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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 73, no. 1, Spring 2002

Part of Kentucky alumnus

` KV A- - *r I---- V ~ gg ` , ' ;V; A . - -- V - ,1 -v- I- V . ` iii/;;?4 4 gi . I . .,r. . 1. V. i I I ; , ~ .V Q V. ., . , r I i' I Y * ` --? ` A ~ . *1 ` . ii Y J/ - ` ;, I I i . - . :4` I V a V a . , I V ; . ~ , T j ~- ~ WY-QQQT V . I ; - {V I V A _ V , T . B ` J Q.; ' _. _ . V r V jZ if A_-V Q j;. l , Vi I ___` it { V ( I * . . ``'AV ; . V :` * ` V B- The first Robertson scholarship Irt G - was awarded in 1998, and since then, i i four more students have benefited I I [ from their generosity. David Willett, a ls to U K , O ii civil engineering senior from Paducah, received the 2001 scholarship. Willett carries a 3.6 grade point average and will graduate in May. He plans to enter graduate school and continue his civil engineering studies at UK. He is the son of Henry and Phyllis Willett. Willett is paying for school himself and said he truly appreciates that the Robertsons established this scholar- ship. He met the Robertsons at the . V V scholarship banquet. "It was nice to be ___ _ able to meet the Robertsons and thank , them personally. Funding a scholarship I 2 is a good way to give back. Students do r, 7 V g , appreciate it," he said. 9 2 {V The college has held a scholarship A p _ banquet for the past four years, giving . 'i . V. E donors and recipients a chance to meet g _ is . 3 each other. This year, the college gave gl P V -VV=VV @ n[ezglygS460,000 in scholarships to 328 _,, ,___ s u en s. . _ - "This has been a wonderful Y experience. It has truly been gratifying { g to have an impact on deserving young . ~ people," Ken said. The couple has met ` -}:5 if each scholarship recipient since the David Willett, center: a civil engineering senior from Paducah, met Carol Lee and Ken Robertson, f;t;;iiT;L(1?g`tg; 5l;)SO the benefactors of his scholarship. . . . that it will assist four students at one time. Ken and Carol Lee both are active by TGPBSB Arncld with the UK capital campaign. They `iixfhen Ken Robertson asked his football player from West Palm Beach, gsgestabligsg the ;rO& LCC _ I . . if `lli wife, Carol Lee, what she wanted Fla., he had a number of offers from 9 Crtsqn U Owe IO, asso] S up m for a "special birthday" in 1996, her other schools, but chose UK "not only Lltfiragy m the College Of Educaucm answer surprised him. for the football program, but more Yvhlch IS held by Kay Lowa Ken was "I told him I wanted to do something importantly the reputation of the civil inducted mm the College ef Engmccp to help students at the University of engineering department? While on a mg Hall gf Fam? m 1997 and SCWCS On Kentucky College of Engineering who fouryear athletic scholarship, Ken the Dcn S Advlfmy C*}l and lh? needed financial assistance," she said. received his bachelor of science degree oucgc S Campafgn Steel mg Cmm So, on her birthday, the University in civil engineering in 1958, and then {66 K6]? mmed m Mafch 200] after 41 received a tremendous present from the went on to earn an MBA in 1960. Carol years Wllh EXXOnMOb1l Houston couple a gift to create the Lee, a native of Ft. Mitchell, is an - Carol A. and Kenneth N. Robertson alumna of the College of Education. , _ 1,;;;,., Endowed Scholarship Fund. Kens Their mutual love for UK and a desire J ` I i V I i F "mi = employer, ExxonMobil Chemical, to do something more substantively \# `` matched the gift through its motivated them to become donors to ExxonMobil Education Foundation. the University. Ken was the keynote In addition, Ken knows firsthand the speaker for the 2001 College of Engi- value of a scholarship. A talented neering Scholarship Banquet. KENTUCKY A1.uMNus 7