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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 4, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

jp, THE KENTUCKY PAGE EIGHT DINNER Served from 5:458:00 P. M. Except Sunday Announcing THE FIFTY-CEN- T "Scarlet" to Open Monday at Guignol Run For Three-Da- y (Continued from Page One) power of a murderous fiend the "lousy newspaper hound," Swede Garrison, breaks the gruesome spell with his nonchalant comments Into the telephone. The cost is as follows: Jeanne Page, Miss Kathcrinc Davis; Delia Faye, Miss Christine Johnson; Mrs. Marsh, Miss Mary Elizabeth Fisher; Lee Stuart, James Gates; Terry Men, to Pipes! has it that ye the fellowship of pipes with seasoned, masculine, mellow men of every age and degree. Some try to join this brotherhood, yet fail, and are absolved as born to pipeless lives. But honest effort is required each man's own test with good tobacco in a good pipe. That is the formula. Both pipe and tobacco must be good. The pipe must be pure of bowl, and the tobacco must be Well, Edgeworth, if you'll permit good old Edgeworth, Class of '04. Tried Edgeworth yet? Now's your chance! Use the magic coupon, and we'll rush right back to you a packet of genuine Edge-wort- h to fill your good pipe with. TRADITION Edgeworth ! a careful blend of tood tobaccoi telected especially for Its quality andflavornererctantfe. Buy Bdgeworth anywhere in two forms "Ready Rubbed" and "Plug Slice" IS pocket package to pound humidor tin. EDGEWORTH SMOKING TOBACCO LARUS &i BRO. CO. J 100 S. 22d St., Richmond, Va. I'll try your Edgeworth. And I'll try ' it in a tood pipe. ; Name j Street- 1 EAST HIGH APRIL 20th Tailored to Measure V Student Council to SUITS and TOPCOATS Survey Conditions At University Store $30 to $50 , We also do Cleaning-- Pressing: Alteringand BEN LEVY'S Co. Phone, Ashland 1105-116 (South Lime 1 Harbison Tire Co. I FIRESTONE TIRES BATTERIES BRAKE LINING Phones, Ash. 16165174 375 East Main Co-E- ds CONFECTIONERY FOR SALE JIIHIIIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIIIC:illMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICllllltIIIIIIIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIIICllllllllll!ICll I Lend Charm to Reviews Fair (Continued from Page One) the sacrifice was worth while, for else how could we have had the Naval Conference, which Is being used as an International cathartic. Some smart boy, evidently n product of Sutherland's public speaking class, said that it would be a good thing if we could bring to Kentucky the members of all peace organizations and let them witness the military reviews. He was of the opinion tha they would soon quit all their foolishness and look at the world STORE from n rational standpoint. There was one note of pessimism, Excellent opportunity for energetic student to enter a profitable though, for after the affair was of the confectionery and restaurant busi- over, after the stirring tunes sunset, band had died In n glorious ness close to the University. and the participants of the parade My business is for sale for a short guns safely the time only. Call after 6 p. m. if In- had placed their fellow, quiteinhonarmory, one young terested. est, who was prespirlng freely, was ROSE STREET CONFECTIONERY asked how he liked it. His language L. E. GRIFFING, Prop. adv will not bear printing, but in effect he said that ho did not approve of OF KANSAS UNIVERSITY the blankcty, etc., at all. Abolishment of "hell week" is left to When he was reminded of the They the individual fraternities. so are to take a vote soon and their fact that givemany boys ought to be proud to their bodies and souls action will be final. to their country, he smiled cynically and said that "their bodies might be of some benefit, but if the country got nothing more than their GET souls it would be cheated. For if OF anyone with any intelligence," he continued, "can spend three hours AT n wpplr nr. thnt stuff hfi Is bevond 'my powers of comprehension. "The last war," he said, "was FOR TOBACCO, CIGARS, fought to make the world safe for CIGARETTES, CANDY, democracy, and I guess that the COLD DRINKS, HOT next one will be fought for the purPOPCORN pose of making the world' safe for peace." radical statements are When ST. allowed such go unchallenged the 507 to country is coming to no good end. But despite the fact that some of the radicals do not like the reviews they supply a demand which nothing else could quite fill. What could satisfy Hazel Baucom more than to appear on the campus with fourteen hundred boys following her (for they were walking in a circle) or is there anything which would satisfy Mary Armstrong's ego more sufficiently men turn all than to have fifty-si- x at once and marvel at her charming features. When it was all over the sponsors were tired, oh, very tired, but their happiness exceeded anything which earthly mortals are privileged to see. The majors, captains sargeants, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, ad infinitum, a score of lieutenants of every variety and even the humble corporals had a look of tired satisNote the above date. Less faction written on their faces. than three weeks from now is There was a strange army officer Easter, the greatest Dress Day in town. When it was all over he smiled and snapped his fingers, of the year. oiicil, muwi occiiicu tu It may seem to you quite a lone big explosion,aajf uiic Ulgare all and they way off, but it will be here (gone to their premature graves," but no one heard him say anything and passed before you know it and he continued to be an army of- -I fleer as ever. Order Now Your Easter Justright Tailoring - Town and State. Now let the Editwotth comet ) I I I Marsh, Jack Smith; 8wede Garrison, Frank Davidson; Al Kldd, Earl Cella; Cyrus Marsh, James Dorman; Martin Booth, Kenneth Mclntyre; Julius Hunter, Horace Miner; Spike Noonan, George Roberts; and J. Towanda Sllnkard, John Hearne. Stroller members who will assist in producing "8carlet" nre: Miss Margaret Cundlff and James Dor-ma- n, ticket sales; Earl Cella, publicity; James Thompson, stage manager; Irmen Fort, electrician, and Malcolm Barnes, properties. Lexington, Ky. lllHlllllllCSIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIlinUUClllllllllllllClllllllllllllUUIIIIlllllKlllllllllllllUIUIIIIIIUIUI 'V. SUMMER WORK FOR MEN Who will qualify for sales work no house to house each man trained by experienced salesmen. g MINIMUM GUARANTEE $36 WEEKLY TO THOSE ACCEPTED Average man earns more (Continued from Page One) stitution, and for absolute power in regard to the control of the use of intoxicating liquor by students at the University, was acted on favorably at the Wednesday meeting, which was attended by President McVey and Dean Melcher. The situation was discussed in full and President McVey gave his approval for a committee to incorporate in the constitution such power as it desires to exercise for the welfare of the student body and the University. A committee also was appointed by the council to amend the present constitution and define more definitely Its powers under the ,old constitution and the amendments to be added to it by the committee on amendments. The following communicado concerning the power request of the council at the March 26 meeting was sent to The Kernel yesterday with a request that it be published verbatim: "April 3. 1930. "The published reports relative to the recent action of the Men's Student Council of the University of Kentucky are misleading. "The council did not intend its resolution as a demand for absolute student government, nor as an ultimatum, but it wanted its powers to be more definitely defined in the constitution in order that it may, as an administrative body, more effectively and satisfactorily maintain and regulate student discipline. In the accomplishment of this aim the council realizes it must be in perfect with the University authorities. "At a meeting in President office, Wednesday afternoon, the situation was discussed and do 8370, for appointment with Company's Sales Manager. GRIFFIN SELLS MYSTERY STORY Detective Magazine Buys Feature on "The Bluegrass Murder Mystery" Written by Journalism Instructor Qcrald CTiTffln, Instructor in the Department of Journalism, has sold feature story, "The a 4,000-wor- d Bluegrass Murder Mystery" on the Lewis Hill murder, which occurred in Lexington, to the True Detective Mystery Magazine, one of the publications. monthly McFadden The story will appear In a future magazine. issue of the The True Detective Mystery Magazine specializes in talcs of crimes that have proven difficult for the police to handle, publishing stories that have all the elements of mystery attached to them. Called before the courts several times before a decision was reached the trials of Lewis Hill for the murder of his wife were replete with mystery; and before Hill was finally sent to the penitentiary for the murder many unusual developments in the case were brought out. Mr. Griffin, author of the article which is soon to be published, Is at present a teacher of feature writing at the University and Is head of the Lexington Bureau of the Courier-Journal. He Is a former graduate of the class of 1922. During his undergraduate career at the University "Jack" Griffin was editor-in-chi- ef of the Kernel, cadet colonel of the R. O. T. C. unit and a member of Sigma Alpha Epsllon social fraternity. Tenth Annual High School Meet Will be Held Next Week (Continued from Page One) building. Dr. Jesse E. Adams of the College of Education will preside. Thursday at 1:30 p. m. the music contests will be held in Memorial hall. Miss Mildred Lewis, state su pervisor of music will preside at, this time. The contests In piano, violin and cello for sections A and B will be held first. Thursday evening at 8:30 o'clock the finals In piano and violin will be held in Memorial hall, with Mrs. Curtis M. McGee, president of the Kentucky Federation of music clubs, presiding. The third day of the contests will open at 8:30 a. m. in Memorial hall with Mrs. J. H. Richmond presid ing. The girls' choruses and the mixed choruses of classes A, B and C will sing at this time. Friday aft ernoon at 2 o'clock in Memorial hall the male quartettes, the mixed quar tettes and the trios will compete. The Instrumental contests will al so begin at 2 p. m. in the men's gymnasium with Prof. Elmer G. Sul-z- er presiding. Before competition begins Mr. Frank Simon, director of the Armco band, will give several cornet selections. Friday evening the boys' and girls' vocal solo section will compete at 7:30 o'clock in Memorial hall. Prof. R. D. Mclntyre of the University will be In charge of the meeing. Before the contest begins Barre Hill, baritone of the Chicago Civic opera company, will sing several selections. The last day will be given over entirely to instrumental contests. Saturday morning at 9 o'clock in the men's gymnasium the orchestras for classes A, B, O, D and E will compete for the state championship. At 2 p. m. the bands for classes A, B, C, D and E will hold their contests in the men's gymnasium.. There have been 24 bands enrolled to date to enter the contests. There will be only 14 orchestras. Judges from other states will be Miss Grace Van Dyke More of the North Carolina college for women, Greensboro, N. C, and Barre Hill, who is the baritone of the Chicago Civic opera company. He will be here at that time to fill other engagements and has consented to be one of the Judges In the vocal contests. Miss More will also judge vocal contests. Mr. Frank Simon, di- n. rector of the Armco band of Ohio, will be one of the Judges for the band and orchestra contests. gave his approval President fnr thn committee to Incorporate In the constitution such power as It aesirea to exercise ior me wcunre of the student body and the University. A committee was appointed by the council to amend the constitution and define more definitely its powers. "(Signed) "C. E. COVIN, JR., "President Men's Student Council "BENJAMIN LE ROY, "Secretary Men's Student Council "C. R. MELCHER, "Dean of Men." SOUTHERN BROTHERS FUGAZZI SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, INC. Established 1916 II. J. MITCHELL, President Phone, AshlaHd 1576 "Home of the College Folks' Phones: Afthtand 238fi91M WE DELIVER who arc to be pledged to this inner circle. They also voted upon the most outstanding member, which will be announced later. Those to be pledged are: Mary Elizabeth Professional Training Will Price, Katharine K. Wilson, Vera Dodson, Virginia Ellis, Alice May Fit Individual for FedRurling and Mildred Graham. eral Career DEBATERS MEET TENNESSEE Sidney T. Schell and Bruce Waters will represent the forensic department of the University in a debate with the University of Tennessee at 7:30 o'clock Tuesday evening In room 111 of McVey hall. The subject for debate will be "Resolved, That the United States Government She: What did you do with your Should Recognize the Soviet GovCommunications to the University ernment of Russia." William R. from the United States department chivalry? He: I turned it In for a Bulck. of Justice state that the Federal Pcarcc, a member of the debating prison service Is being reorganized Chanticleer. team, will preside. and professionalized at the present "Dearest, I must marry you?" Mother: Where do bad little girls time. The system which will be in"Yes, but have you seen father?" go? stituted will offer highly desirable "Many times,, but I love you Just college graduates. possibilities to Betty: Most everywhere. Wet Hen. A system of professional training the same." Lehigh Burr. will be established and promotion will be made entirely on the merit of the individual. Prison work has long represented a career for college graduates In foreign countries and it is hoped that a similar system can be established in the United States. An officer's training school for 417 St. Ash. 1419 prison gaurds has been established in New York and it is here that candidates for the service will receive Leave your order with Miss Carrie Bean, our agent, their initial training. After the training period a term of four at the Book Store or Post Office months must be spent as a guard in one of the federal prisons. During this time the employee will receive training in criminal psychology, the development of modern penology and other relevant courses. Superintendent of United States Prisons Stanford Bates, says that college trained men have their place In modern prison work and that an j I urgent appeal is being made to inLet us solve the problem of arranging terest college graduates in this line work. of m a Founder's Day banquet, a rush party, New Prison Service Favors Collegians Michler, Florist, Inc. East Maxwell French Club to Give Banquet April 26 Le Cercle Francais day afternoon at 3 recreation room of Patterson hall and had as its program a discussion of the life and works of La Fontaine, French poet. Miss Katherine Wilson was in charge of the program. Mrs. Emll Johnson gave a short talk on the background of La Fontaine's life, and then Miss Wilson spoke for a few minutes on his life and his influence on French litera ture. Miss Mildred Graham read several of the fables for which he gained his fame, and Miss Virginia Ellis gave a criticism of his works. A short business meeting was held to determine when and where to have the annual banquet and it was decided to have it April 26 at the Chimney Corner Tea Room. After the club adjourned the members of Fleur de Lis, honorary French organization, held a short meeting at which they voted upon the members of the French Club Moore-Youn- g Phone H an initiation dinner. Call 4480 and us know how many to expect and will have everything ready. met Wedneso'clock in the p fj SPECIAL STUDENT PRICES Ior The J Lafayette Hotel 1 LEN SHOUSE, JR., Manager Electric Co. lt Phone Ashland Lexington, Ky. 106 Rose Street Contracting Electric Supplies Wave you chosen your life work? In the field of health service the Harvard University Dental School the oldest dental school connected with any university in the United States otters thorough courses in all branches of dentistry. All modern equipment for practical work under supervision of men high in the profession. Write lot delailt and admluion tequirt-mail- s to Ltroy it. S, Winer, Vtan UNIVERSITY DENTAL SCHOOL Longwood Ave., Boston, Mast. 24 HARVARD Dept. The Best of Meals for Students Fountain Service Just across from the gym IN THIS YEAR A R. W. SMOCK OF EXACTNESS . STUDENT RESTAURANT McVey Write or phone us for free information regarding our Courses and Tuition Rates. Special Schedules are arranged for University Students ANNA P. MITCHELL, nt call unless you mean business. For personal interview phone E. H. Hintz, Kinkead Hall, Ash. , Please KERNEL THE TAVERN THE HABIT TRADING WHITE'S To pipes, ' Best Copy Available i the wrong man Is just as great a tragedy 'as the right young man without one. Braeburn on Watch Tow Watch Careful Watch and Clock Repairing Work Called For and Delivered PHONE 7638 157 S. ALL THE NEW ONES FOR SPRING EVERY SUIT WITH TWO TROUSERS UME Chimney Corner Tea Room Serves delicious lunches and dinners at special prices to University Students Beautiful and spacious rooms for parties, teas dances, banquets MAUD VAN BUSKIRK Student Representative Phone 7740 Esplanade $3350to$50 Kaumian Clothing Co. (Incorporated) Style Corner Limestone at Short St