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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 6, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Mechanical Department News MOT) I PICTURES FOR M EC ANICAL ENGINE i 1 New Method of Instruction Is Introduced In Engineering College VARIETY OF SUBJECTS Tho uso of motion pictures for tho study of industrial processes was started in tho College of Median leal and Electrical Engineering this week. The first lecture was scheduled for Wednesday at 9:00 a. m., when a representative of tho National Steel Pipe Company of Pittsburg, lectured on tho subject "From Ore to Finished Pipe." This lecture, given to the in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, was Illustrated by lantern slides showing microphotographs of steel and iron used in pipe making, and three standard moving picture reels showing the processes necessary for making pipe, beginning at the mining of the raw iron ore and following on through to the finished steel products. The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has secured a portable moving picture projector for use in class rooms, so that films applicable to the engineering subject may be shown in conjunction with the lecture or recitation. At regular intervals, popular educational or scientific films will be shown to an assembly of all the students in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Large engineering companies like the General Electric Company, Schenectady, the Westinghouse Machine Company, Pittsburg, the Western Electric Company, Chicago, and many others, issue moving pictures showing the industrial processes in the factories, mills, foundries, mines, and laboratories. These films are distributed for use in technical colleges and engineering societies. The study of these is of great assistance to engineering students in learning the actual practice of engineering processes that would otherwise cause a great deal of .travel and expense prohibitive to most students. The schedule of motion pictures to be used during the remainder of the school year Is not yet completed, but some of the subjects to be shown are as follows: The Making of National Steel Pipe. Three reels. Tho Natural Resources of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Two reels. The Construction and Operation of the Panama Canal. Two reels. of the Butte, AnaElectrification conda and Pacific Railroad. One reel. Panama Canal Lock Control Board. One reel. Panama Canal lock control switchboard showing construction and operation. Motor Construction and Direct Motor Drive. Two reels. Schenectady Works of the General Electric Company. Two reels. Lamp Manufacture. Incandescent One reel. Pittsfleld WorkB of the General Electric Company.) Two reels. Manufacture of Curtis Steam Turbines. One reel. upper-classme- 1 IM, Welfare Series. America in tho Making. Play Ground and Welfare Curnegio Steel Company. Hardesty's Quality Shop Wolfaro Work, Tonncsseo Coal, Iron and Railroad Company. Wolfaro Work, National Tube Company. Wolfaro Work In Mining Districts; First Aid Work, etc. Any Lexington person interested in any of theso subjects will bo given a cordial invitation to como and see tho pictures whon shown at Mechanical Hall. Tho dato at which theso pictures are to ho shown will bo announced in tho Herald. Announces Spring Opening of Tailoring and Hats Spring Opening of Society Brand Clothing JUNIOR TRIP The Junior Mechanical students started on the annual inspection trip last Tuesday afternoon at 2:55 p. m. and wore to arrive in Cincinnati nt 5:54 p. m. They will visit tho plants of tho American Tool oWrks, Cincin nati Milling Machine Co., Bickford Tool Co., and Cincinnati Planer Co., in Cincinnati and go from thero to Ham ilton, Ohio on Thursday where the plants of the Niles Tool Works, Long & Alstatter Co., Beckett Paper Co., and Hoovens, Owens, Rcutschler Co., will be visited during that day; from Hamilton they will go to Dayton, Ohio and spend Friday in going through the manufacturing establishments of the National Cash Register Co., tho Dayton Motor Car Co., the Piatt Iron Works, and Barney & Smith Car Works, and return to Cincinnati Friday evening to visit the Triumph Electric Co., and the Union Gas & Electric Company. The party will start on tho homeward journey Saturday evening, leaving Cincinnati at G:35 p. m. and arriving in Lexington at 9:10 p. m. Each member of the party will be required to hand in a complete report of the trip within a short time after their return. Those taking the trip are: E. S. Penn, J. G. Scott, D. S. Springer, T. G. Rice, J. H. Evans, W. T. Radford, M. T. Crutcher, W. S. Moore, E. E. Drake, H. P. Horine, C. F. Lee, L. E. McClanahan, J. M. Waters, A. W. Davies, G. B. Arnold, F. Y. Hutchin son, Thomas Robinson, McNamara, J, See Display Window Facilities and Efficiency Modern Secure Award HARRIMAN GOLD MEDAL Martin & Stockwell's Ill SOUTH r Kcstaurant limestone Most State men know us: Meal Tickets. Let us meet you Prize for which practically all railroads in United States competed, awarded to . (&L OUR BASKETS OF FRUIT For utmost progress in safety and accident prevention during the year 1915. Steel Equipment - Improved Roadbed - Safety Devices For fares, etc-- , apply to nearest Ticket Agent. H. G. KING, Passenger and Ticket Agent Phoenix Fruit Store Queen 118 E. MAIN ST. Crescent Route PHONE 49 cTWAKE LOVELY GIFTS McGURK'S Where all is Well and Good LEXINGTON, KY. Hot Chocolate, Home-mad- e and Ices Candy contested for. Mr. Caudill is a member of the Tau Metropolitan At the regular meeting of the West- Beta Pi honorary fraternity and mininghouse Society last Saturday, Mr. ing representative on the Transit staff, The Place for Good Things to Horrine spoke on the subject, "A besides having held other responsible Pound of Coal." The talk was very positions during his career at State. The position carries with it a subinteresting and to the point. THE NEW stantial salary and the further advantage of being placed in a college TWO SENIORS HAVE SECURED POSITIONS of such note as Pennsylvania State. Mr. Caudill expects to take up tho a 25c IT FITS THE CRAVAT P. O. Townes has secured a posi- duties of his new position next fall. tion at Shelbyville and left Monday morning to assume his duties. Mr. "Quick, Watson, the needle," chuckE. Townes has completed his course and led Sherlock Holmes, and he slowly will be back in June to graduate with wound up the Victrola again. Darthis class. PERRY A. CASSIDY mouth Jack O'Lantern. APPOINTED CLERK Robert Heath has secured a position as State Agent with the TennesPerry A. Cassidy, assistant profes- see Silage Company. Mr. Heath is a sor in the College of Mechanical and senior in the Agricultural Department Electrical Engineering, was last week and will graduate with his class in appointed a colonel on the Governor's June. 26 3 E. Main Stmt. Rati 25c pir Passing staff by Governor A. O. Stanley. This appointment is quite an honor, as it AG. SOCIETY evidences Governor Stanley's appreciation of Colonel Cassidy's faithful At the meeting of the Ag. Society work. Monday night P. H. Johnson gave an excellent talk on "Truck Growing at Louisville." Thomas Gordon on "Hu FOR COLLEGE MEN AND WOMEN. SENIORS BEGIN THESES mor and Agriculture'1 and F. J. Stout Visit us and see our excellent lines. Special attention to University Ti,ft Soninrs roh.rnfid from thfiir in- - mauo some impromptu romarKs on tno people. spection trip to Chicago Sunday night "wu oi um uvmuu pmui. WESTINGHOUSE Restaurant GOTHIC ARROW COLLAR fr Phone TAXICABS 2558 FAYETTE MOTOR CO. SHOES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY on tho Carolina Special. Monday was allowed thorn to "catch up" in thoii'S. CAUDILL GETS work (and sleep). UNIQUE APPOINTMENT Theses work began at 8 o'clock Tuesday morning and will continue un- - S. J. Caudill, senior in tho College Mining and Metallurgy, has been til May 20th. Tho thosiB designs cov-o- f teaching follow in goology or various plants and tho class is vlded into ton sections of two men in tho School of Mines at Pennsyl-each- . vania Stato Colloge. Mr. Caudill's ap- Tho Senior drawing room has taken pointmont comos as tho rosult of tho of W. II. Crano, Dean tho appearanco of a consulting neor's offlco, with tho professors in of tho School of Minos, and is mado the president of tho college. It charge of tho .various doslgns. Uegu-blar hours aro sot for tho work and tholB unique In thut It Is tho only such in tho United Work material is liundlod systematically byappolntmont mado States and was consequently hotly a head draftsman and his assistant. J. y Eat S. Bassett C& Sons 238 West Main Street. The University Store. Corner Limestone and Winslow Lunch Counter Open Seven Days and Nights Especially on Sunday Full Line of STATIONERY and SUPPLIES W. F. OLDHAM "7