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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1960

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, Tucvla y, April V- V for and about " 2(i, lOfilHU Women Male Lists Courses To Help Housewife I By JIM FARRIS With the disappearance of the maid in homes, the gianti of American Industry have been able to sell us every possible gadget to make housework easier. To meet the cuurent educational demands, the following new courses should be pioneered by the University: Home Economics I: 3 credits; study of modern household machinery including translation of Instruction manuals, elementary Continued From Page 1 electrical maintenance a study of Vice chairman of Henrv Clav oiling, and how to locate and keep Qf lhe Boy Sc(mts Qf Ampr. a screw driver. ica, president of Nicholasville's Home Economics II: 3 credits Babe Ruth League, and Little (nrereouisite Home Economics I) how to make the vendor perform League, and head of the Central under the guarantee without law Kentucky Education Association are a few of the 15 officers suits, how to replace the hi-advanced electrical main- - cerning youth and education which tenance- -a study of the fuse box H hag held and how to replace a fuse. Home Economics III: 4 credits (prerequisite Home Economics I. Tw0 eggs eaten at breakfast will II) how to get the spoon out of suppiy about 25 percent of tho the garbage grinder and the safety esMntial daily nutrients for adulU. pin out of the automatic washer . when the basement has been There are feelings which women pumped out after being flooded because of the safety pin In the guess in spite of the care men take to bury them. Honore De Balzac. washer. UK's Hager 7 con-needl- fi WMnni, ' VAstWr 77u Ill.li AWI Pnule And The Innocent Tnurrt. Irft, a Arinor, spiteful spinster of Molirre's wears a puritanical Misanthrope," ML jtown of reddish brown, designed by Pierre C'ardin. Deep blue for purity is used by Cardin in this for Anouk Kerjac, right, who plays the youthful Fliante in the play, now touring U.S. cities. on French Drama Shows How Costumes Express Character iii in i m i.rm mn France Sends Play To U.S. The most beautiful new look in diamonds wwniMn mm - ,. 'yyii v' V The Associated Press Clothes can express character, fays Pans designer Pierre Cardin, win) proves his words with his (.!iime; lor "Ie Misanthrope," a !( .v interpretation of Mohere in UK tit iii dress, now on world tour under the auspices of the French o nunc nt. !sci:!.u !v stnkinc are Cartten's f.'.M.s f( r ti e th:ee leading women f the play one a li r.n'' i s (j,:;c!ul prude, one a lovely and one the eternal i .v Ry ..-.- ' '" ;f ; , i I , . V ; t -- ; m For Arsinoe, the prude, played by iielle Tourrt, Cardin does a Nine, flowing town in reddish skirt and brown, with an enveloping stole, riving a Puritanical effect. Hhante, the young innocent played by Anouk Ferjac. wears an evening Rown of deep, pure blue, Kelt, feminine and modest, with cash and bodice trim of lighter blue. Ctlimene. the enchantress, played by Madeleine Delavaivre, Is a vision In a ball gown of pale pink, satin, seductively draped and worn beneath a magnificent cape of deeper pink, dipping to a train in back. All three gowns are made of a silk resembling costly crush-proo- f a heavy, rich satin but of light weight, for Jet travel. The Moliere play Is presented by the Vieux Colombler of Paris, first theatrical troupe in history to circle the globe. After its recent appearance in New York, the company is touring 40 leading U.S. universities, then continuing to Honolulu. Australia, Saigon. Vietnam. Cambodia, Ttheran. Iran, Beyrouth. Lebanon, Sicily, then back to Paris, and on to London, In four months. ' bell-shap- ? " V V "- "I - jjjj ed x : r ' ; k ' ) - l ENGAGEMENT RINGS y full-leng- th i- -- The Enchantress Madeleine Delavaivre, as Celimene, the ravlshingly beautiful charmer, wears a gown which is the essence of femininity in pale pink, seductively draped and worn with a dramatic full-leng- th cape of deeper pink. American appearances on their tour Include: Williamstown. Mass.; Syracuse, N.Y.; Notre Dame, Ind.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Lawrence Kan.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Urbana, 111.; Bloomington. Ind.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Princeton. N.J.; Baltimore, Md.; Washington. DC, Hadley, Mass.; Providence, R.I.; Cambridge, Mass.; Lynchburg, Va.; Greensboro, N. C; Miami, Fla.; Atlanta, Ga.; New Orleans, La.; Austin, Texas; Tucson, Ariz.; Seattle, Wash.; Portland, Ore.; Berkeley, Calif.; Boulder, Colo.; Evanston, 111.; Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Calif. Barefoot Girls Back In Style Jeeperst Creepers! Where'd you get those peepers? I Jffl ....... eeper by Capeiio bhow the popular barefoot look for fcpring. After almost a decade of closed the open look is back. Toes are not left waving in the breeze as in the 1940's, when women wore thoes two sizes too small. Toes and lift Is are covered in shoes for all occasions with wide cutout fcttwttn. You Have to see it to believe it! looks like a diamond sfar floating on her finger. And it makes any diamond look bigger, brighter, more beautiful. Don't even think of any other en. gagement ring until you see the dazzling "Evening Star" cd' lection at your Artcarved jeweler's. And, for real proof of value, ask your jeweler about An corveefs famous nationwide Permanent Value Plan. It gives you the right to apply your ring's full current retail price should you ever desire to, toward a larger Arfcarved diamond any time at any of the thousands of Artcarved jewelers throughout the country. IMPORTANT. Every genuine "Evening Star" diamond is guaranteed In writing, clarity .. .and carat weight and only Arfcorved itomps cut lor color the exact diamond weight in the ring. It' o genuine "Evening Star" onlJ .. when the name .. is stamped in the ring. Beloved by brides for more than one hundred years (1850-1960- ) A, r t c a r v e d DIAMOND AND WEDDING RINGS E. 45'h St., New York 17, N. V. Wood & Sont, Inc.. Dept CP. f BEE: Send m, more fids .bout dumond rings end "WEDDING GUIDE FO rtrfvd Jetler. BRIDE ANO GROOM." Aio nm of neareit (or homa-toin- J. R. ) NjT'e. Cty .County or Zone. mi .Sttt. iiioNOa i''t term, imo, i. a. moot o. tao e,