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"Camp at Grayhampton"; "Fieber", "Cox", "Corbin", three men in uniform holding rifles; "Jones, Creech, Fieber, McIgahen, Four of a kind", four men in uniform lined up in front of a building; "Now for some rest", a row of tents in a field with several people in background; "A mean bunch", five men in uniform, standing; "Now whose picture was taken", two men in uniform standing next to a building, one taking a picture of the other; "Corbin", several men in uniform standing, holding rifles; "Tired out", man in uniform sitting in front of tent; "Getting fed", men standing in line to get food; "Feeling better", two men sitting in front of ten in tall grass; "Camp Commanders", two men in uniform standing in front of a tent; "Toof", "McDonald", two men in uniforms sitting

Part of Abe Thompson photograph album,