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Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 73, no. 1, Spring 2002

Part of Kentucky alumnus

`· B 'B 3 " ` ‘ 3 if B 3 »A7~» v.°` . . »;»: s .,. V “"' 3 A V ‘ Ve V V VV C * ` ~ V· · V » . V `* ‘ ,. V V V " t " ·· » V. V V V i V ‘ V VV . V ‘`A‘ A I ` . ·V»‘—= q #7 A V A ° V ` V V ‘‘»·. ~· V V » ` L `V'V A i. V i V it L ( ” . ~ V; ,V,. s * .— V .Vr TV ‘ fe ’ . -* VVVV . .V ·-V 'V' V» L? V V a ` Laptops and Latte Education Expert Serves Checking e-mail and grabbing a hot latte gn Ppg5idgn·|ja| pang| has never been easier now that the UK Wnn B d. Student Center has its own Starbucks cyber h . em er LF%K, , café. Located next to the informa- gereereee O f S S. I B tion desk on the same floor as Egpanmcm (:1 Rpicla Q ([0 tbc cafeteria, Starbucks bas bin“°%“°‘oa“ i°’ma‘ K K * laptops available for students, hastzggl? aslygiiliedi |I`I8LIg|..II‘8tE5 Q W §;(;gr?m;n§);g;f5;O use Whllc the President’s White I-EB T- Jr- V * * Opened last November, HOUSE Commission OH AH hiSteI`ie_eerem°nY · ` the UK Starbucks cyber café Ereeueeee m SP€°1al teek pleee rrr Memerrei 1 C afv is the first in the country ata Ed“°*’“°“· Ae 3 . Ceiieeurrr February 15 — OF F university or college with a self- member Oi the COmm1S` the maugumtlen ef V Operated food Somoa, This unique sion, Berdme and more than two dozen UK’S llth president, K contract was developed through UK,S nationallexperts will discuss, and recommend ]_,ooT Todd ]r_ Todd, a Office Of Campus Cuisine the Depart- Ways to ll'Ilp1'OVC th€ Cducatlonal OppO]'tuHl· graduate and farmer mom of Auxiliary Sorvicoo Plans are ties and performance of people with disabili- UK anginaaring pi-Gras- lr ct a t 1 me . SOI Wm Stef? $s§ZsZi1§p$ ir`liisYEs‘ZZESZZZlZ§?r3T° TheUKCe1leeeefedueetleeeueeedi eueeeeeful cam us has two faculty in the Department of Special rolarod i *§T;§r%`= Egifror P ` Education receiving funding from the Re- laaving _ _ search Challenge Tmst Fund. Ralph Crystal, position, bgcamg UK i SBHIDP WINS professor of Special Education and Rehabili- prosidonr july l, 2()()l_ Nlarshau tation Counseling, is the Wallace Charles Hill The formal inauguration Senior Jennifer Kasten of Nicholasville has Prefeeeereme m Rehablhmen Colmsclmg eevped rwe days ef s received 8 2oo2 Marshall Scholarshi a Ted Hasselbrmg, professor of Special Educa— inaugural events gn tWO_yCar award p’ tion, is the Special Education Chair in Spc- oanipuS_ Chgck our Wonh about g r _ eia1Edueati0¤V ssuuuo that wut . §}e¤ferDr—Te¤¤’S ,, cbvcr tuition, V Vrrr . Johnson and Willard Honored _ A New Wei te Dreem l?OpkS’ travel and V F , ° C V The UK Board of Trustees named a new xglgural address and hvleg expensee Yr W recreation center building adjacent to the ` Whde She erudree ‘ N T`` “ Seaton Center for Bernard “Skeeter" Fhe °9““°l 9f V» V» _ _ i ’ ‘‘‘ Jobusbu M16 ED, ’49 As, a popular UK mfectleus dlseases o` » professor who was generally recognized as et the Londo? ‘ ,__ —_ "Mr. Fitness" on the campus. Johnson _"` School er HYg1e¤e ; £_ - worked for 31 years on campus as an ,'° nr \\` and Trepleal instructor in the Department of I" _ \\ lg/Ieriigne. The t r " r‘‘r ‘ ‘“ " ‘`’‘‘’ Health, Physical Education and ; \ n is govemmen program, aunc e in R t· , d- r rn, / 1953 as a gesture of thanks to the United C;g;;SK}£org;§oOI;;rog?nm_ {Q ~| States for assistance received after World and as london of n nonnlnr [ R 4, War II, selected 40 students from across the Gonntnoss Program for oldor { UBYB IOI6 $ country. Among the institutions represented adults in the UK Donovan • i y are Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Georgetown, Sonolnrs program O ~ 5 / Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins, the Air The Couogo of Modioinon " Q 4*, { Force Academy and the U.S. Military mann bonding was ronnmod for \\ hz, o ll AeademY· _ William R. Willard, the first dean of \\ sum) , °`\|\°(’ ,’ Kasten, a Singletary Scholar and Gaines tho UK Conogo of Modioino and tho \\\\ ov Fellow, related some of her experiences that nm vioo nrosidont of tho UK Chandler "` OeePTYeq,duI?“g a eurereer erreheege mp te Medical Center. The building is now called Ham C5l;’m\%,G%eb;500aP amelflghai ap]; the William R. Willard Medical Education peare in e in er issue o en uc y B nd- _ Alumnus magazine. u mg KENTUCKY ALUMNUS 5