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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 4, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

y Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SPECIAL Ladieg Spring Coats and Coat Suits, $1.00 Until Next Issue of the Kernel (Watch this space each week for our Special to Students) Lexington Dry Cleaning Co. J WOODLAND BARBER SHOP G. S. STRAIN, Proprietor 201 Woodland Avenue We Especially Solicit Ladies' and Children's Work ABSOLUTELY SANITARY llllllliilllllllMiMimJ mHtiinnnnniiiiiiiiiunnniiiwnMtmumu THE NEVITT CO. AUTO SUPPLIES Special Discount to College Students 366 East Main St. Phone: Ash. 446 Everyone (Especially Students) Eats CABIN BAR COCOANUT CHOCOLATE LOG CHERRY BOUNCE NUT EGG BRADAS & GHEENS Phone, Ashland 7703 Lexington, Ky. 205 Woodland Avenue !nnnnmmmmmiininntin:ininmmmm :;ti)iiiiniitiiiiininiinmiiiiiiitiin::nt Easter Novelties ENGRAVING DANCE PROGRAMS and INVITATIONS We Also Have the NEW ROYAL TYPEWRITER i Near Fayette Bank N. Upper Street iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmtm: niiMntMnmnmtniiiiiniitiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)iiiniiiiiiint! FOR TEAS AND RECEPTIONS We Make Mints, Salted Nuts, Etc. Home Made Candies Candied Apples Opera Creams Nut Goodies FAMOUS FOR OUR CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKES BENTON'S SWEET SHOPPE Phone Ashland 5961 mi iiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiii found! iiiiiiiiniiiiiniiiimiitmns E9 a new slant on Rus In Urbe PAUL TREMAINE he transforms hill-bill- y .. folk MEET and spirituals into smart, wonderfully peppy songs steppers. Your throat has probably helped to make the welkin ring with these great old tunes. And now has Broadway dancing to them and loving it! You have the very latest in merry melody coming to you in this new Columbia record Paul's first. Its two famous numbers are delightfully amusing, hauntingly tuneful and insistently HEAR TODAY YOURS TOMORROW. . . Tre-mai- 10 inch 75c Record No. 2130-Hand Me Down My Walkin- - Cane J fox Trots laul Treiuuiue and Ilia Sue'U. Be CouiN' Orcueitra Abound the Mountain j Mafic Columbia p&Records without VSv-tn- aJ Recording "The Records Sold By CANDIOTO PIANO CO. 118 South Limestone Scratch T (incorporated) M ATM Society Sigma Na Formal The members of the Sigma Nu Saturday fraternity entertained night with their spring formal dance at the Men's Gymnasium from 9 until 12 o'clock. Cliff Per-rlnand his Brunswick recording orchestra of Chicago furnished the music for the five The gymnasiums was beautifully decorated In futuristic designs and varied colored crepe paper streamers divided the room into several sections. At each corner of the room a large Illuminated shield of the fraternity hung. The programs for the guests were black celluloid, mcrust-e- d with mother of pearl, which was engraved with the Sigma Nu crest. Includes chapter active The Messrs. Hubert Buckles, Nell Cain, Nathan Davlcs, Frank Davidson, Semmy Drake, Elden Durand, GorJeffries, don Gonsalves, James Henrv Kelley, Edward Miller, Rob Noonan, Robert ert Mormon, John Pennington, Waltham Medley, John Ramey, Earl K. Senff, Herbert Steeley, Jack Todd, George Whitfield, Lister Witherspoon, Rudy Schmock, Marshall Van Meter, William McKee, James W. Gordon, Peyton Ellis, Slade Carr, Edward Cadden, Harold Bredwell, E. D. Farmer. Pledges are Messrs. James Sulli van. Russell Stelgner, Zach Sheilds, Junior Peters, Robert Newton, Wil liam Moore, Edward Monahan, Rob ert Virgil Hall. Chaperones for the dance were President and Mrs. Frank L. Mc- Vey, Dean Sarah Blanding, Mr. and Mrs. Maury Crutcher, Mr. and Mrs. j William Finn, Mr. and Mrs. Madl son Cawein, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Van Arsdale, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tracy, Dr. and Mrs. O. J. Stewart, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin. Chapter bids were sent to the fra ternlties at the University of Ken tucky, Georgetown College, Tran College, sylvanla University of Louisville and the University of Tennessee. About 500 guests were present. FRATERNITY ROW Katherlne Dickinson, Covington, spent the week-en- d at the Delta Zcta house. Miss Marie Howard, Richmond was also a visitor at the Delta Zeta house. Miss Mary Jo McCormlck spent tne week-en- d at her home in Shcr man. Miss Helen Dale visited at her home in Myers last week-en- d. Miss Martha Thompson, Atlanta Ga., and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Payne, Covington, were at the Delta Zeta house Sunday. Miss Carolyn Vice. Dry Ridee was a visitor at the Aloha Delta Tneta house last week-en- d. Misses Anna Martin, Margaret Motch and Frances Mauzy spent tne weeK-en- d in Winchester. Miss Mary Lewis Marvin was at her home In Georgetown last week end. Miss Nancy Mitchell spent the week-en- d Versailles. Miss Mildred Green is recovering from a recent illness at her home in Paris. Miss Kappa Sig Fire Dr. Miner Releases New Translation of Adds Color to French Psychology Dinner Program Dr. J. Miner of the psychology nas Kern Patterson (Incorporated) imniuiiiiiiiinn MAIM AT ROSE PlraH hv nmhitlon Transylvania Printing Co. 141 South Lime PAGE THREE at the DUbllclty gained by the colorful tales told of tvio "wnrmlne narties" held re cently by their feminine cohorts, the Alpha Gam's and the K.. u.'s, ine Kappa Sig's decided to give their Hlnnnr uniaete nf last SimdaV a Warm reception in their own inimitable style; and so, just as tne guests were beginning to be warmed by the 'festive board of Kappa Sigma, it broke loose fire In one of the tallest turrets of the Kappa Sig castle It was said that those present wprp vprv acrreeablv surmised. Al though the affair was not graced by the presence of the crimson and warm-colore- d pajamas of the Alpha r,nm social fires, it is said that there were a few squeals of delight from the "fairer" sex and it was reporv-o- ri that Miss Mareie McLaughlin was not at all "fazed" by the shocking announcement that the palace ton? nn fire. It is said that she calmly resumed her repast and thought nothing more of it a wisecracking good chaperone Is Miss Margie. A hook and ladder platoon from the Lexington fire battalion put in their appearance In a few moments nnri bpcran to show their kniehtlv skill before the young maids who had assembled in front ox tne mansion for the performance. Not to be outdone in matters of Jess redoubtable chivalry, the Laughlln came dashing out and proto vanquish the veteran fire-mp- n ceeded In scallntr the castle wall, prob ably in search of lovely maidens in distress, and whatnot. But the blaze was found to be onlv a feeble one. and the knights were destined not to try their metal that day. That old fire and water horse, "Deacon" Jones, followed by a few of the more hardy of the Alpha Sig courtiers, arrived on the scene a few moments later and pronounced the event more or less a failure. It was Just another "house fire" and nothing more: but Dame Ru mor has It that more of these social events are nromlsed In the near for the pleasure-ma- d future more tnan imeiy uean Squelcher will catch the spirit of the season and hold a little "firewater" party for the Student Council. Quien Sabe? For it is the cus tom in these days. Assembly of Plymouth V V-- -r Li Boynton and Graham Write Articles for Technical Journals A recent number of the new PLYMOUTH several of our friends maintained that they had actually seen the snake, that Its name was Roland and that It had pink eyes. Perhaps it was some more potent Influence than the power of suggestion. $690.00 SEDAN $985.00 BROTHERS, Inc. SEE US IF YOU NEED A GOOD USED CAR lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll STUDENTS: Get Ready for EASTER m HAVE YOUR SPRING TOGS PUT INTO SHAPE ! East High, off Viaduct Phone, Ashland 2259 All Makes TYPEWRITERS Sale or Rent Special Rental Rates to Students Dealer: L. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters SSJR STANDARD Opp. Courthoutt WEST SHORT ST. Phone 1792 Headquarters for Students FOUNTAIN SERVICE TOASTED SANDWICHES CIGARETTES and TOBACCO TOILET ARTICLES and MAGAZINES NORRIS CANDIES ALEXANDER'S Just Across the Campus Griggs Building 5 S 5d7 South Limestone S. & H. GREEN STAMPS ON ALL PURCHASES Jour- THE PAGES of (THE DENTON CO.) lUCCtWJBATCO QUEEN SPRING'S COURT In assembling your ensemble this spring let DENTON'S help you select the smart and correct . . . note the many points to remember in your selection . . . style, lines, color, and most import portant, your match ing or contrasting JEWELRY THAT MATCHES If you are in doubt, I i ear rings and $1.00 HOSE THAT that sup-o- n smart bag to carry is little backstrap pouch with inverted frame. .The only metal showing lis the new turn iock Which only adds to its at Utl tractiveness, it may De is washable and very light weight with slit This glove ri be had in all sizes Wayne in beige, egg CONTRAST cuff. it's shell, black, black ent, biege, green, and black calf. $4.95 pins. The outstanding and unioue Glove this Spring is the popular or CONTRAST in had pat- Pearls are correct, but . . . select bronze be sure costumes and for formal or informal wear, harmonizing pastels in your necklace, pendants, bags! X that MATCH X17 H m Early to bed and early to rise and your girl goes out with other guys. accessories jj THE CLOTHES SHOP Even without the snake we en Joyed the dance Immensely. If there were only some way to convince our friends from Centre that these oc casions are Just as brilliant when they leave their guns at home. The high regard which the Alpha Gamma Rho's entertain for their neighbors, the Kappas, was delicate ly expressed in the method by which the farmers issued invitations to the fair ladles for their formal. It seems that a chapter bid was sent and that any of the girls who de sired to attend were permitted to select their own dates. When the list had been completed It was pre sented to the Alpha Gamma Rho's who then sent bids to all the men who were necessary to the happiness of the Kappas. Just another way of overcoming Sigma Chi compe tltlon. SEDAN R GOODWIN We were warned before the Sigma Nu formal that a large, green snake was to guard the entrance to the gym. The power of suggestion was well demonstrated to us today when FOUR-DOO- DODGE BROTHERS William Ardery The student council seems to be more interested in publicity than in gaining dominion over all phases of student government. Their demands were not known to President Mc-Vuntil ho read of them In the Kernel, Friday morning. We so enjoy watching the little boys parade in front of the Admin istration building on Monday afternoons. They are very proud of their beautiful brown uniforms and they B. take themselves so seriously they department, recently translated even crane their "PrinclDles of Exnerimentnl Psv. don'tband sponsor passes necks when by. the chology," by Henri Pieron, professor at me institutede psycnologie of the If only our manly eds and fair University of Paris. The book was ettes could know how much more DUbllshed In this COUntrv hv Wnr. look court, Brace and Company, and is common than usual they gum when they one oi tne nooks of "The Interna- they munch chewing forever ostracize tional Library of Psychology, Phll- - would doubtless practice. A satyric this proletarian osopny and scientific Methods." entertainer" guzzling gin in a Chi "Princinles Of Exnprimpntnl Pav. cago night club a chology" is a general exposition of compared to a is Tri-De-thing of beauty lt chewing mental functioning, such as may be gum In the Tavern. disentangled irom the results hitherto obtained, with an appeal to exNot content with giving the fire amples of definite ncenmnHshmpntc The foreword thus sets the purpose men an eyeful of pyjama clad feminity or the carpenters who after or tne book before the reader. Dr. Miner, who is head of the ward fixed the roof two eyefulls of psychology department nf the Uni negligee covered charm, one of the versity, began work on the transla- Alpha Gam actives went a step farAs she and the tion while in France on his leave of ther last week. absence. He has made severni re. Ivory were having fun together in the tub a crash announced a visitor. search problems and published the results in technical Journals. In It seems that one of the electricians who was working in the attic above 1919 he published a book called "Deficiency in Delinquency; an Inter- had fallen through the plaster Into pretation of Mental Testing." The the citadel of Alpha Gam cleanlipresent book, "Principles of Experi- ness. Might we point out to the mental Psychology," has been pub- chapter that there are more delicate methods of securing a lover? lished in England. nal of Higher Education carried a review of Dr. Paul L. Boynton's study of "The Relationship Between the Intelligence and Moral Judgment of College Students." At the same time there appeared In the new Quarterly Journal of Social Psychology an extended research made by Dr. James L. Graham. Both Dr. Boynton and Dr. Graham are professors In the department of psychology. Dr. Boynton's research was carried on here at the university. It was first published In the "Contributions to Education" at George Peabody College for Teachers. It is a study between moral Judgments and tested Intelligence, showing that the student's maturity does not seem to affect his moral Judgment, but that college men are apparently more lenient in their Judgments, on the average, than college women. Dr. Graham's research Is a study of the racial differences In response of such highly selected groups of negroes and whites as are found In colleges. This work took several years. He has not only measured the genModel eral superiority of the white in tests Be Given of higher intellectual processes, but has discovered certain types of re lational thinking In which his group AnHi in will witness the inaugu negroes made a relatively higher ration of a model assembly of the of sponsored record compared with the whites. League of Nations to be by the Political Science Forum of the University. The meeting will be GRIDER TO DISCUSS PANAMA held at 8 o'clock In Memorial Hall. El Ateneo Castellano, Spanish Centre College. AsburV College Club of the University, will hold and Kentucky Wesleyan will Its regular meeting In the recreation with the university department of Political Science at this room of Patterson hall, at 3 p. m., Tuesday, April 8. "Panama" will be meeting by sending student other reDresentatlves the general theme for discussion, will be chosen from students of Po with a number of students taking part on the program, James Allen litical Science at the University. Grlder, Jr., who lived in Panama for Attractive programs nave Deen this session by Miss Har eight years prior to his enrollment for riet Kerslake. Dr. A. W. Kelley will in the University, will present an aid In the program by playing ine interesting feature on the working national anthems of the various na of the Panama Canal. tions in the League of Nations. ALPHA GAM INSPECTOR HERE The meeting was designed primarily for the International RelaMiss Julia Riser, official visiting tions Club and the Political Science Forum of the University. The ob- delegate of the Alpha Gamma Delta ject Is to show the people how af- sorority, inspected the University fairs of the League of Nations are chapter from March 30 to April 2. conducted. The public Is invited to Miss Riser is from Birmingham. Ala., and is a member of the Grand attend this meeting. Council of Alpha Gamma Delta. Spectator at soccer game: "Go to aglne: 'e's still Yawn the only time some marit. 'Erb. kick 'lm ried men get to open their mouths. breathing!" McOlll Dally. Language to FOOD A 2222 IMA AT WALTON AYR CQUIRRET O "Easy to Remember" Telephone, Ashland white. on Vfll-l- r tnirron hose y "use with S ee and French u- - neei. shades are mus cadine, blond dore, biscav. nude, flesh. wink, crebe. nlaire. beige. clair, sun tan and rendezvous (STREET FLOOR) picot KM