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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1960

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, Tuesday, April 4 26, 10 UnivrrMty of Kentucky proposal to change the method of selecting teams for the NCAA basketball tournament has been deferred by the executive committee of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Walter Bycrs. NCAA executive secretary, said the group's policy directing council will probably A UK's senior combination of Cal Barwiclc, Don Sobolt, and George Rupert paced the UK tennis team to their fourth straight victory yesterday as they defeated Transyon the Coliseum Courts. lvania, The three seniors each won their singles matches and Barwick and 6ebolt joined for a doubles victory as Rupert teamed with Don Dreyfuss for another win. Barwick defeated John Inman, in his singles match. downed Eddie Surrant, Rupert was an easy winner ver John Wilson, UK's Dick Thomas posted a win ever Larry Bobbitt, Bill Dailey bested Dick Taylor, The only Transy victory posted In the No. 5 singles was match as Doug Cardwell defeated Tom Lantz, In the doubles competition, Barwick and Sebolt defeated Inman Rupert and and Gurrant, Dreyfuss were declared winners ever Wilson and Bobbitt by default, and Lantz and Dailey defeated Cardwell and Taylor, 8-- 1, Se-b- 6-- 1. 6-- 6-- 0. 0, 6-- 6-- 6-- 1, 6-- 7-- 0, 6-- 9, 3. 6-- 2, 0. 6-- 6-- 2, 1. 7-- 4. Over the past weekend the Wildcats of Coach Moore won two matches, defeating Bellarmine and Marshall by identical 3 scores. The Cats defeated Marshall, Thursday on the Coliseum Courts. Seniors Barwick, Sebolt, and Rupert paced the win as each recorded wins in singles competition. Barwick and Sebolt combined for a doubles win. Barwick has the best individual single record on the UK team with nine wins in 11 outings. Against Marshall, Barwick defeated Dave Huggman, Sebolt defeated Joe Shafer, Rupert's win came over Bill Price, Marshall's Buddy Duncan scored and over UK's Bill Dailey, Noah Gregory defeated the Cats' 6-- 6-- 2, PHONE 400 E. 2-71- 27 LEXINGTON VINE AAA Road Service 24-Ho- ur each scored singles victories. Barwick and Sebolt took their doubles match. Barwick defeated Dave Weber, Sebolt defeated Bob Rupert defeated West rick. Andy Latkovski, Bellarmine's Dave Payne defeated UK's Bill Dailey, 10-UK's Tom Lantz was downed by the Knights' Anath Dixon, In the doubles, Barwick and Sebolt defeated Westrick and Weber, Bellarmine's Latkov.5.4, skl and Payne defeated Rupert and Dailey, 6-- 3-- 2, 6, 6-- 6-- 2, 4. 6-- 1, 6-- 2. 6-- 4-- 6, 6-- 6-- 1. 2, 6-- 2. 0. 9-- 7. 6-- 4. THE NEW YORK LIFE AGENT ON YOUR CAMPUS IS A GOOD MAN TO KNOW 3, Vh, to be in Elba.., now that Winston's there!" 1. 6-- 4-- 4-- On Page I "COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE" DON SEBOLT UK tennis team are Don Sebolt and Cal Barwick. Pacesetters of the Barwick leads the team in singles victories with seven wins In nine outings. The two have combined to make up UK's No. 1 doubles team. 8, UK's season record is now The men of Coach Ballard Moore have won four in a row. Their last loss was to Georgia on April 16. run-Continu- ed Incorporated CAL BARWICK 2. hear a irpoit from the committee cn infractions.- eiecutive comThe VK'm basketball mittee rrferrrd tournament proposal t ft university basketball tournament committee which meet In Joly. Kentucky wants conference TAYLOR TIRE CO. "M olt 6-- 0, Plan NCAA Defers UK Senior Trio Paces Kentucky To Forth Straight Tennis Win .,' I '' : ? 3. 6-- 1, 6-- 2. 6-- 6-- 0, 0. 6-- 6-- 2, 3, GENE CRAVENS Jim Moll, In doubles competition, Barwicic 6-- 3. 7-- 5. and Sebolt joined to defeat Huff Price man and Shafer, and Duncan of Marshall defeated Dailey and Moll, Saturday, the Wildcats scored an upset victory by defeating the 3 at Knights of Bellarmine, 6-- 6-- 1. 7-- 3, 6-- 5. NEW YORK LIFE Insurance Company 4. 4-- Louisville. Barwick, Sebolt, and Rupert were gain leaders for Kentucky as LIFE INSURANCE -- A- ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS INSURANCE 703 Central Bank Building Phone: or 20 FOR THE FINEST IN REFRESHMENT TRY If " 1 If AW , . . - . ,f - '. : .' i fine jjr Icecream M . DTS TJI3ATS UP FRONT THAT COUNTS The mystery is solved! Napoleon's Block from University 820 S. Limestone St. famous gesture was just to reassure himself that he had plenty of cigarettes. His army may have traveled on its stomach, but the old boy himself wouldn't have been caught at Waterloo if he hadn't been checking the Belgian High St. and Cochran 944 Winchester Rd. 7 bistros for a spare cattcn U Winstons! There's a rare smoking treat that comes from Winston's famous Filter-Blenwhich means a cartful selection of fine, mild tobaccos specially processed for filter smoking. Try a pack real soon, and you'll agree that . . . d Winston tastes good like 7. HEYHOICI TOIACCO CO .WINSTON IAIIM.N.C. a cigarette should!