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The Kentucky Kernel, April 6, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA University of Kentucky VOL. VIII. LEXINGTON, KENTUCK Y, APRIL 6 1916, FATHER AND THE BOYS' ON THURSDAY, APRIL CATS ARE READY 13 GERMANS DEFEATED FOR MICHIGAN GAME Observer of Love Scene In Coach Tuttle Believes Their Production Becomes Chances For Taking Raving Maniac Opener Is Excellent ALL IN READINESS TENTATIVE After much delay due to the refusal of tho Opera House management to lease their house until after tho Ben All was ready for use ,the date for "Father and the Boys" has finally been arranged for Thursday, April 13, one week from today, at the Lexington Opera Hduse. The cast Is said by old students to be the best that the Strollers have ever selected and with such ' an excellent play as George Ade's masterpiece It is being predicted that this year's will be the greatest Stroller . play of them all. Plans are being made to make this the one "big college night" with the sky as the limit for enthusiasm, yells, and good times at the Opera House. Bill" Shinnick and the cast have some surprises in store that will make the students open their eyes and no one should miss this good time. Reserve your seats early when they go on sale Tuesday morning, April 11. "Father and the Boys" is said by all who have been fortunate enough to witness the rehearsals to be the best play the organization has ever put on, and the consensus of opinion is that it will be nothing less than criminal negligence for an person to miss this show. The cast has been rehearsed, "bawled out" copiously and praised judiciously by the stage manager, "Bill" Shinnick, since early in February until now they move through their lines with the sinuous grace that is characteristic of the Strollers, but with added vim and enthusiasm that is possessed only by this cast. A prominent student,1' well known in Y. M. C. A. circles and other college activities, who was allowed to witness a rehearsal last week, grew wild and had to be held down by two stage hands during one of the love scenes in the latter part of the play. As soon as he had been released he begged to be informed when the seats would be on sale, and threatened to shoot the business manager if the information was not slipped to him before the pasteboards were put on the market. After the stage manager and several able-bodie- d (Continued on Page 3) j LINE-U- No. 27 G.I.K. IN BLOODY APRIL 13 BUMS e n "CHIEF" BLEVINS SPEAKS IN CHAPEL C E.; (Chief) Blevins, who was graduated from the University in 1914, was a visitor here last week and delivered a very Inspiring address' in chapel Friday morning. While a student here "Chief" was very popular and much of his time during his short visit was 'spent in renewing old acquaintances. He was always an ardent Y. M. C. A. worker and took a keen interest in Raymond Robins' campaign. j "G. I. K." No. this is not another Y. M. C. A, meeting, nor is it a scheme to in veiglo unsuspecting folks to chapel. It is to announce that Girls' Issue of the Kernel. On April 13, the women of the University will issue the Kentucky Ker nel without any assistance, or even suggestions from the male contingent. From "kiver to kiver" the paper will be the work of the girls, who will strain every nerve to prove that they could do it better all the time if they had the chance. Reporting, assignments, make up, it will be the work of the fair sex, while as for the editorials, just wait for that issue. Whether or not a paragraph column will be prepared in accordance with the policy of last year's issue, will de pend entirely upon the behavior of the men of the University during the next ! two weeks. A hint to the wise The staff for the Girls' Issue will be as follows: Anita D. Crabbe Editor Managing Editor Rebecca Smith Elsie Heller Athletics Campus Alice Gregory Society Anna Lewis Whltworth Home Economics. .Julia Van Arsdale Reporters. Mildred Graham, Eliza Piggott, Edness Kimball. Mildred Taylor, copy-readin- head-linin- proof-readin- FIRST ISSUE OF RURAL KENTUCKIAN OUT NEXT WEEK The first Issue of the Rural Ken- tuckian will be out next week. It is paper gotten out un a der the auspices of the Agricultural Society and is devoted to the interest of Agricultural students and farmers at large. It Is through this medium that the Station will publish the results of its experiments and it is hoped it will lead to a closer relationship between i Station and the farmers of tho State. thirty-two-pag- e BATTLE IS DATE OF MEET GEORGETOWN More Than Half a Column Director Stack Says That of Space Killed in SanSquad Is In Good guinary Combat Condition P "Pety" Moore and a legion of workers are busily engaged now most of the time on the new diamond, getting it in readiness for the Michigan game Snturday afternoon, that is while Curt Park and his frisky bunch of regular Wildcat baseball aspirants are not cavorting around the infield and outfield, themselves getting in readiness for the game. Coach "Bill" Tuttle, who has been priming the Cats, believes that his men will be In fairly good shape by Saturday; afternoon, and although "Bill" is a modest man, confidentially, he is intending to take the opener from the Northerners. Only a tentative line-ucan be given at this time but it will be somewhat like the following: McClellan, a southpaw, who won his spurs last season will more than likely start the game with Senator Crum doing the receiving work. Captain Park will station himself on the initial sack and either Scott or Roark will hold down the 'keystone position. Waters will be the short stopper and "Dutch" Schrad- er will attempt to handle the fast ones which are polled down the third-basline. "Red" Spaulding will see that the left garden is properly guarded and the other two outfielders will be chosen from Rodes, Mizrach, and Kelley. This game will mark the opening of baseball this year in Lexington and the hungry fans are licking their Hps in anticipation of the first game of the great national pastime in the city this year. 29 APRIL USED FREELY DAILY WORK-OUT- S The soft April sun shone down on Physical Director Stack, who is" in the rolling bluegrass fields of Ken- charge of the track squad said yestertucky. Not many miles from Lexing- day afternoon that his men were all ton the blue waters of the lakes of showing up well and seemed to be the reservoir were ruffled only by a taking an unusual amount of interest , passing breeze. All was peace and in the daily quiet. A few rustics, who had taken meet to be held with The dual a day off from the continuous round Georgetown' College this year has been of joy rides, theatre parties and cham- arranged to be held on Stoll Field on pagne suppers to enjoy the recreation April 29. Mr. Stack and his subordiof working in the fields, were to be nates who will be in charge of the seen occupied, with their simple rural field events are putting forth every eftasks. Little did they reck what fate fort to have the most successful dual was to be theirs before set of sun. meet held on the University of Ken Suddenly appeared on the road from tucky field in many years. Last year, Lexington a file of also it will be remembered that State suf fered defeat by a very narrow margin panted and hatted, soldiers with rifles on their shoulders. What at the Scott County School and light-clawarriors are con could it mean? The Germans had come! In the short space of a day fident of atoning for the defeat. Grabfelder, in the sprints, will meet the armies of the Kaiser had been transported to the shores of America. his former high school team-matThey had swept through New England, Cowles, who was decidedly the class had bombarded New York, just like of any Kentucky College, though in they do in "The Battle Cry of Peace," days gone, by "Grabby" has made him had levied a toll of countless millions bite the dust and with hard consiston New York, had captured all the ent training can duplicate this feat. Captain Hickerson, who Is all to the munitions factories in the East and good with the discus and hammer; had now arrived In the Blue Grass and were ravishing and ravaging the Woods, last year's miler, and Hogre-fre- , Mayhew and Jeff Clark are the country. And all in the space of a day! Such is the power of prepared- other distance men. Mayhew seems ness. The rustics trembled in their to be showing the class at present. boots, not to say patent leather shoes, Muller and Logan, both little men, expecting every moment to be shot at, but with lots of "stlctivity", are batevent. This sunrise or at the very least to be bay-- tling for the quarter-miloneted for they saw the main body of. Is considered by most track authoritroops coming over the brow of the ties to be the hardest distance of the lot to run. hill. In the hurdles, Stack believes that But what was this? From the op posite direction was seen coming an he has unearthed a find in Thomas other and larger body of troops. The Marshall, a freshman, who takes both Kentucky militia had been assembled the low and high hurdles with ease and was going to fight off, the invader. and grace. Britton also looks good Quickly the two forces deployed. The on the high hurdles although this Signal Corps rushed out Into the event will not be on the program of hands of the enemy (to certain death) the Georgetown-Stataffair. Faulkand was captured. Volley after volley ner and Lancaster, both freshmen, are of shots rang out on still air of that out for the weights. Charlie Haydon, (It was on the 'Varsity, and anyone afternoon. hot Kentucky some hot, too!) and the invading force who saw htm does not question his was soon retreating. The victory was ability as a speed artist, is loosening won. Tho rustic wept for joy; the up his joints and sinews in an effort to get into condition for some of the dav was saved! He and Rickey are the But this was not the Germans after work-outs- khaki-coate- mean-lookin- g d e 1 i e half-bac- k (Continued on Page 2) (Continued on Page 2) " FATHER AND THE BOYS" presented Strollers at the This Will Be The Best Show The Strollers Have Ever Presetted "P" will be by The LEXINGTON OPERA HOUSE, THURSDAY, APR. 13 PRICES: ONE DOLLAR TO TWENTY-riV- E CENTS! No Siadeit Cm Afford To Miss A Stroller Show MAKE THE DATE! :