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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 12, 1929

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jm THE mv tiiiip mjwwmrTm9imw KENTUCKY KERNEL LAST CADET HOP of TOMORROW k. b. a. will attra Roberts Announces U. OF K. PROFESSORS Graduation Plans (Continued From Page One) rf r.rl Vmi Tlnrpn Will All-- the Business Division of the School Com- 1 at rirnM RrndiiiiLcH I LO RS H add Orders for senior class Invitations to commencement exercises will bo taken at the administration building from 9 till 3 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week, it has been announced by Claire Dees, president of the senior class. First Battalion of R. O. T. C. Parade ROY REVELL IS ILL Roy Revell, of Louisville, a freshman In the College of Commerce, Is In a serious condition at the Good hospital with double Samaritan pneumonia. From the report this morning he Is somewnat better but is not expected to be up for some time. He is a pledge to the Sigma Beta XI fraternity. The first battalion of the University R. O. T. C. regiment held a parade on the campus yesterday afternoon In preparation for the annual war department inspection which will be held In May. The second battalion will parade next Monday afternoon and on the folU. K. REMOTE CONTROL lowing Monday afternoon the entire STATION IS SUCCESS regiment will stage the parade. The COLLEGE OF LAW WILL University band, with Miss Lcura GIVE ANNUAL BANQUET Pcttlgrcw, sponsor, and Wallace (Continued From Page One) Hoeing, drum major, also marched. The annual banquet of the Colrlculturc; "The Burlcy Tobacco Sit- -, The sponsor for the first battalion lege of Law will be held Friday uation," D. G. Card, College of Ag- is Miss Martha Reed. night, April 26, at 6:30 o'clock in riculture. the Lafayette hotel. Gov. Flem D. Tuesday, April 16, 12:45 to 1:00 p. ELECTION HELD Sampson will be the guest of honor. m. "Kentucky Archaeology," No. 2, by Dr. W. D. Funkhouscr, dean of At a meeting of Sigma Delta Chi ATTENTION, SORORITIES, graduate school; "Why Milk and held yesterday afternoon at 3:00 FRATERNITIES Cream Tests Vary," J. O. Backman, o'clock In room 53 of McVey hall, College of Agriculture; "The Econ- Jess M. Laughlin, Arts and Sciences I have for sale on East Maxwell omic Situation in Dark Tobacco," Junior, was selected to succeed modD. G. Card, College of Agriculture. John W. Dundon, Jr., retiring pres- street, an attractive, two-stoWednesday, April 17, 10 to 11 p. m. ident of the Kentucky chapter. ern brick home of ten (10) rooms Salon Orchestra; Mrs. L. L. Dantz-le- r; Hugh Adcock, Arts and Sclenes and two complete baths extra large Co-E- d Band. Junior, was elected to succeed well lighted attic; hot water heatThursday, April 18, 12:45 to 1:00 O'Rear K Barnes, retiring vice ing plant, large veranda, two-cone's heat p. m. "The meaning of Music," president. Wilbur G. Frye was garage. The saving ofhouse would Prof. C. A. Lampert, head of Music made secretary 'to fill the vacancy bill over a be from $30 to $40 per month. Nice department. made through Laughlin's elevation Friday, April 19, 12:45 to 1:00 p. to the presidency. Edwards M. lot, attractive shrubbery. brick I have another two-stom. "What Farm Folks are Asking," Templin was reelected treasurer of house In Aylsford with nine (9) N. R. Elliott, College of Agriculture. the fraternity, and also editor-in-chirooms, two baths, hot air furnace, of the Kampus Kat for the large lot. Price, $10,500. ART "CENTER GETS NEW DOORS coming year. This office is in a position to finance either of these places, proATTENDS PHYSICIANS MEET Two new colonial doors are in vided the purchaser has a reasonprocess of construction in the art able amount of cash, payments to deDr. John S. Chambers, of the structure room of the Art Center. be made In monthly, or They are in direct line with the partment of hygiene, left last Sat- Installments over a period of from Euclid avenue entrance and will urday for the annual meeting of the five to fifteen years. For further of Physicians Information call 3050-permit a view of the rear court and American College HENRY KELLY garden. Miss Ann Callahan, art in- which is being held at Boston, Mass., General Insurance structor, is the originator of the April 8 to 13. Dr. Chambers is ex- Real Estate April adv. pected to return tomorrow. idea. We are now carrying in dition to our regular E $25 SUITS TAILORED TO MEASURE Made by Schaefer Co. Cincinnati, Ohio Suits Tailored to Your Measure $30 to $50 Alterations a Specialty BEN LEVY'S Justright Tailoring Company 116 South Lime Barrymore Presented for Spring and Summer 1929, by JgcKeste yzmr wardrobe. Styles Baynham Shoe Co. EAST MAIN NEAR LIME The date for the close of the "Yell" contest, sponsored by the 1929-3- 0 "K" Book, has been changed to April 15. All students are eligible and may send as many contributions as they wish to Morton Walker. University box 1164. Prizes of $5, $3 and $2 will be given for the best yells submitted. THE PHOENIX HOTEL Perfect service at moderate prices for sororities, fraternities and other discriminating University folk at dances, dinners, luncheons. t THE BEST DANCE MUSIC IN THE BLUEGRASS' By "Peg Longon and His Orchestra ROY CARRUTHERS, President T. P. CAGWIN, Manager j the young man who is concerned about his appear as a social and business asset who knows the value of being better dressed than the average who recognizes the difference between the loud and soft pedal "The Barrymore" has been styled. One and two trousers. FOR $35 ,o $40 Graves, Cox & Co. AJ,' PRESSED M POSTPONE CLOSE OF CONTEST t SUITS CLEANED AND Ine most attractive adwool- ens. A line of ..-- i --decidedly smarts flnclude "THE r A NEW LINE to your style i The ninth annual convention of the I Kentucky Federation of Music clubs will be held In Lexington April 23, 24 and 25, with headquarters at the Phoenix hotel. Miss Virginia Tyler, of Lexington, Is the general chairman of the convention. Mrs. Curtis Marshall Mc-Gc- c, president, will preside over the meeting. The McDowell club, the Junior McDowell club nnd Kappa chapter of Phi Beta, University professional music and dramatic art fraternity, will entertain the 150 delegates com ing to the city, with tea April 24. The delegates coming to the city will be welcomed by Miss Mary Jane O'Brien. Commerce and Administration, University of Chicago. The annual University of KenPlans for the 1929 graduation ex- tucky dinner Is connection with the ercises to be held at the University K. E. A. will be held Thursday, starting May 29 have been announ April 18. About 400 alumni, faculty ced by Prof. Lewis W. Roberts, of members, and others associated with University, are expected to at- the College of Law, chairman of j the tend the committee on arrangements, The toastmaster for the event will Military field day will be held be John Y. Brown, and toasts will May 29 at 2 p. m. on Stoll field. be given by A. B. Crawford, superThe annual class reunion will be intendent of schools at Anchorage; Saturday, June 1, in McVey hall J. L. Harmon, president, Bowling University, Bowling and the Armory. The class reunion Green Business Dr. Frank L. McGreen, Ky.; and banquet will follow that evening at Vey. who will speak about "Doings 10 o'clock. on the Campus." SIGMA DELTA CHI WILL Graduation exercises will be held The men's glee club of the UniverHONOR TWO EDITORS June 1 at 10 o'clock in the morn- sity, under the direction of Prof. Carl ing, with Dr. Carl Van Doren, of A. Lampert, will furnish the music (Continued From Page One) of for the banquet, and group singing New York City, editor-in-chithe Literary Guild and associate will be led by B. P. Ramsey, of the chosen this year by Kentucky, have professor of English at Columbia University. University, as the speaker. Lunchachieved notable records. Judge Robert W. Bingham, edieon in honor of speakers, alumni tor and publisher of the Louisville committees will be held at the and MELCHER AT WASHINGTON Courier-Journal and Times, and University Commons at 2 p. m. Hemdon Evans, editor and publishThe baccalaureate address will be Dean C. R. Melcher ler Wednesdelivered by Bishop H. P. Abbott, of day morning for Washington, D. C, er of the Plnevllle Sun, have been the Lexington Diocese, at 2:30 p. m. where he will attend the eleventh selected by the Kentucky chapter on June 2, in Memorial hall. as associate members of the fraterannual conference of the associa- nity. They will be present for the tion of deans of men and advisors banquet and initiation ceremonies of men held at George Washington April 17, and are on the program LEADER ROUTE University. The sessions will be for short addresses. Pays $18 per week. Call Kernel held from April 11 to 13 at the Mayoutstanding newspaper men flower hotel. Dean Melcher will take of Other or James Moore at Leader office. Lexington and the state-at-laradv. part in the discussion have been invited to be present, as well as Dr. Frank L. McVey, president of the University, who also is on the program. Amonc the newspaper men wno have been forwarded invitations are those who are alumni of any chap ter of Sigma Delta Chi, but since all of them in the state are not knnwn to the Kentucky chapter, ' they will be publicly invited to at- tend. The banauet and nrosram will be I of "playful" nature, generally, but speeches will be given on the past, present and future of Journalism, ' the history of Sigma Delta vni, ana . The the future of the fraternity. latter two topics will be taken by the of the Kentucky retiring president chapter, John W. Dundon, Jr., and ' the incoming president. The program of the Kentucky chapter for the past year has in- - j eluded a number of projects for the betterment of the University and j the advancement of journalism at the University. Work on the estab- lishment of a University comic magazine was started, and although delayed by unforseen difficulties will be completed by fall. The Kam- - ' pus Kat, University "razz sheet," i was published twice, and will be published once more before the end of the semester. Members of the were active in every , fraternity journalistic enterprise on the cam-pu- s, n, and were editors of The The Kentucky Kernel, The j Kampus Kat, and several smaller publications. The fraternity award- ed scholarship keys to outstanding journalism students. It is planned to select associate members yearly. Members of the Kentucky cnapter I of Sigma Delta Chi are: John W. Dundon, Jr., retiring president; Edwards Templin, Jess Laughlin, Hugh Ellis, Wilbur Frye, Beecher Adams, attire-of- fer tfmisEk SHOES Harry Bolser, Ollle M. James, O. K. Barnes, Don Grote, A. L. Plgman, James Dorhman, Hayes Owens, Hugh, Adcock, Laurence Shropshire, ttfiialfe William H. Glanz ana James Shropshire. Pledces for initiation April u, in addition to the associate members, : John Boone, Robert Sharon, Paul Goodloe, Clay Brock, Buell Gaskin, Warren Lindsey, Samuel ASHLAND77 ask Allen, and John Cole. Prof. Victor R. Portmann, lacuity advisor, and Prof. Kiel Plummer are faculty members of Sigma Delta 8V, Mo Chi. Professor Portmann and Wilbur Frye are the committee, on ar rangements for the Founders' Day program. j of menccinent t ANNOUNCEMENT Music Clubs to Convene 1928-2- 9 Phone 1105--