINDERELLA Beautiful BECKER Exquisite Sboes $1.50 $1 Styles SLIPPER SHOP 102 W. MAIN TT aw' Enjoy F4u$c Am o jiiiiiiiiiiicaitiiiiiiiificaiiiiiittiiiicaiiifiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiic3iiitiiiiiiiiC3iiiiiiiiiiiic3iiiitiiiiiii On these hot spring days CREAM ONE 5 : ICE yiM &tem e A Come to our fountain 1LLLLBLLt for with Blue Grass Cream these days, with pie or berries? Maybe a delicious Sundae or Malted Milk duriag the afternoon? It's fine after a dance or when you have been "cheering" for the team. And for dinner, a round of DIXIE servings will please everyone, and at that party you'll surely want DIXIE. A LUNCH You can get it anywhere and it's always the best. There's a DIXIE Dealer Near You THOUGHT-T- O PAUSE AND REFRESH HIMSELF AND NOT EVEN A FROM THE JTAG LINE COOL REFRESHING Made SOUL WITH BUT SINGLE GLANCE DRINKS Enough's enough and too Its the surest relief for spring fever MALTED MILK LEMONADE LIMEADE CHERRY COKE 8 Lexington Drug Co. much is not necessary. Work hard enough at anything and you've got to stop. That's where Coca-Colcomes in. Happily, there's always a cool and cheerful place around the corner from any Coca-Colwhere. And an with that delicious taste of refresh and cool after-sens- e ment, leaves no argument about when, where and how to pause and refresh yourself. TIm Ccca-Ce- Co., AtUsts, Ca. MILLION A DAY "First Big Stop Downtown" UIMliUUitf lUliillHUif ilinilllllllf IIUIIIH1'1 liiiuuitiiiwiiMiiiiiiiiMUUimiutMimuimul YOU CAN'T BEAT THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES 1 T MAD TO BE GOOD TO GET WME RE IT IS