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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 2, January 1943

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

1 near- Experiment Station at Lexington, Baiting is economical only on new to be the Louisville berry growing area patches. The material is applied ollow- l was selected last spring (1942) for by dropping a half teaspoonful of crates l a trial of fumigating berry plants bait in the crown of each plant using under practical conditions. During A fertilizer horn can be used to ad- 2 field the third week in March a 50 cubic vantage in applying the bait. The borer foot fumigator was taken to Buech- lirst baiting should be made to the i' gl where over 84,000 Premier entire patch soon after setting, If " plants were fumigated, enough the patch was started on clean land plants to set twelve acres of berries. with Clean plants, later baitings at _ _ Patches set with these plants are 10<1aY it1Va1S may be made only IS m` now growing in the Louisville area. Oh tht? 0t$11 fifteen O1` twenty early Growers interested in seeing for 10**5- T0 bait an a1e requires until themselves how fumigation affects 1h011t 50 te 100 P0undS of bait. dg for l berry plants should see these Tire g1`0W1`$ \t'h0 have given P1tS patches poison bait a trial and reported good mah? [ results are Lester Harris of Paducah lg th Crown Bore!. Bait and J. M. Tucker of Buechel. gctggl In localities where strawberries ?"_ under are grown extensively or where THE FERTILIZER SITUATION L cinquefoil is abundant it is fre- By A. J. OLNEY quently impossible for growers to Head. Department 0fH0rticu1ture likable set new patches where they will Since a large part of our nitrogen else` remain uninfested, even though supply is needed for munitions, the it m` they use clean plants at the start. use of nitrogen for fertilizer is re- late 3 The use of materials to kill adult stricted by order of the \Var Pro- rmam crown borers migrating into new duction Board. Cmlvn patches before they could lay their Naturally, fruit growers are con- jy in- eggs would seem to solve this prob- cerned about the amount of nitro- gamm lem and fit in well with the use of gen fertilizer that will be available ambcli fumigated plants, The poison baits to them in 1943. At the time this iosagc recently developed by the writer is written, no definite statement can y and have proved effective for this be mad?. lt is XP`td that 3P `efully pulpoSo_ proximately $4 of the amount pre- gas is _ Ono good bolt fol- kllllng Cygvlrn viously used will be released. In great boyol- bootlos was found to be o any event it seems clear that we usc' commercial material made of 96.5 must dspchd Oh 19ss hitmgsh ish .ry to pep cont dried, chopped, apple tilizer than usual, for the duration. Y is 3 lofoso oootod with 3_5 pol- cent Fruit growers are well aware of lygggg Sodium l=lnoslllooto_ Anolllol- good the fact that nitrogen is an essential g-boln- ` bolt was prepared by dl-ylng floSll factor in maintaining the degree of 65 F.. apple pomace left after cider mak- \`i01` hss11`>' [OY seed f1`u1t C1`OPs- plants lng and coating lt Wltn 2_5 boy cont It is believed that most fruit grow- 65 F. by weight of lead arsenate. Both CFS \\'111 be 211910 te kw}? UP P1`OduC o has proved effective in field tests, kill- tion if three-fourths of the amount are or ing from 65 to 100 per cent of the of nitlbgeu 101`1`1>' used csh be Oh` h the adults present in ten days time. In tained and the fertilizer put where 1 uni- One field experiment at Lexington, it will do the most good. urther baiting during April, May and June Old trees and those that have a treat- killed enough adults to reduce the poor record should be eliminated. gnded, number of infested plants over 80 Trees that made a strong growth o lllo per cent. last year will not require fertilizer 3 as