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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 79, no. 2, Summer 2008

Part of Kentucky alumnus

2 Presidential Conversation Reconnect With Your University This is a big year for anniversaries at the University of Kentucky Two of UK's academic colleges are ln the midst of centennial celebrations and, believe it or not, the crown jewel of our library system is turning 10 years old. The College of Arts and Sciences, home to our largest undergraduate stu- ~ dent population, has been educating the next generation of Kentucky leaders * A for generations. Since 1908, the college has graduated more than 36,000 stu- '=_ U dents. The college has the unique ability to inHuence the lives of students across the campus community as nearly every student will take one or more classes in the college during their academic career at UK. The UK College of Law, which was recently ranked 31st among law schools at public institutions by US. Newt and VVZ2rZdRg1>0m also celebrates 100 years of academic excellence this year. The college has the proud history of educat- ing some ofthe Commonwealths and the nations top legal minds. From prominent elected oflicials and policymakers to countless judges and attor- neys, the College of Law has been crucial to the success of this institution and Kentucky It is hard to believe that our William T Young Library celebrated its 10th anniversaryin April. ln a short pe- riod of time, the facility has transformed our campus community It has quickly become the place for our stu- dents to meet, collaborate, work on projects, and study for tests. Boasting the largest materials endowment among public universities, Young Library is flrmly entrenched among the world's leading research libraries and has become one ofthe most popular landmarks on the University of Kentucky campus. Since opening its doors, the picturesque facility also has captured the attention of not only those that use the facility but also those that visit the campus. In 2007 the library appeared on the cover of The C/wanidz rflahg/my Edurumm:AZmunur1rrut 2UU78 and served as a backdrop for UK football fans on ESPN's popular GzmcDzy TV program. To the alumni members of these two colleges, 1 hope this centennial celebration provides you an opportunity to reconnect to your university And 1 hope all ofour alumni can get back to campus to enjoy the Young Library and its grandeur. Sincerely Lee T Toddjr. President S G 9 U G. I TM m everythmg we da. www.ukalumni.net 5 ((