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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 4, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available f THE KENTUCKY KERNEL BAFFLING MYSTERY The Strollers Present D W!vl-i- E GUIGNOL THEATRE ADD MON., TUES., WED. HflV. 1 SEATS NOW ON SALE AT RUSS PUTNAM'S CLOTHES SHOP, PHONE CLAY 679. MAKE RESERVATIONS Hubby: For two pins I'd leave Then there was the actor who you! liked himself so much he disguised Wife: Boohool And I suppose you his handwriting and sent himself have them picked out already I mash notes. 70Q 1 , 0, U I RICH COMEDY I EARLY! Alpha Delta Sigma Holds Initiation at Lafayette Hotel SON and RUDY SCHMOCK about U. K. MAN HONORED Primo: Was the referee of your Firp Joe: Well, he's given me full the campus. Finally, to the base fight honest? value for every bribe so farl ball game where I did see many of Byron R. Cisco, a graduate of the me cas oeing collegiate with their University, was made assistant gum. chewing baseball I myillliya JmnnTn n Saw United States district attorney at Iflfflfininn VtlttttUll U 9 tllUllllllllHllllllllll U9 VI UtttftAttl P VtlUUUUUP W1UUUU UffVUllI t infflmm SHORTY SHROPSHIRE keeping Miami, Fla., Wednesday, according The Desha Drcckenrldgc chapter score and TIM MURPHY to roll the to Information received here yesterbaseball through his feet in center day. Mr. Cisco went to Miami from of Alpha Delta Sigma, national L. field. fraternity, entertained with to hold Saw also oldW. McMURRAY Ashland six years ago, and Is the son down my position on the of A. H. Cisco, a former circuit Judge a banquet last night at 6:30 in the bench. In the evening to see LEN In Kentucky. red room of the Lafayette hotel. Of- WEAKLEY and PRESTON ORD-WA- Y Old wending their weary way LAST HOP IS APRIL S ficers for the coming year who were The final dance of the series of installed at the banquet were: presi- homeward after giving the ladles a treat. cadet hops that have been sponsored dent, Albert J. Klkel; vice president, by the R. O. T. C. regiment during TUESDAY This William Cundlff; secretary, Oeorge school being thirsty day I rushed to the past winter and spring will be OF for knowledge Hlllen; treasurer, Allle Mason. and gossip, and almost ran Into held Saturday afternoon, April 5, in TIREDOM Initiation exercises were held fol- LOUIS WEBER, who has given up the men's gym. The Original Kenlowing the banquet for five pledges. his VALENTINO title and become tucky Masqueraders have been en DRUG STORE The principal speaker of the even- the settled student. FRANK DA- gaged to furnish the music for the ing was Oeorge Kother, Kentucky VIDSON and KAY KENNEDY were occasion. The hours will be from PRESCRIPTIONS representative of the Campbell-Ewal- d too busy to even nod a welcome to 3 to 6 p. m. advertising syndicate. The me. I beheld the stately JAMES 21-64- 0 Main and Deweese Phones Ashland topic of his talk was "This Adver- R. DORMAN trying to persuade his sorlal" dignity for a while. Saw FITCH 346 East Main St. tising Age." Phone, Ashland 3931 and fllllCJIIIIIIIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIIIIClllllllllllllClllllllllllllCllllllllllllltllllltllllHKSHimiUI true love, MAC DONALD, to avoid also KATHLEEN Newly Initiated members of the the weariness to class room. At SHORTY SHROPSHIRE as they engaged in their morning tete-a- fraternity are: Ben Stapleton, Cole- lunch, the den of iniquity did swarm tete. man Smith, James Slayers, Olenn with collcglates: CHRISTINE Terrll and John Robertson. JOHNSON and McBRAYER were Active members of the fraternity with other half of the "BIO FOUR" To are: W. L. Valade, Virgil Couch, Al- with MARY ARMSTRONG AND bert Klkel, Roy Owsley, Allle Ma- DICK RICHARDS Ah a wonderson, William Cundlff, Joe Rutten-cutte- r, ful thing love! At night I slipped Philip Olnen, Gene Royse, through the drenched darkness of Lr. Lexington Ar. Cincinnati Oeorge Hlllen, Rufus Wilson, James the silent campus and pecked In the O.T. E.T. O.T. Shropshire. windows of the law building where 6:55 AM. 2:55 A.M. 5:55 AM. No. 32 xBlue Grass Special Retiring officers who have served I watches the STROLLERS, In si7:30 A.M. 8:30 AM. 5:10 A.M. No. 2 Ponce de Leon during the past year are: W. L. lent glee I I saw there JAMES 5:35 A.M. 7:50 A.M. 8:50 AM. No. 44 Cincinnati Special Valade, president, and Joe Rutten-cutte- r, GATES and EARL SELLERS in a No. 28 Carolina Special 9:40 AM. 8:40 A.M. 6:20 A.M. vice president. heated argument and watched TOM William Hamilton, president of RILEY pace the floor and tear his 2:05 P.M. 5:00 P.M. No. 16 Cincinnati Local 6:00 PM. Bruce Barton Chapter of Alpha Del- hair in frenzied agony. Methinks 8:40 P.M. No.42 Queen and Crescent L'ted 6:20 P.M. 9:40 PM. ta Sigma at Boston University, was there are mysterious doings in this No. 102 Royal Palm de Luxe.... 6:45 P.M. 9:20 P.M. 10:20 PM. a guest at the banquet. No. 4 Royal Palm 9:30 P.M. 10:30 PM. 6:55 P.M. "SCARLET" play. No. 6 Sewanee River Special... 7:55 P.M. 10:30 P.M. 11:30 PM. WEDNESDAY Ah. shades of xDally except Sunday. CAMPUS Hades what a dull day! Would that Spring would come when the (Continued from Page One) thought of men turn to that which , the fair maids have dwelt on all City Ticket Office, 112 East Main Street Phone Ashland 49 PEPPIE'S DIARY winter! I saw SHIPWRECK KELLY with LUCY DAVIS and they did FRIDAY Up betimes and to look sorely troubled. This is rumor class where I did list to the dissent of a quarrel. Alas! it always haping opinion of JOHN CROSBY for pens! But then saw ROD KEENY some time. Albeit peculiar, BILL and the lovely I LOIS ADAMS and GESS did agree with the professor once more I had faith in "this thing Finally, to stroll about the campus called love." The den of iniquity where I did see EDNA SMITH and RALPH STEVENS. In the after was Interesting as usual. Methinks seen noon to talk with JANE CATE who I've deep COACH HEBER engaged conversation with In did promise to reform after our LEWIS MARVIN of late. MARY I saw comments of last week. Saw also 'looking CLARENCE BARNES talking to the MARGARET DOUGLAS Alpha Gams. Rumor has It that he mighty neat in clothes with her old (Drink my diary! Alas, dress new furbished. Still later I has been accused of did talk with MARY ARMSTRONG my nerves! What fools my public have them guessing. who did promise to set me right on be! I reallytea hour the RYTHM Just before the current scandal. KINGS became most unrulv. BILL SATURDAY The camnus is in SHELL and his date O. K. JUDSON Delicious and Refreshing deed" abustle this morning with were given the royal razz and much BEANS" McWELKINS rushing to my disgust a screen was fished One will about with several fair ladles. Saw from the closet of the den, to build also "CHEESE" McCHESNEY, who a cozy corner! A fight did start on now seems out of circulation. Fi them and I hurried away to a more then, nally, away to loaf for a while where peaceful vicinity where I did see I did see BUD FARMER, but I was EVELYN FORD and JACK not able to tell whether he was The night was spent in courting SUNNYE ALLEN, JANET meetings of the Greeks. Ah, more's FOUNTAIN ROBBINS or PEACHES McMAKIN. the pity to the stray Greeks! KEN WE ALSO HAVE THE BEST Saw today many of the When you suffer from large and undiluted man SERVICE IN TOWN McINTYRE looked like and back in town. In without a country In his the corner of doses of your fellows. When the milk of the evening to the Sigma Nu formal the den. human kindness seems to sour. Blow the where I did see many of the celeb PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED THURSDAY This day being very rities and Was most whistle for a minute's "time out" on your struck by the many comments on rainy I stirred not out until late. own account, to pause and refresh yourself. the appearance of JEWELL MAR- Then to class where I did see DARTIN. Saw there EVELYN FORD, BY SCHMIDT and BOB SCHIPE In other words, go into a huddle with a LISTEN 12V they talked on the corner. looking mighty pretty but wanting Crantland Rice -- - Famoua glass or bottle of refreshing, delicious to know what was meant by a la CHARLES RAEDICKER did try to a Sport Champion! FIRST BIG STOP DOWN TOWN Coca-Col- a. negligence. Finally, away to bed oogle his eyes at the girls, but the It will make you captain of Oreheilra Wednesday 10:30 my heart at rest but my mind charm was not working this day. with your soul again, ready to live or die to 11 p. m. E. S. T. - Coael to We Repair All Makes of Fountain Pens Saw also VERNON ROOKS as he very busy. Coul NBC Network for the dear old alma mater. SUNDAY This day I did stay hustled about to get in the Infor long in bed after the strenuous mation of the behemoths as they en Company. Atlanta, Ca. The night before and finally I did arise gaged in their vulgar pastimes. Saw to a late breakfast. Saw BETTY also morton walker as tie did BOARD. MINA PATE and JANET engage in a last minute rush to fur ROBBINS with their usual Sunday nish copy. Saw also ROY OWSLEY morning appetites. In the afternoon as he strolled to the law building! HAD TO BE GOOD TO GET WHERE IT IS 9 MILLION A DIY-I- T to laugh long and loud at BILL where he might drop nis "prores- GESS and BOB OTOEAR trying to convince the world that they were studying. Saw also DAN GRIFFITH and HUBERT BUCKLES recuperat! LOVES ing after their review for the bar. In the evening to the show where (Frederic March) a selfish lover who I did see KITTY FINNELL and her wants all her love fights to keep her boy friend making merry. from what she wants most. And she MONDAY Up early this morning to revel in the fresh sunlight before is mad about him. class. In the afternoon I was sure amazed to see JIM CHAPMAN In the library. Saw NANCY JOHN- (Fuller Mellish, HER 1 GOODRICH SILVERTOWNS $1 For Your 1 Fountain Pen in Exchange on a New SHE AFFER THE "WILDCATS" HUTCHINSON'S Taylor Tire Co. TRAINS CINCINNATI 1 Blow the Whistle KERNELS Southern Railway System vr is Bring in Your OLD PENS of Standard Make give you Dollar a credit LIFETIME SHEAFFER We t Pause that refreshes forthe Lexington Drug Co. RENT A HIM SHE Chrysler or BUT Jr.) whom she hasn't seen for years. yet she renounces She hates him love to find him. Why? LEARBURY SATbH New Ford with. Kuin Lnaaenon WE CATER TO THE U. K. TRADE NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED FROM STUDENTS jitarjiuitjj M of Style and Quality Among the many things that can be said for the Rent-A-C- ar 133 E. Short Company Phone Ashland 3145 Fredric March i CRITICS Commercial From Timothy Shaa's Best Seller college men of today they know style and quality. Their judgment is Lcarbury's Standard. R.S.THORPE&Son (Incorporated) "The Men's Store of Lexington" GL paramount Qicture How can she resist his loving? Frederic March! You saw him love in "The Wild Party" and "The Marriage Playground." And now, in "Sarah and Son," lie meets a woman who repulses his love. See why! You'll be amazed and delighted with the strength and force of this Sarah, the great dramatic role played by Ruth Chatterton. A Paramount Picture h j i