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6 > Image 6 of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine, vol. 8, no. 8, 1899

Part of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine

,_ 3; . .,. T "*>**""""*" " _ _ g . g ~; I H E-$ at State Gollege i Of Kentucky NAD Dil//g. t . ~ * it a l I ii, ii Q i r- --- l ` Qui Offers to the public the following (Tourses, viz: Agricultural, Mechanical, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Classical, - -r Normal School and three Scientific Courses, eazh of which covers four . years in the College proper and leads to a degree. * Its faculty contains twenty-nine professors. Its gronds, buildings Bild qlllplllIl'(S l'pl'SlllZ $450,000 lll V3.lll. I[S ltli)Ol'3lZOI'lS, Chemical Physical, Biologcal, Botanical, Geological, Physiological, Mechanical, and Electrical are the largest and best in Kentucky. Each Legislative District is entitled by law a free tuition, room Q,. p rent, fuel and lights for four properly prepared students in the college pI`OpCI, Zllltl to {Ill Eqllfll `I]l.lllll)I ll] tll NOTl1lL1l Dp3I'tIl1llt, Alllllllll of i OtllI' colleges lll KlllllCl{}' 1l` Iltl'(l lll pOSlQgl`11(lll1t COllI'SS. For i catalouge and other information apply to jluucs K. PATT1RSoN, Ph. ` l D_, L. L. D., President ofthe College., Lexington. Ky. . MISS lVllLLlKANS Schco ai Phono ra h . . 5 Q Northern Bank Building: 1 , and her l)epartn1ent of Phonography in connection with the State Col- `V J lege of Kentucky. Most thorough, reliable and highly-recom- mended school of Shorthand in Lexington. Taught by a practical court reporter. i x Devoted exclusively to the training of in EXpliZ Stl10g'l2lplllS. H _ p&_Spccial rates to nu1trirulattsoi thtStat4; (.`olhgi, I L; V I