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Legislative history and capitol souvenir of Kentucky : portraits and sketches of Senators, Representatives, and officials and attaches of the various state departments.

LEGISLATIVE HISTORY AND CAPITOL SOUVENIR OF KENTUCKY Volume No. 1 1910 Portraits and Sketches of Senators, Representatives and Officials and Attaches of the Various State Departments. To the loyal Kentockians who caused the beaoi-fui new Capitol to be elected. to the Members of the .eceral Assembly and the State Officials who were the frst locky 0000- pants: and to their legion friends who no heartily commended the effor ts of the publishers to commemorate the same by this volume. the book Is affectionately dedicated. - THE PUBLISHERS Frankfort, Ky., March, 1910. WILLIAM E. BIDWELL ELLA HUTCHISON ELLWANGER Publishers. Hslf-,o-e, by Bosh-Kds C.. Louiville The Fuslkfor, Poofi.g Co., Isco-por-te . Photos by Geel-, Feusl.kof