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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 4, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

vailable PAGE SEVEN THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Professor Ragland FROSH SQUAD IS Youth Is Religious Dr. Poling Declares New Position Gets It was 2 a. m. He didn't take off his shoes he didn't creep stealthily up the stairs she wasn't waiting for him on the landing with a forbidding expression on her face she Professor George Ragland, Jr., of didn't ask him if he knew what time the College of Law, has accepted a Mc-Ol- II It was no, he was a bachelor position on the staff of the newly Dally. created Institute for Legal Research at the University of Michigan. He Investigations In New will make York City and other places regardoperation of the new rules ing the for discovery. Mr. Ragland, who has been teaching procedure In the College of Law for the past year, will receive the degree of Doctor of the Science of Jurisprudence at the University of Michigan in June. SPRING REQUIRES WELL CLEANED CLOTHES AT THESE PRICES EVERYONE MAY BE WELL DRESSED Plain Wool DRESSES Cleaned and Pressed Jersey SUITS Cleaned and Pressed Wool SUITS Cleaned and Pressed SPRING COATS Cleaned and Pressed.. C1 CI OK PAt OUR QUALITY SERVICE Brings back new life to garments which have been worn through soot and grime of winter The Kentucky Kitten baseball squad is rapidly wearing off the rough corners and soon will present a team for fans Inspection. Coach John Maucr has cut the squad once, but still has 28 aspirants. He will cut a few more off before the first game of the season Friday, April ATTENTION, BRIDES 11, with the Deaf and Dumb School, of Danville. Krampt apartments rooms to let, A twlrler named Ellis looks as Oood tile bath and kitchenette; though he might do most of the Nice location can't be beat, mound work for the frosh. He has Delicatessen 'cross the street. a nice delivery and "something" on the ball, but he Is getting close competition from Wooten and Worth-ingto- n. Lavln and Oilber have been going great at the backstop position and probably will have to toss a coin to decide who gets the Job. The Infield, 204-- 7 Gaaraaty Baak BUHr at present, looks like Rardln at the Phase 96M Initial bag, Engle on the keystone sack, Carey at short and Tucker at the hot corner. Davis, Mltchel and W. W. Shields have the edge in the fight for the outfield positions. The squad practice has been hamBring 'em today get 'en tomorrow pered by inclement weather and, for the most part, has consisted In bat192 W. Short, Lexington ting and fielding, with an occasional practice game between two teams picked from the squad. Therefore, it will not be possible to pick a Re-Ro- of starting team for some time, as all have not been able to show their wares to the best advantage. The freshman squad includes Ber-tra- n, Cain, Carney, Coffman, Ellis, Engle, Davis, Dickson, Gilbert, Hlnes, Hogge, Kaempffe Kirvin, Johns-Manvil- le Lavln, Luther, Mltchel, McVey, RarSparks, Sanford, dln, Roman, Shlelos, Tucker, Webb, Wooten, Worthlngton, Wheeler and Isldor. STILL Films Kodaks for Roof or the Last Time Use Rigid Asbestos Shingles Becker COMBS LUMBER "Cleaners That Satisfy" CO. Ashland or Clay 621 221 S. Limestone (Incorporated) Lexington, Ky. FISHING TIME IS HERE ! MINNOWS FOR SALE AUTO REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS 24-HO- Night Phone Coach Maucr Having Trouble In Selecting Starting Nine; First Game April 11 With I). & D. Institute, Danville DENTISTS Drs. Slaton & Slaton CI P CI CUT T0 28 MEN SERVICE vuvwwmwv Ash. 3434 Day Phone Ash. 7165 W. H. HAMILTON, Proprietor High Street Service Garage Not Chicago Co-EAnxious to Marry ds CHICAGO. If the grand, old Institution of marriage depended for Its perpetuity on Northwestern University's many and beautiful co-eIt would be too bad, for their cry is: "Who wants to live In an Institution?" Some statistics of a vocational survey of 400 senior girls at the school by Dean of Women Florence S. Robnett, looking at them any angle, show little encourfrom agement for marrying men. Out of the 400 girls polled on what they Intend to do after college only 23 of them admitted they were yearning for or planning marriage. The rest wanted careers of varying sorts. "But," said Helen Reed, one of the seniors, who wants nothing more exciting than a happy marriage, "these figures probably will be reversed ten years from now. The girls have the idea that they would submerge their personality In marriage, but wait till they find their man." Teaching led in the choice of professions, more than a quarter of the girls voting for that. Business was a close second, voted by girls who are secretaries, fixing to be high-h- at bank clerks and bond sellers. Four entering the of the girls plan on diplomatic service after finishing law school. The detailed choices of the seniors follow: Wildcat Lair MEALS and LUNCHES SODA FOUNTAIN ORCHESTRA EVENINGS Delivery Service Phone Ash. 9191 "THE HOUSE OP DISTINCTIVE JEWELS" for the Carlisle Schuermeyer led a very discussion In the last scheduled Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. group meeting in Patterson hall Monday night. The subject was "Why Civilization Anyway?" Bart Peak, secretary of the Y. M. C. A., announced that "this last scheduled discussion was so successful that those present decided to have still another one." The meetings were to include only the Monday nights through March, but due to the enthusiasm at the last meeting another is scheduled for next Monday night In Patterson hall. The meeting begins at 7:30 o'clock and everyone Is invited to attend. IntorpsHncr sandwich with which you arc not acquainted than It docs to be a Christian I" Rev. Dr. Daniel A. Poling, minister, novelist, radio speaker, prohibition campaigner, leaned forward In his chair In the Dcshlcr lobby, propped his head on his hand and talked energetically for 20 minutes. "Youth Is Incurably religious. I do not merely believe this, I know It. It is true that modern young people have revolted against the orthodox manner of expressing their interest in things spiritual, but that docs not change the truth of that statement." Shaking his index finger, his gray blue eyes snapping, Dr. Poling said: "The behaviorism that Is handed out so freely to college young people falls In Its logic on at least two points. In the first place, there are some experiences that no one will go through merely for the sake of gaining experience. In the second place, behaviorism, In the very nature of the theory, shuts men out from valuable experiences." Dr. Poling smiled as he added: "I have sat down to table with the best of these behavlorlsts. They have never been able to answer these arguments. Although they are my friends, I do not believe they are Intellectually honest." Dr. Poling Is not only edltor-In-chlof the Christian Herald, author of three novels, radio speaker and pastor of an exclusive New York church, but he Is also a field worker among the deck hands on the river barges. Doing this work he got atmosphere for his book, "The Heretic." "When the book, which was an attack on the terrible conditions on the New York water front, came out, the president of a barge company wrote me and said that Elmer Gantry was a piker compared to me. He offered me $1,000 for my favorite charity If I could prove one of my statements. "I was very sure of myself and wrote back to ask him to raise the nate to $5,000. He got scared, after Investigating, and backed out of the bargain." Ohio State Lantern. I the RialtO' I with connection with the Cornell roll call and a dinner in honor of Jacob Gould Schuerman, former ambassam:tmm:n::mm:mm:mmm dor to Germany and an alumnus of Cornell. With the formal opening of "ScarLexington members of the Cornell let" Monday night and the varied club present were Dean and Mrs. assortment of motion pictures in W. town It appears that the Rialto will Paul P. Boyd, Dr. and Mrs. "A. W. J. Dlmock, Nicholas Gratz, be well supplied with entertainment. Whltchouse, Dr. and Mrs. McHargue, TLR between "The The Rogue Song" and "The Vagabond King" Is Indeed Interesting. Both plctares are great, although my personal preference Is "The Rogne Song." You can tabulate any amount of figures in support of NOW PLAYING either production and. In the end, you will find they result In almost score. Froni observaa balanced ROGUE tion of the houses It seems that SONG" more people attended "The Golden Calf" than either of the two screen operettas. with TLR LAWRENCE TIBBETT Buster Keaton's first talking picture, "Free and Easy" (MOM) will open at the Ben All Sunday and it WWW is said to be a hilarious farce. The picture is a satire on talking pictures and has, as its locale, the film SUNDAY studios. Quite a number of screen players appear In the picture, Including Anita Page, William Haines and others. 'Free and Easy" Is recCRAWFORD ommended In the face of the other splendid comedies produced by the RICARDO CORTEZ frozen faced hero, Buster Keaton, JOHN MACK BROWN and I am confident you will enjoy FRIENDLY FIV SHOES "THE JOAN It. Guinea Pigs' Eyes Drop Out If Held by Tail? Law Library Gets Valuable MEETING POSTPONED Scientists say that certain musiDean Paul P. Boyd, of the Col- cal notes can prevent sleep. And we lege of Arts and Sciences, was elect- might add that so can certain promed president of the Cornell club at issory notes. a meeting of the club at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Schcrago, road, Tuesday at 234 McDowell night. W. D. Nichols was elected vice president and Mrs. Schcrago secretary of the club. was The club meeting was held in Thomas L. Riley TLR May I humbly remind you of the Stroller production, "Scarlet," which opens Monday night at the Gulgnol theater? It is a clever mystery designed purely for entertaining purposes. I hope you'll like it. TLR Do Ruth Chatterton Is undoubtedly one of the talking screen's most perfect actresses. Her latest picture, "Sarah and Son" (Par), will open Rpplnor Is hMtevlncr. for Everett L. I at the Kentucky tomorrow. I was u preview ui una aiuoi,-itlo- n Dakan of the department of poultry pernuiteu I can vouch for Its qualand Tlnltnn Is n. trlnmnhant Viiichanrirv and Son" was adapted ity. skeptic today. For years the good 'from "Sarah novel of Tim the best-selliOla aaage, taugm mm at nis moin- - othy Shea and tells a beautiful, er's knee, so to speaK, oi "guinea though sometimes lacrymose, story nine:' pots rirnn nut when thev are of a mother's devotion. Miss Chatsuspended by their talis," has both terton Is practically the whole show ered DaKan's scientmc mina. although the supporting cast, headCould It really be true that the ed by Frederic March, Is excellent. nlc's pvm fpll to the cround when This production will appeal particthe poor animal was swung by his ularly to women and It was directed tall? Dakan thougnt not, duc nav-in- g by Dorothy Arzner. Hollywood's no gulena pigs to experiment leading feminine director. with, was unable to explode the old TLR theory. the fate of Most unusual At last the skeptic found his "Paris Bound" (Pathe) I mean. old. old adaee. to test the This picture has been advertised Fnreri with a flock, or a herd, or three times since last October and whatever a gathering of guinea pigs has been thrown out each time by Is called, uaican prepared 10 mane a current picture holding over. I the crucial test. wonder If wc will ever be permit(Tiilnpa nlcs are so shvl Dakan Rut ted to see this production? TLR sacrificed much thought and pa i "Montana Moon" (MGM), will tience for tne cause oi science. is one of the little open at the Strand Sunday, and is last he seized hv its extremities and nreDared the second talking picture of Joan was Dakan's Crawford. Her first, "Untamed," to hoist It aloft. This great moment. Now he would prove was a fair success. "Montana Moon" to the world that the weasel eyes is said to be an Interesting story of the guinea pig were as firmly of western nature with plenty of rofastened In its head as any other mance in which John Mack Brown, animal's. the male lead, takes no small part. But alas for the cause of science! The picture features, as they all do A lac fnr T"n If fin's hODes. Alasl Alasl these days, music and some of the Guinea pigs have no tails! Ohio male choruses are reported to be Incidentally. It particularly good. State Lantern. was during the making of this picSIGMA DELTA CHI Joan Crawford sprained ture that both her ankles. The Kentucky Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi will hold its regular meeting on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock in thP Journalism DeDartment. Ev Books ery member must be present at this meeting ana no one win oe excuseu A. A. Bablitz Donates Law under any consideration whatsoReporter Series Pubever. M. LAUGHLIN, President. JESS lished in 1838 The weekly meeting of the Housemothers of the various halls and sorority houses was postponed Monday, March 31, due to the absence of the speaker, Dr. J. 8. Chambers, who was called to Johns Hopkins Hospital by the Illness of Mrs. Chambers. No definite time has been set for the meeting. Dr. and Mrs. W. R, Allen, Professor and Mrs. Sidney Robinson, Dr. J. T. C. Noe and Mr. Munsford. A. A. Bablitz, local attorney and an alumnus of the College of Law, KARL DANE DOROTHY SEBASTIAN CLIFF EDWARDS Step around to our shop sometime tomorrow, Sir, and we will gladly show you our new Spring Line of Stylish Friendly Five It will be a Shoes. pleas- ure to see our customers shod in these smart, comfortable new models. They are only five dollars. May we expect you? The new Spring Models "MONTANA have all. arrived BBN AM plain toes, black and tan. MOON" Two-ton- e Elk with rubber sole black and white. Tan and white Sport Shoes. All that sell for NOW PLAYING $5 "THE GOLDEN CALF" EL RENDEL WHITE JACK MULHALL MARJORIE www S. Bassett NEXT SUNDAY & Buster Keaton ROBERT MONTGOMERY WILLIAM HAINES WILLIAM COLLIER, SR. TRIXIA FAGANZA ANITA PAGE Sons "Friendly to the Feet' "FREE and EASY" IlllllIIMft lllllllllllljlljl ELKIND ANIEL DECORATORS gave to the Law School library recently a valuable set of books, which Lexington, Ky. Esplanade Phone, Ashland 4620 are now out of print. The Law Reporter, which was published In Boston beginning In tntmmtimmmrmttrmiiimniimimiiiMiMnmmmmH the year 1838, was issued In two series. The old series consisted of ten and the new series consists CONTRIBUTED BY DIZZY ONES volumes (engaged to college of 17 volumes. Mr. Bablitz gave to Daughter "C'mon, yuh can't stall man) : "Don't you think you could the law school the old series com-- I Referee: piete and the first volume In the like dat in the Hub!" find a place In your cafe for Jim? THE gave to the law First Boxer: "What d'yuh want Her speakeasy prop, pop.: I guess new series. He also Didn't I hit in da last so; we have the size tables he's used i library the first 33 volumes of the molder? ,new series of the American Law round?" Harvard Lampoon. to being under. Register. COO-CO- O you John A. Van Dorky?" The American Law Register was "Are asked the young man besides the merged Into the University of Law Review, beginning with cloak rack. SHORT ST., BETWEEN LIME AND UPPER volume 48 and the law school hopes "No," was the surprised reply. "Well, I am," came the frosty re- to be able to find volumes 36 to 48, Is his slicker you are having recently purchased volumes ply, "and that IN THE INTRADAYS FOR QUALIFYING 134 to 35 In Salt Lake City, Utah. putting on." McGIll Daily. GOLF COURSE Levin's SELF-WINDIN- G 137 North Limestone WATCHES A real novelty in fine watchcraft requires no windingsets with the dial it is only necessary to wear it at least two hours out of every twenty-fou- r. In both strap and bracelet models. $54.00 Y. M. C. A. Schedules Additional Meeting: RoamiN' a ham Cornell Club Makes Boyd New President ::::::::: Student PERPETUAL Teaching, 105; business, 75; art, Interior decorating, etc., 29; marriage, 23; journalism, 22; social service, 22; personnel work, 17; music, 9; law school and diplomacy, 4; advertising, 4; geological research, 3. The remaining few of the 400 seniors were undecided, too tired, or too busy to choose a career. "It takes more faith to cat mmmnmmtmmmmmtmwmmt and Up VICTOR BOGART CO. (Incorporated) Let us rent you a Tuxedo for the school dances $2.50 A NIGHT Gleaning and Pressing Our Specialty ALL WORK GUARANTEED Work called for aad Diamond Importers and Manufacturing Jewelers delivered "Standard Since 1883" Ashland 8380 YOUNG' S GREEN LANTERN Dinner 5:307:30 P. M. MURAL PUTTING TOURNEY ARE THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, APRIL 3, 4, AND 5. TOURNAMENT OFFICIALLY OPENS MONDAY, APRIL 7. RULES AND MORE NEWS OF TOURNAMENT ON SPORTS PAGE Hours 10 a. m. to only the best SANDWICHES SODAS Ping-Pon- g Curb Service Walton Near Main 12 p. m. We also have and Scotch Golf tmmmmmmttttnmtttm