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night Miss Marlon Bands, president this afternoon. Mr. Kryl was a mem The idea bcr of Sousa's band for many years mm, of this chapter, presided.was of a Kappa Delta ship carried and has had a wide and varied the last 25 years Mr. Kryl has out In the decorations and place cx-F- SOCIETVj S H MISS ELLEN MINIIIAN, Phone Ashland 3648 I jj mffiramfflfflwwwwttfflwttttmtmttfflfflwwwtnnwmwtwnr Advanced Dates April 7, 8, 9, presentation of "Scar- i lei, Bixoucrs piuy, v uiv vjuib"" When I am dead nnd over me bright theater. April April 9 Tea at Maxwell place for hair, i Shakes out her faculty and students of the unl-- ! Though you shall lean above me the vcrsity. broken-hearteI shall not care. Tea at Maxwell Place President and Mrs. Frank McVey I shall have peace, as leafy boughs were at home to the students and are peaceful faculty of the University Wednesday When rains bend down the bough; afternoon for tea from 3 to 6 o'clock. And I shall be more silent and Assisting Mrs. McVey was Miss Shlvely Maucr. Other assistants you are now. Than were: Misses Mary Louise McSARA TEASDALE. Dowell, Elizabeth McDowell, Mary FranE. Price, Ellen Mlnlhan, Lancaster, Kinney, Marian ces CALENDAR Fanny C. Woodhead, Eleanor Swear-enge- n, Doris Striker. Messrs. Jim Friday, April Kappa Delta Pi, honorary edu- Dorman, Andrew Hoover, Frank DaStewart vidson, Joe Ruttencutter, cational fraternity banquet In the Augustus and Henry Bowman. Phoenix hotel at 6:30 o'clock. Wednesday the Alma Magna Next Council meeting at 4 o'clock at Mater club of the University will the president's office. meet at Mrs. McVey's for tea. April 5 Saturday, Last cadet hop of the season in Kappa Delta Initiation and Banquet the men's gymnasium from 3 to 6 Kappa Delta sorority held Initiao'clock. tion for 12 new members last ThursAlpha Gamma Rho formal dance day night at the chapter house. On in the ballroom of the Phoenix ho- MnnHnv nltrht. n. formal banaUCt Was tel from 9 to 12 o'clock. given in their honor at the Lafayette Sigma Chi formal dance in the hotel, at wnicn time ine iresnmen men's gymnasium from 9 until 12 scholarship cup, awarded annually o'clock. fn thp frpshmnn havintr the hiehest Sigma Chi fraternity buffet sup- standing, was presented to Margaret per for members and guests at Mr. LeStourgeon. Hughes Hamilton's home in country Initiation services were conducted preceding the dance. by Miss Addle Munday, visiting na Sunday, April 6 tional officer, who did me cnapter Vesper services at 4 o'clock in the honor of staying over for this occasion. At the banquet Monday Memorial Hall. I SHALL NOT CARE . ASHLAND BARBER SHOP AND BEAUTY PARLOR WE SPECIALIZE ON MANICURING PERMANENTS SPECIAL FOR ONE WEEK ONLY: PERMANENTS TO STUDENTS, $7.00 Lexington, Ky. At East Main and Walton VV.W.,.W.V1WA.VAVWV Upon Easter Day Many a young man will be quite worried he must give her something . . . but so why not she's out of the ordinary it is out of the ora box of our candy dinary, too. .. .. .. 114 S. Limestone Phone, Ashland 1988-- Y Albert J. Kikel This week's winner '8 iniiiiinitiiniiiiittttT? They're Here ... and Await Your Selection New Spring footwear styles The Two Styles Pictured Here are Especially Smart for CAMPUS WEAR $85 Collegiate Shoe Department Mitchell, Baker & Smith (Incorporated) cards, and the toasts were along the same line, The toastmlstress acted as captain of the ship; the freshman toast was given by Miss Dorothy Scwell, as deckhand; Miss Mary Orifflth gave the sophomore toast as sailor; Miss Mary Louise Rcnakcr as lookout gave the Junior toast; and the senior tosat came from Miss Kathleen Fitch as first mate. The presentation of the schalorshlp cup was made by Mrs. Lydla Fischer, the The new Initiates, who were guests of honor, were Misses Hortcnsc Carter, Justine Cook, Josephine Crowe, Elizabeth Eaton, Mary Prince Fowler, Margaret LeStourgeon, Amelia Llgon, Myrtle McCoy, Gladys Rice, Mary Alice Salyers, Dorothy Scwell and Virginia Wardrup. The members of the active chapter arc Misses Louisa Bickcl, Betty Crawford, Phoebe Dlmock. Eleanor Doud, Kathleen Fitch, Mary Griffith, Mary Virginia Halley, Frances Holland, Dorothy Jones, Bucna Mathls, Ruth Mayes, Mary Louise Rcnaker, Marion Sands, Virginia Young and Mrs. Lydla Fischer. The pledges are Misses Dorothy Buckley, Florence Morris, Opal and Ayleene Razor. Alumnae and other guests included Miss Gertrude Wade, faculty advisor; Mrs. T. A. Stebbins, house mother; Mrs. J. T. McBride, Miss Joy Pride, Miss Ann Shropshire, Mrs. Frances R. Lamb, Miss Rebecca Patton and Miss Flora Deal. Best KERNEL THE KENTUCKY PAGE TWO oerience in the field of band music, received nation-wid- e acclaim as a band director, National President Comlnr Mrs. Ansel F. Hcmenway, Tucson, Ariz., national president of Alpha Dcla Thcta sorority, will be the C, High school, of which he Is now the coach. Tills team recently won of the basketball championship North Carolina. has returned from Mr. Bcv White a visit in Clay City. Mr, Hagan Gray and Mr. Leslie visitors at the Berry were week-en- d Triangle house who spent the weekAmong those end at the Kappa Sigma house arc Mr. Charles Moore of Georgia Tech, Mr. Ambrose Stephenson of Winchester, Mr. Thomas Adams of Louisville, Mr. Brud Farmer, of Louisville and Mr. James Arthur of Cincinnati. Mr. Roger Lauflcr and Mr. William Glanz have returned to Louisville after a short visit at the Delta Chi house. y, guest of Beta chapter at the Wednesday and Thursday of next week for the annual inspection oi ine cnapter. Several elaborate social events have been planned In her honor, among wnicn is a formal tea on Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6 at the chapter house. Mrs. Hemcnway win oe tnc guest of the Alpha Delta Theta Mothers' Club for a luncheon Solos Thursday and the alumnae will entertain at dinner on Friday night. Mrs. Hemenway has many friends at the University and at TransylOrgan, piano and soprano solos by vania, where she formerly taught, and her visit Is being looked forward talented artists will feature the weekly vesper service Sunday, April to with much pleasure. 6, at 4 p. m. in Memorial hall. The Tau Betl Pi Banquet program is as follows: Tau Beta Pi, honorary engineerOrgan "Sonata In C Minor, First ing fraternity, entertained with a banquet Thursday night at the Laf- Movement," Mendelssohn. "Intermezzo," Dethler. ayette hotel In honor of the new pledges. "Spring Song," Holllns. Short talks were made by the facMiss Edith Rose, Hamilton Colulty members and several of the ac- lege, at the organ. tives. Soprano aria "Knowest Thou The pledges are: Henry L. John- That Fair Land from Mignon," son, Pryce Green, Warren L. Moore. Thomas. Miss Margaret Lewis. John W. Buskic, Louis Payton and Mrs. Lolo Robinson at the piano. Earl Michel. Piano and organ: The officers and members of the "Concerto in F Minor," Chopin. "Larghetto." active chapter are: Messrs. R. I. "Allegro Vivace." Fort, president; J. C. Benson, Mrs. Eugene Bradley, GeorgeC. F. Bailey, secretary; M. W. Davis, recording secretary; town, at the piano. Miss Edith Rose at the organ. J. W. Pennel, treasurer; W. B. PythSoprano solos ian, cataloger; Messrs. Orville Rich"Sheep and Lambs," Sidney Homond, Louis Walton, E. L. Cawby, mer. C. E. Colvln, Warner Ford, W. F. "A Planet," Mary Helen Brown. Steers, S. M. Worthington, B. J. Miss Lewis. Harrison and R. K. Thornberry. Organ "Dreams," Stoughton. Miss Eleanor Doud motored to week-en- d. "Canzonetta," Rockwell. Louisville and spent the "Toccata," Nevln. Miss Mary Alice Salyers and Miss Miss Rose. Mary Virginia Halley spent the week-en- d home In at the latter's Cincinnati. Miss Mary Griffith spent the a. week-en- d at her home in CORRECT APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES 264 West Main Street The to Feature Sunday's Vespers Chemistry Fraternity Banquet The members of the Alpha Chi Sigma honorary chemistry fraternity, were hosts Friday at the buffet supper at the Phoenix hotel. Mr. William Higby, district councilor from Indianapolis, was the guest of honor. The enjoyable program consisted of selections on the violin given by Mr. David Young and the fraternity songs sung by Mr. Harold William son. Special dances were given by Miss Freddie Mae Ehlbert and Mr. Marvin Dunn. Those present were Messrs. C. K. Cain, Bryant Redman, J. S. Stama- toff, Travis Pugh, Nelson Boyd, Don Forman, Harold Williamson, G. B Johnson, L. M. Lesch, Dr. M. H. (Bedford, Malcolm Fllson, W. H home in Huntington, W. Va., over Keller, John S. Sprague Burgess the week-enMason, Morris Carpenter, Robert Baker, Henry T. Polk, David Young, FRATERNITY ROW Charles Morrell, Tom Cross, T. L. 'Smith. Professor B. P. Davis of the KenPledge, Mr. Edward Cross. tucky Military Institute was a guest at the Sigma Alpha Epstlon house Lambda Chi Alpha announces over the week-en- d. pledlng of Messrs. Jesse Farris, Alpha Delta Theta sorority anHorse Cave, Ky.; William Sauer, nounces the pledging of Horterise Paris, Ky. Smith, Horse Cave; Frances Hern-do- n, Russell, and Mildred Cochran, Messrs. E. L. Sargeant, James Meehan and Earl Surgener were Flemingsburg. Mr. Duke Johnson motored to visitors in Louisa, Ky., last week, Cincinnati to spend the week-en- d. Woman's Banquet Mr. Eearnest Paul of Louisville The Woman's Administrative was at the Sigma Beta XI for a Council of the University enter- short visit. tained with its annual banquet at The Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity the Phoenix hotel, Thursday night had Dr. Robert C. Riggs and Mr. at 6:30. Miss Imogene Smith, presi- and Mrs. Lyle Croft as dinner guests dent, was tosatmlstress. on Sunday. The banquet was informal except Mr. Robert at for the council members who were the UniversityReynolds, a student was of Cincinnati, In formal dress and who were seat- here to Sigma Nu dance. attend the ed at a special table. Mr. Sam Manly and Mr. Van Four toasts were given by a repat resentative of each class. Miss Kath- Buren Ropke spent the week-en- d leen Fitch, represented the Senior the Alpha Sigma Phi house. class, and Miss Jane Dyer, the Mr. Ray Mayes has returned after a short visit with his parents in Freshman class. At the banquet the Alpha Gamma Evansville, Ind. Delta cup for scholarship was Mr. Kern Patterson spent the awarded to Miss Jane Dyer. The week-en- d in Brooksville, Ky. prize of $100 from W. A. C. was also The Mother's Club of Alpha Sigma given. a meeting at the chapter During the evening the Chi Delta Phi held Tuesday on last week, with Phi literary sorority pledged the fol- house H. C. Moody, ofpresiding. Mrs. lowing girls: Misses Ruth Bullock, Kentucky Chapter of Triangle anAmy Dietrich, Violet Foster Behler and Katherine Carr. Phi Upsilon nounces the election of Mr. Benja-mln- e Harrison and Mr. Warren Omlcorn, professional home ecoMoore as president and nomics fraternity, also pledged. respectively, for the year 1930-3- 1. Literary Society to Meet Week-en- d visitors at the Sigma Patterson Literary Society will meet at 7:30 o'clock Thursday night, Nu house who were in town to atSigma Nu dance were 10, in White hall. All mem- tend the April bers are requested to be present and Messrs. Louis Hawn and George Tye, all male students of the University of Barbourville; Mickey Byrnes and are invited. Ben Metcalf, of Brooksville; Chris Sandldge, Don Moore, Thomas Hol-ma- n, Billy Weill and Robert Todd, Frosh, Report to Downing All candidates for the freshman all of Owensboro, and William Mel-le- r, tennis team are requested to meet of Louisville. with Coach H. H. Downing this aftMr. Lawton Daly, of Covington, at the Delta Tau ernoon at 4 o'clock in room 128, Mc- spent the week-en- d Vey hall. This meeting is very im- Delta house. portant and all candidates must be Messrs. James Mehan, E. M. Sarpresent. gent and Earl Surgener were in Ashland for the week-en- d. Kryl to Direct Band Mr. Dwight Stuessy, former star Bohumir Kryl, one of the nation's atlhete at the University of Illinois, most outstanding cornet soloists, will was a guest at the Phi Sigma Kappa direct the concert band of the Uni- house. He was accompanied by the versity in their regular rehearsal basketball team of the Durham, N. COLONY BOOK SHOP BOOKS! FICTION AND NON-FICTIO- IF WE DO NOT HAVE IT ON OUR SHELVES, WE CAN GET IT FOR YOU THE COLONY BOOK SHOP KENTUCKY MAIN OPP. THEATRE Lyle Is Initiated Honorary Triangle J. Irvine Lyle, vice president and general manager of the Carrier Engineering Corporation. Newark, N. J., a graduate of the College of Engineering in the class of 1896, chair man of the stadium committee and former member of the University Board of Trustees, was initiated as an honorary member of the Kentucky chapter of Triangle at their spring ceremonies. This particular organization is confined to engineers and Mr. Lyle is today one of the engineers and most outstanding foremost authority on air conditioning. He Is a frequent visitor at the University. LOST Purse, in Administration Building, containing yellow foun tain pen, with name on it. 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