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10 > Image 10 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 79, no. 2, Summer 2008

Part of Kentucky alumnus

~ _4 i ,.4<_A g \ EH1@i AAQA RE c E 1viN G. AWAR D s A * , I I, law! a N i> , g,)r,,,,:(..3 A x T I rw if Raleigh O, Iones, MD \`r Head {QNec/< Surgery I I Louise S, White, RN Center for Enterprise Quality {Q Sa]%ty u . I k RATES, HAVING IIE EEWER fest Doctorsh I Edward H, Romond, MD i Hernatolo {QOncolo gy gy rl ,, }.,OEIE!I! Murray Clark Medical Center Operations r ~ A { M REDUCING HOSPITAL STAYS It & ANCC MAGNET RECOGNITION E 7 Yi- i.._ W Patricia Powers, RN ' Nursing Practice {Q Support Svcs, A AIIIEBIUAZQ IS A GREAT HONOR POR US. ummm . N ```` M ``* ` ~~~~~~~v~ ' = Leslie Croiford, MD l Rheurnatology/Wornens Health But the real winners are our patients, Experts from around the country are recognizing UK HealthCare patients receiving care at top hospitals have higher survival rates, as a national leader. While we are understandably very proud fewer complications and go home sooner. Were committed to of our talented and dedicated professionals who made all providing the people of Kentucky with the very best care available. these accomplishments possible, what To learn more about all of the awards matters most is what these awards weve recently received and our other mean to you. Results have shown that improvements, call us or visit our Web site. , 96 EII'9 1-800-333-8874 ukheaIthcare.uky.edu