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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1960

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

LITTLE 3 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, Tuesday, An k 1 MAN ON CAMPUS """" TTi7tmiiiT W 1 IliMHl Consliliilioiml Revision rll. Cllflfd Adt bring ?ar ciind la th Kmi Kerritl Continued from Tage 1 Following revision by the con- - riac felt the election of Judges was vent ion Relegates, the icvlsed conimpractical and advocated the Mis- stitution, will be placed before the souri plan of Judicial selection. public fflr the final vote. Judicial officers In the lower courts are not required to have legal training. He went on to say, and of 120 county Judges in Kentucky only 20 arc lawyers. I.blen aaid there was also a great need for more courts In Kentucky. j i Especially in the metropolitan SECOND FLOOR arras such as Louisville and Lexington. The present constitution allows for no other courts. All of the panel members aRreed A that, the rank, and file of are still distrustful of their representatives in the legisKen-tuckia- a Camous Snortswear 1 1 II ns OfeettacX'ct lature. 8 Judpc Palmore said, "When you don't trust your legislators you don't trust your own power to gov- 'Hl'5 SEVERELY HANIOICWEP IN THIS CLASS -- HE HhSbHIGUl Judy O'Dell Is Elected Head Of Sponsor Corps Judy O Df 11. sophomore Miss one-four- No more a workaday fabric, seersucker is fashioned to a queen's taste. Here, the shirt . mat grew up to be a dresi and couldn't care less about an iron. Snap it up in green, tlrrted president of the AFROTC Sponsor Corps last week. Miss Ann Woodward was chosen! vke president. Cher officers inciuae I'riscilla Lynn, sophomore, secretary; and Jur.e Moore, sophomore, treasurer, The Sponsor Corp mrmbrrs are dertrd each fall by Air Science ( jdrts. The Sponsors are organized to promote interest in the I'niver- Mty' AFROTC program, and to erve any campus organization when railed upon. TV ' N rir h with the AS Crt(i;i.' a; all paiatJej. and forma- ti ns. gr,d reremonies. ' t rr.' i!1 !"y r r ?:?)c: to Dc-.b- j (iov. Bert C'onib has selected the Sponsor Corps to serve as his official hostess organization. Amont; the duties of the unit is niinc as hostess for all the de-- -J ta: mf nts 290 functions and greetJul all visiting Air force dignitar- 1 i.v;:H. f iil H j::-;- ; :M I ? i i$ K 3 i M ' MWH&M & I ' ft th AND COMPANY INC. Deor Dr. Frood: I'm working my way to all the friends he has made in college. through college. hac delivered newspapers, worked as an usher in the local moie theater and rolled bandages for the school infirmary. What can my college life possibly prepare me for? Di'awr Is there any action I 1 should take? graph at left was taken. At right is a recent photo. What does the older gen- Dean eration have to say about this? Serious Student UUIIIIIIIiaiUIII HE! IIIIUUI lllUHUWllMUMI'HIILiyKIUlU IUII. pic- tures, medicine. Accounting Croup Elects President Jerry A. Strieker, Newport, jun- the Collepe of Commerce, habeen elected president of the Alpha Mil Chapter of Beta Alpha P.M. national accounting fraternity. Ftricker replaces Donald Hill, ior in - E.trd.-town- j o t& c0 Dear Dr. Frood: I am about to graduate top girl in my class. I have decided to take up a career, rather than squander my intellectual achievements on bawling babies, dreary housework and a sloppy husband. Don't you think 1 have made the right decision? Smart Gal . Other officers elected were: Thomas Truempy. Lexington, vice I ! t :dr :it : Pat Schooler, Stanford, fem truy: and Charles Mays. But-- h r. t rt asuitr. Dear Dean: Give him a big smile, put your arm around his shoulders and say, "I low 're things, pal?" C CJ l& I Dear Dr. Frood: In the past four years, I feel that 1 have become a wiser and better man. How much do 1 owe to my Dear Grateful: Slihh! Somtbody must hae forgotten to scud ou the bill. Dunn Drugs io i& Dear Dr. Frood: The older generation claims college life is too soft. JtiNt a lark. Well, a:n finishing four curs, and look ! 1 he da) I enrolled in college, the photo 1 Dear Smart: do, and 1 feci safe In saying that make that statement on behalf of etcry man in America. A VaV "V I ' j Relioble Dear Dr. Frood: What a mess 1 have made out of college! 1 am flunking out because 1 have been so lazy. I can't get a job because 1 hae made such a poor record. I have no friends because I have Service li r no college spirit. What is there left for me? Chastened Fountain Service SnJwicks 4 Skort Ordri Open 7; JO a.m. to f . I l& C0 Dear Dr. Frood: Yesterday visited my boy friend and 1 saw two Lucky Strikes burning in an ash tray. One had lipstick! Was I right in slapping him in the face Scorned and leaxing the room? I Dear Scorned: No. Why get jealous jusl because other girU smoke the same brand jou do? 1 Prescription b.y tl IQ i Dear Serious: Just what we've said all along. Parties, parties, parties! C01 Grateful uy Prompt I A college for this? -- 1 4?:.-- Graduation is all a matter of degree ' j Dear Beaver: Publishing, motion lr. I mmmmmi 1 Lucky Strike's Dr. Frood declares: .:i u iilorm to! ni:rrh in the Derby Parade. . mm i tducition major from Lexington, 11. ern, trrnvre you c!rct these men." The r;:icl members concluded that the main difficulty in calling a constitutional convention will be the teasoning among some Ken- tucky citizens that two amend- mrnts to the constitution every two years is enough. There have been 18 amendments in "0 years. The bill for revision of the constitution has passed two consecu- tive legislatures. The next step for revision will be in November when the jeople will vote on the issue, of If it is passed by the number of voters who participated i:i the precedinq election, Kentuckians will then go to the polls to choose convention dele- gates. p.m. Dear Chastened: You can always serve as a horrible example. WILL DUNN DRUG COMPANY Lime end Maxwell I I Dear Dr. Frood: I was outraged to learn that a rich, spoiled senior is planning to give sports cars as graduation presents a. r. c . COLLEGE STUDENTS SMOKE MORE LUCKIES THAN CICfh ANY OTHER REGULAR! When it comes to choosing their regular smoke, college students head right for fine tobacco. Result: Lucky Strike tops every other regular sold. Lucky's taste beats all the rest because L.S.M.F.T. Lucky Strike means fine tobacco. I hcf. j C I 64 m f r T t rj S TOBACCO AND TASTE TOO FINE TO FILTER! Product cf idntUKan Jc&xcc-&yin- y Jv&ccv is our middle name