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Best Cop THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX 'CATS AND TIGERS Durham Prep Team WILDCATS ANNEX Holds Practice In TO MEET IN DUAL Women's Gym. OPENING CONTEST The Durham, N. C, basketball RELAY SATURDAY team, champions of their state, were Cnplnln Rronds and McBray-e- r guests of the Phi Sigma Kappa fra- here Saturday night Meet to Be .Held as Workout ternity national tournament enroutc at Chito the for Georgia Tech Relays cago. The sqund of eight men gym here Next Week worked out In the girls' Saturday night and left early Sun- day morning for the "Windy CATS HANDICAPPED BY LOSS OF McLANE City." Durham team Is coached by The quarSophomores Fill Gaps Left Dwlght Stucssy, former star terback and twice all conference Vacant by Last Year's forward In basketball while a student at the University of Illinois. Track Men He was a member of the Phi Sigma Kappa social fraternity at that inBy Lawrence Crump stitution. Coach Stucssy has made Kentucky's first dual relay meet an enviable record at Durham, of the season will take place tomor- where he Is coaching his first year. row afternoon at Georgetown, with the Georgetown Tigers furnishing competition. Coach Shlvcly will take his entire squad on the trip and will use as many men as pos sible in an attempt to select the best men to enter the Georgia Tech re"No fooling," it seems that spring lays next week. Cold weather has been a severe Is here t last, and with perfect handicap to the development of the weather the University freshmen squad and it is not probable that track team has been rapidly roundvery good time will be made. Kentucky will be somewhat handicapped ing Into shape for their coming by the loss of Freddie McLane, who meet with Georgetown, to be held was hieh scorer of the Wildcat at the latter's field Saturday after sound last vear. A pulled tendon noon. will prevent his appearing against The Kittens this year will have Georgetown. hard row to hoc in upholding the Heber and Kelley will probably record made by last year's freshdash and Kel- man team, which won meets over start in the ley will pair with Sisk In the Centre and Georgetown, besides dash. Adams of Georgetown winning eight first places from the will run both of these events, In varsity. which there are no favorites. Jones Try-ou- ts were held last Saturday and Ruttencutter will run the quar- and the boys In ter mile Erlnd and will also have showing plenty were successful the of stuff despite competition in the person of Waters whipped Stoll field of the Tiger squad. Thomasson ana cold wind which at afternoon. It was CBryan will take care of the half-mil- e, all opening of the seasonthoughtthere that having the the with Thomasson on tne edge. O'Bryan will also run the mile would be several weak places have together with Twaddel. Captain team, but these places seem to men, Owens and Benny Martin or John- been strengthenedto by older stride, hit their who have begun event, son will run the two-miand by with Owens as the best bet. Shive-l- y among the appearance of new faces the track aspirants. is expecting Owens to tie or break the Southern Conference record In Coach Peter Potter has been for tunate in having only one major event before the season ends. this The high and low hurdles bring casualty; Tuttle, the big boy from Cavana, Shipley, Weiman and Wil- Berea Academy, having twisted his liams Into action, with Waters as ankle severely. Tuttle was a main cog in the high Jump and discus Georgetown's threat. "Babe" Wright and "Floppy" For-qu- throw. It is expected that the anxie will toss the shot and both men will heal In time to allow nlm to en should get some nice distance. ter Saturday's meet. In the sprints Coach Potter is Wright has gotten 42 feet and 4 inches on his best throw and "Flop- counting on Foster, Spillman and separate him- Gray. Foster and Mahan look best py" has been able to d event, and Watts self 40 feet from the little Iron ball. in the Wright will also throw the discus Ballou. Millikan and Farmer's per Cavana and formances have been outstanding in paired with Andrews. Rodgers will throw the javelin and the quarter and half mile runs. In Gottlieb there is very little choice between all probability Maddox and 220-yamile, in the spear tossers. In the Jumps, will run the Clark and tne Brown will low hurdles Kelly and George Yates will broad jump; Roberts and Gibson, high nerform. while Traylor and Clark jump, and Gibson and Porter in the will give their attention to the high pole vault. Roberts is getting gooa hurdles. Aldrldge and Seal are ex height in the high jump, clearing 6 pected to take care of the weight events. Luther and Tuttle will throw feet. Starters in the mile relay are not the discus. Tracy will be the choice certan, but will be picked from the for the javelin throw. The broad Thomasson, jumping will be taken care of by following: Owens, and Gray, and the high jumping by TutJones, Thome, Ruttencutter tle, Traylor and Turley. Hubble and Hayes. most powerful Turley are expected to enter the Kentucky has the and well balanced track and field pole vault. With such material as the men squad In, the history of the institution and a break In the weather will mentioned there seems to be a great find the boys turning In some ex- chance for the Kitten team to ducellent performances throughout the plicate the performances made by season. A successful season will do last year's squad. Coach Potter has much to add to the growing Interest arranged for several meets this year, In track events and provide a bet- among which will be telegraphic M., ter balanced athletic program for meets with Mississippi A. and will Tennessee and Georgia. There the University. also be at least two more meets scheduled to be held on Stoll field. KITTEN THINLIES ACCOMPANY CATS Dr. Black Resumes Duties at University Dr. Forrest R. Black of the College of Law, has returned to the University and has taken up his duties as professor after an absence of about two weeks. While visiting his mother at Tiffin, Ohio, Dr. Black suffered injuries to his left leg and left hand in an automobile accident near Tiffin, as he was returning home from his visit. The Injuries proved so. serious that he was forced to return to his mother's and remain a week longer. Dr. Black also suffered a severe nervous shock, but has recovered from this and the injuries as well. He hopes to be able to make up the classes which he missed as occasion may offer. His class in Torts was met once by Prof. Randall and twice by Prof. Moreland, and his class in Constitutional Law was met by Prof. Chalkley for one week. A DELICATE MATTER The country judge saw fit to question the witness. "Where did you first feel a sensation of pain?" "On my epidermis, sir," replied the witness. The judge looked puzzled. Then glancing at the spectators in the courtroom, he said: "The ladies will please leave the courtroom." Lead Teammates to 3 to Victory Over Miami University Baseball Club 2 In one of the most brilliant opening games ever played on Stoll field the Wildcats defeated the strong Miami University baseball team here Monday by the score of 3 to 2. McBraycr and Augustus opened the season for Kentucky as battery-mebut Mac's usual jinx still pursued him, and after he had been touched for two runs, gave way to Captain Rhoads and his battery mate, Barnes. Rhoads and Barnes went into the fray In the third inning and held the Miami boys hlt-lcfrom there on. The Miami team is considered one of the best college teams in Ohio and last year were champions of the Ohio conference. Kentucky's runs came in the sixth inning, with two men out. Mauser, the Wildcats' third baseman, got on base through an error of the Miami shortstop. Kelly, outfielder, then slammed out one of the hardest Texas leaguers ever hit on the Stoll field. Louie Toth followed with a double, scoring Mauser and sending Kelly to third. Barnes, the next man up, sent a long double to left field, scoring Kelly and Toth for the winning run. Outside of the sixth inning the Cats only got to second base on one occasion. This was on a long drive to center field by Urbanlak, who was forced to linger in that vicinity while his team mates either filed out or were struck out by Bass, the Miami hurler. Coach Devereaux placed a and smooth working combination on the field and with a little more practice they should be able to hold their own In any collegiate company. Lineup and summary are as follows: Kentucky AB. R. H. PO.A. E. 3 Kellogg, If 4 Krueger, lb 4 Urbanlak, ss 4 Trott, cf, rf 4 Mauser, 3b 1 Murphy, cf 2 Kelly, cf 0 Ohr. rf 4 Toth, 2b 0 Augustus, c 4 R. Barnes, c 0 McBrayer, p 3 Rhoads, p 33 Totals 3 6 26 15 2 Miami AB.R.H.-PO.A.- Wheeler, 2b DeHaven, ss Crockett, 3b Gorie. cf Martin, If Brollier, rf Stevenson, rf Bollechino, lb Cartwrlght, lb ... . Bass, p Hall, p VanLandingham, c Settlemire, c xStroble 3 4 4 4 4 3 o 2 1 3 0 3 0 1 32 2 5 24 12 3 Totals xBatted for Hall in ninth inning. Score by innings: o Miami 0 0000300 x 3 Kentucky Two-bas- e hits Ur Summary: banlak, Toth, Barnes. Stolen bases Sacrifice hits Kellogg, Stevenson. DeHaven, Bollechino, Ohr. Hits Off McBrayer 5 hits and 2 runs in 3 innings; off Rhoads no nits ana no runs in 6 innings; off Bass 6 hits and 3 runs in 6 innings; off Hall no hits and no runs in 2 innings. Struck out By McBrayer 1; by Rhoads 6; by Bass 2; by Hall 1. Base on balls Off Rhoads 2; off Bass 1. Left on bases Kentucky 8; Miami 6. Passed ball Van Landingham. Winning pitcher Rhoads. Losing pitch erBass. Time or game i:ov. um pire Heber. By BILL LUTHER though tough, schedule, little quesSaturday will bring to a close the tion can arise to check her claim. Little change will mark the openmost successful spring football lineup from that ending the U. tralnlntr ncrlod ever held nt the inggame 24. The T. University of Kentucky. Ideal will read last November end to line end the same from weather since the beginning of the with the exception of the guard popractice sessions on February 4 has Onrrmpp. with his n.. sitions that were capably filled by enabled Coach slstants, Shlvley and Glib, to de- Pete Drury and Joe Thompson. newcomer velop more new men than any other Aldrldge, the spring practice since his Arrival at from the freshman ranks, will get the call to Drury's old berth. Either U, IC Rose, McElroy, John Drury or Bill In comparing the closing practice Humber will period to other spring sessions Coach son's place. be assigned to ThompGamage said that the boys have In the backfield there will be shown a finer spirit and more inter- more of a possibility of a revolution. est in the game during the entire One man, Captain Will Ed Covingseason than he had even seen before. ton, Is gone. A doeen backs are This spirit, beginning with the first clamoring for the right to start the week of practice and reaching Its 1930 games in his shoes. Among the peak in the last week, has gone a prominent of these are Newmore long way in aiding the development man Boardman, Ellis Johnson and of every man who has been out. Malcom Foster, all new men. It is Coach Carnage's idea and Barring excessive injuries in the a good one that It is the listless type of player who is more suscep- line, for which Coach Gamage 'has seasoned substitutes, we tible to injury, if a man is running, but few liberty, take this, the fourth day blocking or tackling his hardest he of the April, to predict a most successful is less apt to be hurt. season for our Wildcat grid machine This philosophy has been proved In the season 1930. by the fact that but very few of "On to Rose Bowl." the 60 candidates reporting for spring football will finish the season without taking part in the last two or COO-C- OO three scrimmages. With one exception the injuries occurred last week when Boardman, hard running hnlfhnnir onrt Ti.tM a stalwart tackle, received sprained uuiwks. uoD Montgomery, another Ounllfvlnir rnnnrto in thn firct in tackle, is still being withheld from tramural coo-co- o golf tournament practice by a bruised muscle. are beoncr held nt. the pnn.nnn llntre Another idea of the grid mentor on Short street today and Saturday. is the vacation allowed the seniors tne iirst aay or quanrymg play, oi next season's campaign. This pol- yesterday, more than 50 students icy is followed in order to allow as followed the course around much time as possible in the devel- the" old fire station building. Bill opment of next season sophomores Kaiser, formerly pro at the Jeffer-sonvill- e, and Juniors. Ind., country club, who is That the splendid development of manaeine the course, snlrf that, ho expected a large entry today. the newcomers since February 4 will me "Tom Thumb" tourney will have material effect on these vacationing seniors is the hope of Coach be officially opened Monday. The Harry Gamage. He will keep them foiir lowest, srnres fnrno1 In Vw aanh worried and help them realize that fraternity will be eligible for tournament play. Only four men from there is going to be plenty of thrown in their direction each fraternity may enter. As mnnv men no when they report in the fall. This means that they will take good care care to may play the qualifying of themselves during the summer rounas, out tne lowest rour will repmonths and fall in line next Sep- resent this group in the tourney. TOlll he nnjnrrtoH the oHnnnr tember in first class condition. medalist and fraternity Kentucky won six out of eight runner-u- p, games last season and tied Tennes- team cnampion. see Thanksgiving Day. Kentucky was considered one of the strong CONCERTS TO BE GIVEN teams. There are two Important factors that make a strong team: The following dates have been an the material from which it Is built, nounced for the series ot spring and the relative strength, or rather, "twilight" concerts to be given in amphitheater of Memorial hall, on weaicness, or tne teams to be met. Should Kentucky win six out of April 10, 24, May 1, 8. 15 and 22. The programs include both classeight frames durine the 1930 season and tie one, she' will have won five ical and popular music. conierence battles; as many conference games as she played during Things we hate to have our best the entire season of 1929. There win girl do: 1. Ask us what we thing of our have been two more and the team, Maryvllle. Five roommate and then start going with conference wins constitute a suc- him. 2. Tell us what a hot date they cessful season, but Kentuckv. swiftlv rising to the top In southern as well had the night before. as national rootoaii esteem, under 3. Yawn. the tlltelntre nf henri rnnpVi TTnrrw 4. Look disgusted. Gamage, will hot be content with a 5. Borrow our comb and clean successrui" season, sne nas an eye thoroughly before using. n the southern title and with a 6. Smoke our last cigarette. Wet clean sweep of a representative. Hen. He: Have you ever kissed a man The old gentleman was a trifle bebefore? wildered at the elaborate wedding. She (faltcringly) : "Are you the groom?" he asked young man. He (excitedly) : Tell me his name, the melancholy-lookin- g so I can thrash him. "No sir," the young man replied. She: But but he might be too 'I was eliminated in the tryouta." many for you. Bison. Nltt Witt. PARKER TIRE SERVICE Phones, Ashland 4177-417- 8 i 401-- 3 Lexington, Ky. E. Main Street DANCE PROGRAMS, VISITING CARDS ENGRAVING AND PRINTING OF ALL KINDS Hurst 165-16- 7 GOLF TOURNEY OPENS & Byars Printing Co. (Incorporated) Lexington, Ky. N. Limestone Phones, Ashland 760, 4996 Tuxedos WE RENT ALL THEM SIZES-LAT- EST MODELS-WI- DE BOTTOMS GOLDBERG'S LEXINGTON'S LEADING CLOTHIERS 333 WEST MAIN lioooooo Invalid: Why are you staring at me so hard, little boy? Little Boy: I'm waltln' to see you Of gallop. Invalid: Gallop I Blrkett Lee Pribble. assistant foot Little Boy: Yes. Mom said you ball coach of the University for the had gallopln' consumption. past few years, was elected presiUnderwrit"How many times, Johnny, do I dent of the Blue Grass Tuesday. Twenty-fiv- e have to tell you that one must keep ers Association, business men and Lexington his eyes closed during prayer?" present at the reor "Well, mamma, how do you know women were ganization meeting. I don't?" The Blue Grass association is a member of the National Life Underwriters Association and has as its purpose "to advance the Interests of life underwriters In Lexington and in the Blue Grass." This association was formerly active In Lexington, but had recently become inactive. Its reorganization will be of interest to all life underwriters in the Blue Grass. Officers elected under the reor ganization program were: Blrkett Lee Pribble, president; D. H. Btarns, first vice president; Jackson Par-ren- t, Like every Men's Store, but run by a second vice president, and James Ford, secretary and treasurer. college man carrying an exclusive Pribble Is Head Insurance Men WHY RUSS PUTNAM'S? line especially for college men. Take Sweater Sets they are a hobby of ours and those long Knickers come from this Shop. We have one weakness that's Neckwear. We can't resist buying new and gorgeous Silks, but neither can our customers, for they know the impression a rich tie makes. 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